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Laike’s PC Download Deals 3/29/2013

968 days 19 hours ago - Laike covers this week's deals for downloadable titles for the PC. Frugal gamers should take note of particularily cheap titles that inclue Borderl... | Opinion piece | PC


Leaked Xi3 Piston info reveals portable gaming option; other features

971 days 20 hours ago - New information on the Xi3 Piston has been passed along to us via an anonymous source that has provided some pictures and information on the new co... | News | PC


Mass Effect 3 Stats Infographic

976 days 3 hours ago - An infographic was released on the Mass Effect Twitter, detailing the choices of all Mass Effect players world wide. It is quite interesting to com... | News | PC


Steam introduces “Early Access”

979 days 2 hours ago - Steam has launched a new programmed called “Early Access”, where Steam community involved games are available to play while in Beta. You can either... | News | PC


Audio Interview with Ubisoft Quebec on Duel of Champions and other Details

979 days 6 hours ago - I recently spoke with Producer Stephane Jankowski and Game Designer Jared Pearson of the Might and Magic: Duel of Champions team at Ubisoft Quebec... | Interview | PC


Celebrating 25 years of Final Fantasy [Capsule Computers]

1027 days 20 hours ago - Jahanzeb Khan of Capsule Computers writes: "It all began as a last ditch effort to create a game that would sell reasonably well in 1987, but 25 ye... | Opinion piece | Culture


Politicians Calling Video Games More Dangerous than Guns is Disrespectful to Victims of Violence

1028 days 1 hour ago - In the wake of the many shootings that have been publicly covered by the media in the United States, many politicians are moving for stricter contr... | Opinion piece | Culture


Feminist Frequency is not a Good Representation of Feminist Gamers

1029 days 17 hours ago - This is an opinion piece and does not reflect the views of Capsule Computers, just my own. When Feminist Frequency first started her kickstarter, I... | Opinion piece | Culture


Temple Run 2 Review [Capsule Computers]

1034 days 20 hours ago - The original temple run was met with much love and addiction to many people. An easy to learn, hard to master, game that keeps you engaged and inte... | Review | iPhone


Dead Space 3 Demo Video Gameplay

1038 days 16 hours ago - EA’s Dead Space 3 demo will be hitting Xbox Live on January 23rd. The demo will feature a single player and multi-player mini campaign showcasing... | Video | Xbox


Video Games Reinforcement Act Could Mean Difficulties for Indie Devs

1039 days 19 hours ago - In the wake of the many tragic and very serious violent events in the US lately, the Video Games Reinforcement Act has been proposed to the Committ... | News | Culture


Stop Talking Down to Gamers with Generic Trailers

1041 days ago - Last week, the Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer came out with a reasonably good reception. It depicted a scantily clad young woman in what seems to be... | Opinion piece | Culture


Trivia Pixels! Episode 2 – Portal 2

1041 days 2 hours ago - Trivia Pixels is a new video series that drops facts about the production and in universe lore of your favorite video games. This episode will be a... | Video | PC


Laike’s PC Download Deals 11/01/2013

1046 days 23 hours ago - Steam’s Weekend Deals this week is FTL: Faster Than Light at 50% off and Ravaged at 66% off. Ravaged is also doing a free weekend, so if you aren’t... | Opinion piece | PC


Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade Review [Capsule Computers]

1050 days 14 hours ago - Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade sounds exactly like all of those titles most of you see everyday for the Nintendo Wii, awaiting to be... | Review | Wii U


Talking Crap – Mega Man 25th Anniversary

1050 days 22 hours ago - Welcome to Talking Crap, a show were a bunch of game journos talk about crap. For the first episode we discuss Capcom’s poor handling of Mega Man’s... | Video | Culture


Trivia Pixels! Episode 1 – Mass Effect

1052 days ago - Trivia Pixels is a new video series that drops facts about the production and in universe lore of your favorite video games. The first episode will... | Video | PC


Johnny Impossible Review [Capsule Computers]

1054 days 3 hours ago - Mari Shishido of Capsule Computers writes: "The Johnny series has two previous installments that has had a generally positive reception. The games... | Review | Nintendo DS

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