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Trine 2 Review | CtrlAltKill "Game Looks Good Man"

1291 days 8 hours ago - After defeating the last boss of Trine 2 you’ll look back on other could be solutions and come to the realization that you might have been doing it... | Review | PC


SWTOR: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | (PC)

1334 days 2 hours ago - Will this game measure up to World of Warcraft? | Preview | PC


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Patch Notes Fixes Movement Exploit

1337 days ago - Users can now bunny hop somewhat and others are reporting that movement feels a lot more like Counter-Strike 1.6. | News | PC


It’s Really Good: Trine 2 PC Beta Impressions |

1337 days 12 hours ago - Andrew takes a look at the insanely gorgeous and clever Trine 2 beta. | Preview | PC


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Review: PayDay: The Heist (PC) | CtrlAltKill

1348 days 2 hours ago - How well does Overkill Studio’s Heat inspired four player online co-op shooter hold on PC? | Review | PC


FourZeroTwo Addresses Concerns About Modern Warfare 3 PC Version

1380 days ago - So far there have been a lot of questions about how Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games will give proper treatment to the PC version of Modern War... | News | PC


Origin Tries To Be More Like Steam Introducing Its Cloud Storage Beta For Game Saves

1380 days 14 hours ago - Origin released a client update to version 8.3 today introducing the cloud storage beta similar to Steam and PSN’s cloud saving system just in time... | News | PC


Dead Island PC Update 1.3 Patch Notes Raises Level Cap To 60 And Fixes Respawns

1380 days 15 hours ago - The PC patch 1.3 is now available. Steam will update the game automatically.This patch includes the following fixes. | News | PC


FEZ Preview: 3D Manipulation And The Madness That Ensues

1383 days 1 hour ago - FEZ has been in development for 5 years by a team of two people, yes, two. FEZ is a platformer in which players’ can manipulate the 3D environment... | Preview | PC


Video Review: RAGE (PC) "Worth the wait?" |

1385 days 14 hours ago - Was id Software’s first new IP since Quake worth the wait? | Video | PC


Mod Monday: Dead Island Helper Download “Fixes Some Dead Island PC Issues In Under 3 Clicks”

1410 days 22 hours ago - Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over. Soon your headaches, overused bloom, blurred vision, mouse menu speeds, micro-stuttering, save back ups, b... | News | PC


Xbox LIVE Coming To Windows 8. Hrm... Tiles?

1417 days 12 hours ago - Earlier today, Microsoft announced that they will be bringing Xbox LIVE to the PC along with their new Windows 8 OS. | News | PC


Video Review: Hard Reset (PC) |

1417 days 18 hours ago - The PC-exclusive FPS is here. Is it a faithful throwback, or a soulless imposter? | Review | PC


Video: Hard Reset PC Max Settings 4xFSAA 1080p Gameplay Footage

1422 days 14 hours ago - Hard Reset looks pretty good. | Video | PC


Deep Silver Apologizes For Releasing Incorrect Build of Dead Island Unpatched [Updated]

1424 days 1 hour ago - While the day one patch should have solved a host of issues, the PC version for North Americans on Steam remains not without its issues. According... | News | PC


Video: Dead Island PC Max Settings 1080p

1425 days 1 hour ago - Video: Dead Island PC Max Settings 1080p Tuesday, September 6, 2011 I decided to capture early parts of Dead Island on PC to give those weary a... | Video | PC


Original Video: Deus Ex Human Revolution Basketball The Adam Jensen Way

1426 days 8 hours ago - Took me a couple times…. then I started thinking like an Aug. | Video | PC


How To Access Debug Menu In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1427 days 7 hours ago - The Debug Menu allows you to manipulate the game (no health regen, infinite power, infinite ammo, AI options, UI options) and has a “Shop” feature,... | News | PC


Dreamhack Valencia Starcraft Promotional Video Features Terrans and Marines Battling In Real Life

1435 days 7 hours ago - I like WhiteRa, but to toss? Seems like quarter finals to me. | News | PC


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Announcement In Position...

1450 days 3 hours ago - Founder of the ESEA and competitive Counter-Strike eSports Team 3D Craig “Torbull” Levine says he’s at Valve helping the development of a new versi... | News | PC



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