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Coping with Korea as a console gamer

1190 days 22 hours ago - The POW Block said: "It's been awhile since I've posted any articles and that's mainly due to the fact that I've spent the past two months getting... | Article | Culture


FTG Review: The FP

1198 days 18 hours ago - Front Towards Gamer writes: "The FP, like most media these days, be it books, movies, music, whatever, has evolved into an iOS game. In this case t... | Review | iPhone


FTG Review: Awesomenauts

1198 days 20 hours ago - Front Towards Gamer writes: "After enjoying the console space since May, Awesomenauts has finally made its way to the PC. Unlike the console market... | Review | PC


FTG Review: Papo & Yo

1199 days 1 hour ago - Front Towards Gamer said: "There are plenty of great stories in video games that explore a number of different themes, yet often times they come of... | Review | PS3


PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

FTG Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail

1199 days 2 hours ago - Front Towards Gamer writes: "An epic tale of warriors, magic and… tails? The magical world of Elysium is populated by a variety of anthropomorphic... | Review | Xbox 360


Just the Tip: You Don't Know Jack

1233 days 11 hours ago - The POW Block said: "David and Josh see whether or not things are an elephant, mustard, Teddy Roosevelt or Dracula in the facebook edition of You D... | Videocast | Casual games


Gamer Theory 3 - What Does It Mean To Die [In Video Games]?

1234 days 10 hours ago - The POW Block said: "Sometimes I feel really f***ing smart, and sometimes I feel really f***ing stupid. I'm in the latter mode currently, because I... | Article | Industry


Impressions of Mass Effect's Fourth Ending *Spoilers*

1239 days 13 hours ago - The POW Block said: " I want to like the EC, I really do. I feel like the extra scenes added a sense of closer and hope that the game really needed... | Article | PC


Crafting reality with Tali'Zorah

1247 days 14 hours ago - The POW Block said: "When I first began writing this article I wanted to take a look back at Mass Effect 3. I thought months might allow me to re-... | Article | PC


Gaming in context - Understanding Atlus' Catherine (with a little help from Diablo 3)

1283 days 17 hours ago - The POW Block said: "Today we're going to talk about Atlus' Catherine, why it gets so much negative press and what the game is really about. Enjoy... | Article | Xbox 360


Summer Design Projects: The First of Many

1288 days 1 hour ago - The POW Block said: "This summer I have plans. Diabolical plans. Plans that involve diabolically creating test chambers and forcing the populous to... | Article | PC


Gaming With Your Brain On – Video Game Theory and Analysis

1308 days 14 hours ago - JD at The POW Block said: "Since this is my first post for The POW Block, I decided to sort of set the stage for the things I’m going to be discuss... | Article | Industry


More hats: rewarding players for playing

1330 days 23 hours ago - The POW Block writes: "Multiplayer modes in video games are normally hit or miss with its fan base. However, I have been seeing a recurring trend i... | Article | PC


Padding Mass Effect

1335 days 7 hours ago - The POW Block said: "Playing through the Mass Effect series is like eating an entire cake in one sitting. It’s incredibly awesome while you’re doin... | Article | PC


Fallout New Vegas Honest Hearts Review

1335 days 8 hours ago - The POW Block writes: "“Honest hearts produce honest actions.” - Brigham Young Looking back there are 2 games that really legitimized DLC as mo... | Review | PC


East vs West: Sun No Longer Rising

1562 days 10 hours ago - The POW Block says: "Oh Japan, why have you fallen so far? You saved the home video game market after we westerners screwed it up with the Atari. Y... | Article | Industry


The POW Block: Bulletstorm Review

1730 days 16 hours ago - David at The POW Block says: "Bulletstorm was nothing like I expected it to be. I had no interest in playing Bulletstorm when I first saw it demoed... | Review | PC


The Bad News: Items not transferable to Pokemon Black and White

1736 days 3 hours ago - Good news! Players can transfer all Pokémon from the last generations of DS games to “Pokémon Black” and “Pokémon White!” You can accomplish this b... | News | Nintendo DS


Budgeted Gaming

1743 days 4 hours ago - Eric at The POW Block says: " I am a budgeted gamer. This means I don't have the money to play all the fancy new games when they come out. Instead... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The POW Block Episode 6 - Blurred Reality

1757 days 3 hours ago - This week on The POW Block we talk about Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Dead Space, several indie games, and more. We also sit down at the end to have our E... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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