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Madden NFL 13 Review (Proven Gamer)

734 days 1 hour ago - A small disclaimer before we get started. Please pardon my indulgence. There was once a day when first person shooters did not rule the video gam... | Review | Xbox 360


Symphony Review (Proven Gamer)

751 days 3 hours ago - Symphony is a horizontal & vertical scroll shooting game that creates its play from the music on your hard-drive. Like 2008′s Audiosurf, we see an... | Review | PC


Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 Review (Proven Gamer)

751 days 3 hours ago - Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 was a very interesting experience. Its fusion of a choose-your-own-adventure style and a dice-based combat system... | Review | iPhone


Foosball 2012 Review (Proven Gamer)

752 days 6 hours ago - Foosball 2012 is a PSN game developed by Grip Games and 3Division Entertainment for both the Playstation 3 and the portable PSVita consoles. The ga... | Review | PS3


Need Cash? (US Only)

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Remember That Game? – Borderlands

757 days 2 hours ago - Welcome to the first ever “Remember That Game?”, where I spend some time with an older game to talk about whether it stills holds up to today’s sta... | Opinion piece | PC


Orcs Must Die! 2 Review (Proven Gamer)

757 days 3 hours ago - Robot Entertainment is having a very busy month with two games coming out, with the first being the sequel to the much loved Orcs Must Die! While t... | Review | PC


A Virus Named TOM Review (Proven Gamer)

758 days 1 hour ago - A genius inventor, Dr. X, who has pleased society with many creations, such as: robot dogs that don’t poop, the elimination of walking, and robots... | Review | PC


Trophy Whores 80 – Titty’s, Bootys, Trophies, O’my

759 days 4 hours ago - The boys are back and this time they brought a friend. Join TrickyMic, Donny, and Alex as they welcome once again iyield2no1. Join the guys as they... | Podcast | PS3


Deadlight Review (Proven Gamer)

759 days 4 hours ago - Deadlight, the third game in this year’s Summer of Arcade, is a puzzle platformer developed by Tequila Works. The basis of Deadlight is you must us... | Review | Xbox 360


Trophy Whores 79 – Spiders Again!

761 days 1 hour ago - The Trophy Whores are back and stronger than ever! Join TrickyMic, Donny, and Alex. The guys discuss Double Dragon Neon, Rockband Blitz, The Ratche... | Podcast | PS3


Office Politics Review (Proven Gamer)

761 days 3 hours ago - Office Politics is an IOS game in which I had the pleasure of getting to play on my iPad. It’s a short game I spent about 4 hours playing over the... | Review | iPhone


Pyromania Review (Proven Gamer)

761 days 3 hours ago - Pyromania is the latest update in the free-to-play game Team Fortress 2, and it introduces 8 new weapons, a new map, 11 achievements, a new game mo... | Review | PC


Trophy Whores 78 – Reign Supreme

762 days 7 hours ago - Better late than never, the Trophy Whores are back to invade your ear hole! Join TrickyMic and Alex as they welcome NMReign! The guys discuss a Ark... | Podcast | PSP


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Review (Proven Gamer)

762 days 10 hours ago - In 1999 Activision released Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the Playstation and then Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 thirteen months later. Now Activision has... | Review | PC


The DCUO Show – Issue #32

762 days 10 hours ago - This week Phil and Burn decide to discuss some speculation about DLC 5. Also some light news and community shout-outs. | Podcast | PC


Dungeonbowl Review (Proven Gamer)

763 days 10 hours ago - Some of us have grown up with the name Games Workshop. It has given us hours upon hours of great gameplay, my favorite being Warhammer 40k. So I wa... | Review | PC


Dyad Review (Proven Gamer)

763 days 10 hours ago - For the first time ever, I’m having a very difficult time trying to find the words to describe a game for a review. The only words that I can blend... | Review | PS3


Wreckateer Review (Proven Gamer)

764 days 4 hours ago - For the 2nd week of the Summer of Arcade, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft studios have brought us Wreckateer a Kinect game where you fire projectiles to... | Review | Xbox 360


Proven Gamer Interview: Walt Williams Lead Writer for Spec Ops: The Line, at 2K Games

766 days 3 hours ago - On this special edition of Proven Gamer Interviews, AmigoSniped sat down with Walt Williams the lead writer on Spec Ops: The Line. We discuss a maj... | Interview | Xbox 360


Proven Gamer Interview: Jay Fitzloff, Associate Producer of Darksiders II

766 days 4 hours ago - This week on Proven Gamer Interviews, we talk with Jay Fitzloff, Associate Producer on Darksiders II. | Interview | Xbox 360


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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