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Red Dead Redemption to Play on PC How About Now?

37 days 23 hours ago - This is a test to see if I could get RDR to run on the Xenia Emulator. Obviously its not much but it’s a huge first step in bringing this awesome g... | News | PC


GTA V Online Casino Opening Next Week

66 days 12 hours ago - We have some more exciting GTA Online rumors to bring you now and this one is rather exciting. It is being speculated that the GTA Online Casino re... | Rumor | PC


The New Expansion Pack For GTA V Is Coming

68 days 5 hours ago - Shawn "Solo" Fonteno (actor for GTA V's Franklin) has posted a photo on his Instagram account and made all the fans feel excited. Let's talk abo... | Rumor | PC


GTA V Can Enter the Whole Building

112 days 13 hours ago - You see in the title, you have to be disallowed entry to our building right in the story mode "Allen Interiors Open" allows us to enter the named m... | Video | PC


PC Games Still To Come This Month

Now - We're halfway through the hottest month of the year, but there's plenty more PC games still to come, so don't go outside just yet! Let's take a loo... | Promoted post

GTA 2 Real-Life

119 days 11 hours ago - If you start to come up with reasons to GTA GTA 2 real life adaptive data here how the result? A lot of work was done in real time GTA but they do... | Video | GameCube


Mysterious North Yankton Stroll What Do You Say

126 days 11 hours ago - Michael and Trevor's old town when his mysterious bank robbery in North Yankton 'u can snag as you wish. GTA V's to make a lot of features with the... | News | PC


Low System Can Play in GTA V

133 days 22 hours ago - Grand Theft Auto 4's output from mistakes made ​​in the field of Rockstar Games, did not make the same mistake in the Grand Theft Auto 5's release.... | News | PC


Introducing the Rockstar Editor

140 days 6 hours ago - Presenting the Rockstar Editor – a special feature in Grand Theft Auto V for PC that allows players to record, edit, and share videos created from... | Video | PC


GTA V PC New Screenshots

140 days 6 hours ago - GTA V PC output was only 1 day left to send private photos Rockstar Games to fan sites around the world who follow him GTA V PC platform. This is... | Screenshot | PC


GTA V PC Unboxing

140 days 22 hours ago - Which will be out on April 14th, 2015 in front GTA V PC to the box opening video. In box: 7 disc, there is a map and user manual. enjoyable watch | Video | PC


GTA V PC Box Revealed, 7 Discs

145 days 1 hour ago - Russian retail company stands by GTA V PC boxed editions. Includes 7 DVDs, Manual and map + bonus for preorder. | Image | PC


Grand Theft Fortress

148 days 16 hours ago - Popularity is still ongoing and ever Team Fortress 2 Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful games. GTA V is very good at these things no... | Video | PC


GTAV PC Digital Pre-Load Information

149 days 9 hours ago - Rockstar will be allowing pre-loads on the 7th of April. This will give you time to download the game before release. This will only work if you h... | News | PC


GTA Online Heists TV Spot

150 days 5 hours ago - When GTAV arrives for PC in little more than a week, it will include the recently launched Heists, along with all the existing gameplay upgrades an... | Video | PC


GTA V Trailer PC Comparison

150 days 8 hours ago - Served with video first GTA V in 2011. Let's see graphic differences between the newly released PC video. We are aware that there is a huge differe... | Video | PC


GTA V PC vs PS4 Graphics Comparison(New)

156 days 1 hour ago - Yesterday as Grand Theft Auto V's last trump card to the PC platform exclusive new screenshots have been released. And old-generation associated w... | Screenshot | PC


GTA V Enjoyment with Oculus Rift

162 days 21 hours ago - Grand Theft Auto V, you're wondering how to give a performance Oculus Rift virtual reality device, the construction of the world's most successful... | Video | PC


Rockstar North back on top with GTA V

213 days 10 hours ago - below is Develop’s breakdown of the world’s most successful games studios, measured by UK revenue at retail, with data provided by GfK Chart-Track.... | News | Xbox 360


GTA V PC Steam Top Sellers

218 days 14 hours ago - Game world of which only one of the most important productions of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V on Steam 's taken the best selling game took... | News | PC


Max Payne 3 Parody in GTA 5

222 days 7 hours ago - A Max Payne 3 parody made entirely in GTA 5. Strap yourself in and prepare for some of the worst puns you've ever heard. Meet Max Pun, a man wit... | Video | Xbox 360



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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