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Sanctum 2 Review | Twinfinite

991 days 19 hours ago - Tower defense has always been one of the more polarizing genres. Whether you love it or hate it, you kind of know which camp you’re in as soon as y... | Review | PC


Fish Out of Water Review - In-App Porpoises | Twinfinite

1023 days ago - "I haven’t had too much time for big, expansive games as of late and instead have been using my small amounts of time here and there to absorb smal... | Review | iPhone


[Review] Jurassic Park: Builder | Twinfinite

1032 days 15 hours ago - I’ve never understood Facebook games. They’ve always seemed more like sinkholes to either pour time or money into with little result. FarmVille, Ci... | Review | iPhone


Hands-On Preview: Daylight [Twinfinite]

1053 days 18 hours ago - As I was cruising the showfloor at PAX this week, something caught my eye. Whoops. Sorry, my ear. Screaming. Looking over at the Astro booth, I imm... | Preview | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Hands-On Preview: Divekick [Twinfinite]

1053 days 18 hours ago - Divekick is dumb. Divekick is so dumb. Divekick is amazingly dumb. Divekick is the most fun I had at PAX East this year. - Twinfinite's Tyler Humphrey | Preview | PC


Hands-On Super T.I.M.E. Force Preview | Twinfinite

1053 days 18 hours ago - War. War never changes. And though it depicts tiny pixelized warfare,Super T.I.M.E. Force is apparently not war. Super T.I.M.E. Force has changed.... | Preview | Xbox 360


Hands-On (The Air) Preview of Double Fine's Dropchord | Twinfinite

1053 days 18 hours ago - Any time the words “Double Fine” and “new game” show up in the same sentence, you have my attention. Obviously, when I first heard that Double Fine... | Preview | PC


"Depression Quest Isn't A Game": A Shocking Tale of People Being Angry on the Internet

1069 days 16 hours ago - "How much blood, sweat, and tears does it take to make a game? This is a question that can’t be answered; the only true answer being that it differ... | Opinion piece | PC

Top 5 Missed Opportunities: Wrestlers and Rock Stars Edition

1080 days 23 hours ago - "Celebrities holding starring roles used to be a dime a dozen (though one could argue that they’re now only 50 Cents). Just think back to the days... | Article | Culture


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Dual Review | Twinfinite

1090 days 5 hours ago - "With a franchise as beloved as Metal Gear, change can be a scary thing. By not only shifting development teams but also genres, Metal Gear Rising... | Review | Xbox 360


No Time To Explain Review | Twinfinite

1093 days 18 hours ago - Though games like Syobon Action and I Wanna Be The Guy were early pioneers of the “masocore” genre, Super Meat Boy popularized and, arguably, perfe... | Review | PC


The Cave Review | Twinfinite

1115 days 18 hours ago - The Cave seems like an amazing idea on paper. It takes the character switching mechanics from adventure game classics like Maniac Mansion and wraps... | Review | PC


Twinfinite Staff's Personal Top 5's of 2012

1138 days 11 hours ago - It's here, folks. Game of the Year time and as you can see, Keith is PUMPED about it. Okay, okay, Keith is pumped about everything, but don't let t... | Opinion piece | PSP


2012: The Year of the Bait-and-Switch

1149 days 10 hours ago - We don’t get very many surprises in games anymore. The moment when Metal Gear Solid 2 ”really” begins stands fairly solitary in the pantheon of tru... | Article | Culture


"Breaking In" - A New Player Tries to Get Into League of Legends

1159 days 18 hours ago - In an attempt to "break in" to games with hardcore communities, Tyler starts out with League of Legends. Who knew he'd have to play alone for so lo... | Video | PC


Writer Rumble Review | Twinfinite

1166 days 13 hours ago - It seems like it’s been forever since Feel Every Yummy’s literary warfare game for iOS was announced under the name Word Fighter, but it’s finally... | Review | iPhone


Dance Central 3 Review | Twinfinite

1173 days 19 hours ago - People who know me know that I’m, well, not a dancer. After playing a large amount of Dance Central 3, this is still true. However, if you need som... | Review | Xbox 360


Walking Dead Season Finale Release Date Revealed!

1186 days 19 hours ago - According to Telltale Games’ own Facebook page, The Walking Dead‘s season finale will be coming to PSN on November 20th in North America. It’ll be... | News | PC


"Seal" the Deal by Winning Steam Coupons!

1191 days 10 hours ago - Looking for some awesome Steam coupons? Check out Autumn Seal, a nifty site that lets you win Steam discount coupons for cool Finnish games! This i... | News | PC


Forza Horizon Review | Twinfinite

1201 days 11 hours ago - The Forza series has always been car porn for car freaks, but it’s also always maintained an accessibility for those who are intimidated by rival a... | Review | Xbox 360


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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