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Big Fish's casual MMO for women, 'Faunasphere'

2077 days ago - MMO Hub's Jonathan Cooper takes a look at Big Fish's new MMO, Faunasphere. He goes over the basics of the game, as well as Big Fish's goals in aimi... | Article | 11,12


'The Secret World' Twitter interview with Ragnar

2085 days 21 hours ago - Earlier today, The Secret World's creative director, Ragnar Tornquist, took to Twitter, answering an onslaught of fan questions in the wake of toda... | Interview | 2,12


MMO Hub Preview: A second look into 'The Secret World'

2086 days 8 hours ago - At PAX, MMO Hub got a chance to see more of Funcom's upcoming MMO The Secret World. Their preview covers the recently announced three societi... | Preview | 12


PAX09: 'Star Trek Online' Hands-on Preview (MMO Hub)

2088 days ago - At PAX, MMO Hub went hands-on with Cryptic Studios' upcoming Star Trek MMO. | Preview | 12


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

PAX: First look at Nexon's new MMORPG Dragon Nest (MMO Hub)

2088 days 18 hours ago - MMO Hub played Nexon's newly announced Dragon Nest at PAX. The game is a mixture of Nexon's traditional arcade-like gameplay, but with 3D graphics... | Preview | 12


PAX: Global Agenda PVP interview with Andy Harmon (MMO Hub)

2088 days 18 hours ago - MMO Hub interviewed Hi-Rez Studios' game designer, Andy Harmon, at PAX, and discussed the push PVP mode, as well as the basic concepts behind Globa... | Interview | 12


PAX09: We talk about the Westernization of "Aion" (MMO Hub)

2089 days 18 hours ago - MMO Hub interviews NCSoft associate producer Chris Hagen and talks about the new additions to Aion to make it feel more familiar to a Western audie... | Interview | 12


T-Pain brings his top hat to f2p MMO 'Fiesta'

2100 days 21 hours ago - Outspark has announced a partnership with rapper-turned-pop-star T-Pain, bringing his iconic top hat, glasses, and clothing to their free-to-play M... | News | 11,12


'Warhammer Online' squig cake in Ace of Cakes

2100 days 22 hours ago - This Thursday, Ace of Cakes will feature a cake made for Warhammer Online's Baltimore Games Day booth, modeled after the squig. According to D... | News | 11,12


Frogster secures rights to Runewaker's next MMORPG

2107 days 4 hours ago - At GamesCom, Frogster has announced that they've secured global rights to Runewaker Entertainment's next MMORPG, due out in 2013. Frogster cu... | News | 12,13,15


Nexon America posts record revenue in July

2108 days 22 hours ago - While the rest of the games industry is struggling this year, and had a major drop-off in revenue this July compared to last, free-to-play online g... | News | 12,13


Aion Priest Guide for Beginners (MMOHub)

2108 days 23 hours ago - MMOHub's second guide to the starting classes in the upcoming MMORPG Aion focuses on everyone's favorite group member archetype: the Priest! | Article | 12


Aion Scout Guide for Beginners (MMOHub)

2113 days 6 hours ago - The first of MMOHub's four Aion starting class guides covers the Scout. How do they play early levels? What skills will you get? What are the diffe... | Article | 12


How offering a free-to-play option can save "WAR"

2114 days 6 hours ago - From the article: ""Warhammer Online" is a fun MMORPG. As an MMORPG fan, I find myself going back to it over "World of Wa... | Article | 12


Will The Old Republic's voiceovers change MMORPGs?

2115 days 11 hours ago - MMOHub writer Demetri Kouvalis believes that the voiceovers in Star Wars: The Old Republics may signal an evolution in MMORPGs. But would a surge t... | Article | 12


Playing MMOs: A Good Time To Do Something Else

2121 days 5 hours ago - Some people can play MMOs and become fully engrossed in their world. Others, like MMOHub writer Kyle Stallock, find themselves constantly doing oth... | Article | 11,12


Playing MMOs with children strengthens family bond

2122 days 9 hours ago - A lot of people say that playing video games is bad for children. But what about playing WITH your children? MMOHub writer TW Anderson believes tha... | Article | 11,12


MMOHub: Atlantica Online Review

2122 days 17 hours ago - From the review: "'Atlantica' is, arguably, the first high-quality free-to-play MMO. Were there good ones before it? Yes, but before 'At... | Review | 12


Benefits of Gaming With Your Significant Other

2123 days 8 hours ago - Gaming has evolved to include a more social element. As such, playing games with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife can be a good way to... | Article | 11


MMO Hobby Hut: Fishing in 'Mabinogi'

2124 days 7 hours ago - MMOHub writer Pamela Blalock explains to readers how fishing works in yet another MMORPG. This time, she focuses on Nexon's Mabinogi, and offers in... | Article | 12


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