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Star Citizen? More like thanks for the money suckers

128 days 1 hour ago - Knowtechie: The hits keep coming for the PC game Star Citizen. You may remember the game as Kickstarter’s 2012 $4.2 million dollar baby. You may al... | Opinion piece | PC


Travis Hezel, Dir of Global Sponsorships with SteelSeries, talks past, present & future of eSports

156 days 4 hours ago - KnowTechie - Earlier this week, we sat down in a 2-part interview with Travis Hezel, Director of Global Sponsorships with SteelSeries. In our first... | Interview | PC


Violence and Hatred: Punk Rock or Hardcore Mainstream

243 days 15 hours ago - Fatal Hero: Modern society itself has made violence a fundamental part of entertainment. Video games are, of course, no exception. Violence is actu... | Article | Culture


Is Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Really Necessary

247 days 1 hour ago - As the tumultuous excitement from Fallout 4’s announcement was dying down, Sony took the opportunity to jump on the hype train with their own annou... | Opinion piece | PS4


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Top 10 Tuesday - 10 Things They Don't Tell you About E3

250 days 3 hours ago - Holy smokes! E3 is coming and the stage will be set for another year of video game craziness, right? Well, as a veteran of one of the industries bi... | Opinion piece | Industry


Why You Should Play Games To Simply Enjoy Them

251 days 2 hours ago - Fatal Hero: Those of us that are trying our hand at writing about video games are often considered to be overcritical at times. It's something that... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Games of This Generation That Have Failed to Live Up to Their Hype

256 days 17 hours ago - Fatal Hero: The excitement of a new video game on the horizon is an interesting situation. On one hand, the potential of an awesome new title is ta... | Opinion piece | PC


Citizens of Earth Review - A Raucous Caucus | Fatal Hero

383 days 5 hours ago - Fatal Hero: In Citizens of Earth, you play as the newly-elected Vice President of Earth. Initially, your duties seem to be living at home and getti... | Review | PC


WWE Immortals Review – From Superstars to Super Beings | Fatal Hero

383 days 16 hours ago - Josh from Fatal Hero tackles a mobile fighting game and things go smoother than expected. | Review | iPhone


Manifest Destiny: A Comprehensive Destiny Guide - Part 1

393 days 15 hours ago - Fatal Hero: This Destiny Guide will help you in your travels, or maybe explain why you haven't been having the 'right' type of fun. Prepare yoursel... | Article | Xbox 360


What I learned about Dying Light and Voice acting with Roger Craig Smith

393 days 20 hours ago - Fatal Hero teamed up with Marooners' Rock to have a lovely fireside chat with Dying Light voice actor, Roger Craig Smith. This is the juicy tidbits... | Article | PC


The Big 3 (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) And Why This Generation Hasn’t Taken Off

457 days ago - FATALHERO:The Big 3 have been quite difficult to completely get behind during the console generation thus far. For the most part, the last year or... | Opinion piece | PS4


Xbox One Price Drop Won't Win The Holiday Console War, But Its Superior Exclusives Will

468 days 3 hours ago - Jason Evangelho:My colleague David Thier just reported on the holiday price cut for Xbox One (it’s dropping from $399 to $349 between November 2 an... | Opinion piece | PS4


Crossing Boundaries — How Games Like ‘Alien: Isolation’ Work Hand-In-Hand With Traditional Media

487 days 4 hours ago - Fatal Hero: Everything about Alien: Isolation has so far shown of exactly what an Alien game should be. There’s not going to be a singular characte... | Article | PC


Harmonix: Innovation Overcomes Adversity

492 days 17 hours ago - Fatal Hero: If you’re even remotely interested in music, you’ll probably find yourself drawn to the games Harmonix makes. From Guitar Hero to Frequ... | Article | PC


Is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Merely a Titanfall Knockoff?

494 days 5 hours ago - Fatal Hero: There comes a moment where you fall in love with a video game over a single event. I can remember my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare mo... | Opinion piece | PC


My Wife The Casual Gamer Reacts To Destiny

494 days 5 hours ago - Fatal Hero: A few nights ago, I pitched the idea to Vicki about doing a My Wife, The Casual Gamer piece on Destiny. She seemed quite disinterested... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


So, You Want to Be the Next Big Thing in eSports?

499 days 13 hours ago - FatalHero: You cannot say that eSports is a fringe group of competitions between gamers in cramped hotel rooms or online ladders. It is a much bigg... | Opinion piece | Culture

Dawngate May Be The Most Important MOBA Ever (Not Named LoL or DOTA2)

505 days 22 hours ago - FATAL HERO: If you’ve played Dawngate at all, you have noticed that the game features some cool elements that you don’t find in the more mainstream... | Opinion piece | PC

Why ESPN Is Wrong About eSports

506 days 5 hours ago - Fatal Hero: I’m sure you’ve already heard that ESPN top-dog John Skipper denies that eSports are any type of sport. He says this just after his own... | Opinion piece | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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