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Giant Bomb- Far Cry 4 Review

231 days 1 hour ago - Giant Bomb- Far Cry 4 is one of those open-world games where consequences are few, side tasks are many, and you can mostly just blaze your way thro... | Review | PC


GamesTM- PES 2015 Review

234 days 22 hours ago - GamesTM- There’s something a little bolted together about PES 2015. Its confluence of polished next-gen gameplay with decade-old trappings can be a... | Review | PC


GamesTM- The Evil Within Review

234 days 22 hours ago - GamesTM- It’s hard to tell whether legendary survival horror game designer Shinji Mikami has intentionally overloaded his return to the genre with... | Review | PC


GamesTM- Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review

234 days 22 hours ago - GamesTM- While Gearbox might not be the most trusted of studios after its involvement with Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever, it has in Borde... | Review | PC



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Gamespot- Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review

236 days 18 hours ago - Gamespot- The answer, then: FIFA or PES? If you're looking for something fast-paced, exciting and guaranteed to give you goals, then FIFA is for yo... | Review | PC


CVG Review- PES 2015 equals FIFA on the pitch, but falls short off it

236 days 20 hours ago - CVG- Unlike FIFA, it can't boast a wealth of stadia, authentic kits or live updates beamed in by a major footballing news site, but that's never be... | Review | PC


GameInformer- Pro Evo 2015 Review: A Hopeful Start To A New Campaign

236 days 21 hours ago - GameInformer- When teams gain promotion to the top division they enter into a brand-new world. They become minnows in an ocean dominated by world-c... | Review | PC


GameInformer- Assassin's Creed Rogue Review

237 days 22 hours ago - GameInformer- Assassin’s Creed Rogue is a safe bet. Whether you’re the developers who put 
it together, or the gamer who plays it, Rogue offers a t... | Review | PC


GamesTM- DriveClub Review

244 days 2 hours ago - GamesTM- DriveClub is immediately striking. From the second the intro video kicks into gear, cars battling violently through tight turns and along... | Review | PS4


The DualShock 4 Is The PlayStation 4's Achilles Heel

245 days 19 hours ago - GameInformer- "After spending the majority of my time gaming on the Xbox 360 last generation, I find myself using the PS4 as my console of choice f... | Opinion piece | PS4


Game Informer’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015

245 days 22 hours ago - GameInformer- "If we could stare into the future and find out which games are going to turn out great, our jobs would be a lot easier. So many chan... | Opinion piece | PC


GameInformer- NBA Live 15 Review: Still In Rebuilding Mode

250 days 5 hours ago - GameInformer- NBA Live 15 may not be ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with its competition, but with much improved presentation and mechanics th... | Review | PS4


Giant Bomb- The Evil Within Review

251 days 2 hours ago - Giant Bomb- It's hard to imagine how someone follows up Resident Evil 4, possibly the most influential game of the last decade. You can see pieces... | Review | PC


Escapist- Sunset Overdrive Review

253 days 2 hours ago - Escapist- "As domineering as the game's outrageousness can get, however, at least it's not another po-faced shooter that takes itself too seriously... | Review | Xbox One


GameInformer- Project Spark Review: Build An Estimation Of Your Dream Game

262 days 17 hours ago - GameInformer- Project Spark offers an impressive collection of tools for tinkerers, or even someone who might want to try prototyping an idea, but... | Review | Xbox One


Cnet- PlayStation TV Review: A microconsole with big ambitions

263 days 1 hour ago - Cnet- It seems everything PSTV has to offer is hindered by some sort of shortcoming. Even when you take away its feature-set, things like the PSTV'... | Review | PS3


Gamespot- Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Review

264 days 21 hours ago - Gamespot- For better or worse, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is not that much different from your standard issue Game of the Year Edition. That... | Review | PC


Gamesradar- F1 2014 Review

265 days 2 hours ago - Gamesradar- F1 2014 is a fun, accessible and authentic racing sim. But the differences over last year's game are slight and with the classic mode r... | Review | PC


GamesTM- Bayonetta 2 Review

265 days 5 hours ago - GamesTM- While the Wii U’s 12-month headstart might not do much for the console in terms of raw power, it has unquestionably helped the platform ge... | Review | Wii U


CVG Review: The Evil Within is the game Resident Evil 5 should have been

265 days 23 hours ago - CVG- You want to know how nasty The Evil Within is? Really nasty. Like, stepping on a Lego while swigging rotten milk as your favourite nephew drop... | Review | PC


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