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IGN: Bored with World of Warcraft? Make Your Own Fun.

1331 days 3 hours ago - IGN:"I know people who have single-handedly racked up entire years of played time in World of Warcraft. In its six and a half years, few aspects of... | Article | PC


Gamesradar:Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Review

1331 days 3 hours ago - Gamesradar:" It’s certainly not the charm or character that we’d expect from a Ghostbusters product. The story here is told via barely-animated com... | Review | PC


How to Write on a Nordstrom Window With Microsoft’s Kinect

1331 days 11 hours ago - Geekwire: " Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle is currently featuring a neat little technological trick, allowing passersby to write an... | Video | Xbox 360


IGN: Every Mortal Kombat, Ever

1331 days 22 hours ago - IGN: "The Mortal Kombat series has been around for a long time. It's coated our televisions with thick layers of blood and assorted body bits, and... | Article | Culture


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Sony: 'Price doesn't make or kill a platform'

1332 days 2 hours ago - CVG: "Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton has said that the success of a platform is not reliant on price but in the value o... | Article | PSP


IGN: Get Your Game Out of My Game

1332 days 7 hours ago - IGN: "America's been invaded by North Korea. Mothers are being executed in front of their children, ball parks are used as mass graves for the mill... | Article | PC


Gamesradar: 100 Best Games of All Time: The Argue-Scussion

1332 days 12 hours ago - Gamesradar: "As you're likely already aware, last week we posted our 100 best games of all time list. Judging by the response from you and other re... | Podcast | Culture


The Rock Wants In On A 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Movie

1332 days 16 hours ago - MTV:" Despite his mixed resume, it seems Johnson isn't ruling out the possibility of working on another video game movie project, if the variables... | Video | PC


IGN: Mega Man 2 isn't the Best Mega Man Game

1333 days 1 hour ago - IGN:" The misguided opinion that Mega Man 2 is better than Mega Man 3 is endemic. Our own readers rank Mega Man 2 higher than Mega Man 3 with their... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why Nintendo Isn't Making A Phone

1335 days 6 hours ago - CNN: "Playing Super Mario on a Nintendo phone will remain a pipe dream. Although Microsoft and Sony -- Nintendo's rivals among the "Big Three" g... | Article | Mobile


Racy Serena Williams Commercial Won’t Appear on TV

1341 days 16 hours ago - Yahoo: "A racy video game commercial featuring Serena Williams was shelved by developer 2K Sports after it was deemed too risqué for television.... | News | Wii


Kotaku: Kinect Hype Vs. Kinect Reality

1457 days 3 hours ago - Kotaku:"In June 2009, Microsoft premiered a terrific hype trailer - "product vision," they called it - for the device that would become this season... | Video | Xbox 360


Kotaku: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

1465 days 23 hours ago - Kotaku:"Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit promises to return one of the most successful racing video game in history to its roots, delivering an easy to... | Review | PC


Pick Up Red Dead Redemption's Soundtrack — In Vinyl

1466 days 14 hours ago - Kotaku:" Sure you can download the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack - get it on CD even! But if you want authentic pop, crackle and hiss coming over... | News | Xbox 360


Joystiq: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem Review

1474 days 5 hours ago - Joystiq:"In the newest Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mario has once again subcontracted his search-and-rescue duties to miniaturized, wind-up versions of... | Review | Nintendo DS


Microsoft Kinect Hacked to Run on Mac OS X

1477 days 2 hours ago - Gizmodo:"We've seen the Kinect get hacked already, but we're still tickled by this little mod which allows you to run the Microsoft gadget on Mac O... | Video | Xbox 360


Yahoo: Biggest Game Flops of 2010

1478 days ago - Yahoo:"From Mass Effect 2 to Red Dead Redemption to Halo: Reach, it's been another banner year for hit games. Unfortunately, for every video game b... | Opinion piece | PC


Joystiq:Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage Review

1478 days 23 hours ago - Joystiq:"For those lost in translation, Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage is a third-person beat-em-up based on the 1980s anime series that begot... | Review | Xbox 360


Guillermo Del Toro's THQ game to be revealed during VGAs

1478 days 23 hours ago - Joystiq:""You've heard rumors of us working with a big film director who is actually a big gamer," THQ core games EVP Danny Bilson said during his... | News | Dev


Spanish Neighborhood Unveils 'Super Mario' Street

1479 days 3 hours ago - CNN:"The future residents of a new Spanish neighborhood say they are the first in the world to name their street after the Super Mario video game c... | News | Wii


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