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Platinum Games Aims to Build and Keep New IPs in The Future

1438 days 21 hours ago - Joystiq:"This week's launch of Vanquish not only portends the imminent demise of thousands of robots, but represents the final shot in Sega's four-... | Article | Industry


Fable 3 'Villager Maker' kinda working now

1440 days 3 hours ago - Joystiq:"A couple days back, folks who pre-ordered Fable 3 may have received their redemption codes for the Villager Maker, only to discover it did... | News | Xbox 360


NPD at GDC: PC retail to grow, physical and digital purchase gap closing

1453 days 21 hours ago - Joystiq:"PC gaming is set to grow in 2010, according to NPD's Michael Klotz. Klotz hosted a panel here at GDC Online 2010 this afternoon, and said... | Article | PC


Fox News Wonders If NBA Jam Is A Truly Bipartisan Game

1454 days 5 hours ago - Kotaku:"EA Sports president Peter Moore appeared on Fox News earlier this day to talk about the unlockable political celebrities in NBA Jam, out no... | Article | Wii


Forza Horizon 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken takes to the open-road with this Xbox One racer. | Promoted post

AT&T U-verse customers can use Xbox 360 as a set-top box starting November 7th

1454 days 7 hours ago - Engadget:"If you'd given up hope of using your 360 to watch AT&T U-Verse after over three years of waiting, we wouldn't think any less of you; but... | News | Xbox 360


Cox: Reborn Castlevania 'could run for another 25 years'

1454 days 10 hours ago - CVG:"Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is just a couple of days away now, but if the game is a success MercurySteam producer David Cox has told CVG that... | Article | Xbox 360


This Is The Official PlayStation Move Gun

1454 days 12 hours ago - Kotaku:"You want to play a light-gun game with a PlayStation Move, but you want to hold something shaped like a gun. What can you do? You could wie... | Video | PS3


Joystiq: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

1455 days 10 hours ago - Joystiq:" Like some of the best video games, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow conceives its world around a hero, obfuscating illogical weirdness with... | Review | Xbox 360


Kotaku: NBA 2K11 Review

1455 days 11 hours ago - Kotaku:"NBA 2K11 is this year's edition of gaming's premiere pro basketball simulation. It offers a full buffet of gameplay, from Association, its... | Review | PS2


Joystiq: Super Meat Boy Review

1455 days 14 hours ago - Joystiq:"There was a time when I thought I was pretty good at video games. I've brought down the likes of Earthworm Jim, Rocket Knight Adventures,... | Review | PC


Katamari Damacy director and wife reveal new company

1457 days 19 hours ago - Joystiq: " Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi and wife Asuka Sakai officially unveiled their new company, named "Uvula," with a low-key websi... | News | Industry


Next Year's Xbox Live Update Needs These 8 Features

1461 days 18 hours ago - Gizmodo:"The Fall 2010 Xbox update is pretty good. There are a lot of additions of third-party content, and the UI is, you know, better. But users... | Article | Xbox 360


Gotta collect 'em all: The ten rarest video games

1636 days 8 hours ago - Yahoo: "Though most games are meant to be played, some work best when they're left untouched. Just ask the North Carolina man who recently stu... | Article | 11


GameStop: 'Publishers Can Participate' In Used Biz Via DLC

1657 days 2 hours ago - Gamasutra:"Although some publishers have used downloadable content and unlockables to discourage used game sales, retailer GameStop sees itsel... | Article | 1, 2, 12, 13


PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe on UMD in North America this April

1657 days 3 hours ago - Joystiq: "For that cross-section of the PSP audience that likes both PixelJunk Monsters and tangible objects, Q-Games's Dylan Cuthbert has an... | News | 4


Microsoft loads up 56 Achievements in Game Room

1657 days 3 hours ago - Joystiq: "There are a full 1,000 achievement points to be had in 56 achievements, and they seem squeezed in there pretty tight -- you'll get p... | News | 2


Ben Heck ponders Xbox 360 Slim: Motherboard, Memory Unit support, internal hard drive

1657 days 6 hours ago - Joystiq: "Modding artist, hardware sculptor and warranty wrecker, Ben Heck, told us that if the leaked Slim motherboard is legitimate, not onl... | Interview | 2


iPad Might be Delayed a Month

1674 days 2 hours ago - BrainStormTech:"There's good and bad news for Apple (AAPL) in a report to clients issued Monday by Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek. T... | Article | 14


Facebook App for Zune HD Now Available for Download

1674 days 7 hours ago - Gizmodo:"You can now feed your social media obsession even further by downloading a Facebook app onto your Zune HD. Heads up though, seems tha... | News | 6


SCEA, EA, Ubisoft and Disney Target of Lawsuit

1778 days 14 hours ago - GamePolitics: "A Texas-based company has filed a lawsuit alleging that a group of game makers violated its patent related to voice recognition... | News | 13


Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes – 2.0 Edition (XB1) Review

Now - Ken play with his toys with the second outing of Disney Infinity. | Promoted post
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