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Can consoles survive the mobile onslaught?

671 days 17 hours ago - Many in the industry have predicted that mobile gaming will crush consoles. Aaron Carlisle wonders whether that is really likely. | Opinion piece | PC


Editorial: From sky to sea

729 days 2 hours ago - While playing BioShock Infinite, are you finding yourself pining for the underwater locales of Rapture? Chris Root may have your solution! | Article | PC


Preview: Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan [Press2Reset]

763 days 15 hours ago - With Legends of the Titan nearly upon us, Ryan Boyce has all the details on what you should expect from ATLUS's upcoming dungeon crawler. | Preview | 3DS


Review: ZombiU [Press2Reset]

763 days 23 hours ago - Ander braved the ruined streets of London in Ubisoft's take on zombie survival through the Wii U. Do you think you have what it takes? | Review | Wii U


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Review: Skulls of the Shogun [Press2Reset]

789 days 6 hours ago - 17-BIT may have more studio names under its belt than released games, but Skulls of the Shogun is a pretty good start to the latter's list. Check o... | Review | Xbox 360


Review: Black Knight Sword [Press2Reset]

795 days 5 hours ago - The Digital Reality-Grasshopper Manufacture team has created a kind of throwback to the sidescroller hack-and-slashers of old. Check out Chris' rev... | Review | Xbox 360


Reset Transmission's 79th Transmission

797 days 16 hours ago - Ryan and Nick from NIS America stop by to tell us about localizing some awesomeness. We do some quick hits for the news and the weekly PAX update b... | Podcast | Culture


Review: Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion [Press2Reset]

798 days ago - Power of Illusion is like a trip through the Disney catalog says Andrew Testerman. Relive the fantasy with Mickey Mouse. | Review | 3DS


Review: Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you Steal our Garbage?!! [Press2Reset]

798 days 6 hours ago - What's in a name? Well... A lot in the case of the video game adaptation of Pendleton Ward's brainchild.[Press2Reset's Aenne Schumann] | Review | 3DS


Review: Dishonored [Press2Reset]

870 days 13 hours ago - Aaron performed a dance with death in Dishonored recently and the initial performance left him wanting more. | Review | PC


Review: Rayman Jungle Run [Press2Reset]

870 days 13 hours ago - Rayman is still limbless, but he's also a bit more mobile. Phil's Jungle Run review gives an idea on this runner's quality. | Review | iPhone


Analysis: Will other devs join Nintendo’s Wii U party?

870 days 15 hours ago - Nintendo hasn't always had good third-party support. Randy Lamberson wonders whether something has been holding them back until now. | Article | Wii U


Review: Resident Evil 6 [Press2Reset]

870 days 16 hours ago - Chris has written an open letter to Capcom regarding the latest installment in the Resident Evil series. Give it a read. | Review | Xbox 360


Editorial: Trust in multiplayer gaming

914 days 19 hours ago - Trust is a difficult thing to come by, even more so in the world of online multiplayer. Jeff Greenway shares some of his own trials in that space. | Article | PC


Review: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron [Press2Reset]

915 days 6 hours ago - Fan service and staying true to the source make Fall of Cybertron a stand-out title in the Transformers franchise. Anton played both sides for his... | Review | Xbox 360


Preview: XCOM: Enemy Unknown [Press2Reset]

936 days 21 hours ago - Wondering what XCOM: Enemy Unknown has to offer? Nate took some time at PAX Prime to check it out and bring that info back for you. | Preview | PC


Analysis: Is Elder Scrolls Online doomed to failure?

937 days 17 hours ago - Experts expect the upcoming MMO to require subscriptions even following SWTOR and The Secret World's troubles. Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin reports. | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Sleeping Dogs [Press2Reset]

937 days 18 hours ago - Anton went into the danger zone with Detective Wei Shen and uncovered plenty of underworld intrigue. Check out his review for the full report. | Review | Xbox 360


Editorial: I now pronounce you co-op partners

937 days 18 hours ago - We turn the page in DLC and find a tale of the greatest co-op experience of all. Randy Lamberson tells us how Lego Batman 2 is better with a wife. | Article | Culture


Preview: Tryst [Press2Reset]

943 days 1 hour ago - BlueGiant's new RTS is offering short and sweet matches for just the right amount of accessibility. Sean Knight has some info on the upcoming Tryst. | Preview | PC


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