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Dell Precision Laptop Gets Core i5, USB 3.0

2191 days 18 hours ago - Dell is throwing new options into its Precision M6500 pro notebook, making it the first Dell PC to receive the new 5 Gb/s USB 3.0 ports. While the... | News | 14


Brothers in Arms 2 Heading to iPhone

2191 days 18 hours ago - Gamers who enjoy a little portable FPS action with the iPhone and iPod Touch may see the sequel to Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes in the near fut... | News | 11


Touch-Screen HTPC: Three Premium Cases Compared

2191 days 18 hours ago - There are a few key components that go into every solid home theater PC (HTPC) solution. AMD and Intel have low-power processors that help minimize... | News | 14


Microsoft Patching 17-year-old Windows/DOS Bug

2191 days 23 hours ago - Last month we reported that Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher at Google, discovered a security flaw in the Virtual DOS Machine that can allow a... | News | 14


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

Star Trek Online is on Server Overload

2193 days 10 hours ago - After one day, Star Trek Online servers are already overloaded. Tuesday marked the official launch of Cryptic Studio's MMORPG, Star Trek Online. Pr... | News | 12


Is Apple Already Planning the iPad 2?

2193 days 15 hours ago - A recent discovery by Mission Repair has sparked rumors that Apple is already planning the second iteration of its iPad tablet. Tons and tons... | Rumor | 14


Analyst: iPad Costs Apple $270.50 to Manufacture

2196 days 11 hours ago - With all the rumors pointing to a nearly-$1,000 price point for the Apple tablet, Steve Jobs surprised onlookers last week when he revealed that th... | News | 14


Sega Making Motion Control Console? No.

2196 days 12 hours ago - Various sources are reporting that Sega is releasing a new console this summer in the UK. Called the Sega Zone, this new gaming rig will feature mo... | News | 11


Nintendo, Call of Duty dominate '09 game sales figures

2213 days 23 hours ago - The verdict is in: while Nintendo dominated the video game market in 2009, it missed out on the top spot. Instead, it was the Xbox 360 version... | News | 1,2,3

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