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David Jaffe's Next Game to Have Multiplayer?

1957 days 6 hours ago - Gameguru "We did a little bit of hunting and stumbled across this particular piece of information that gives us a small hint as to what we can... | Rumor | 1


Bayonetta: A Tighter Action Game than God Of War 3?

1972 days 4 hours ago - Gameguru "The controls are so tight and have been beautifully meshed with the overall mechanics of the game that one feels deprived of the cha... | Article | 1,2,11


Firebird Studios: Dedicated Graphics Department for Xbox 360?

2004 days 6 hours ago - Gameguru.in "Roughly a year ago Microsoft crafted "343 Industries," a dedicated studio which handled the burgeoning Halo franchise.... | Rumor | 2


Altair, Nero(DMC4),Ryu Hayabusa Low Polygon Models

2225 days 2 hours ago - Genc Buxheli is one talented character artist, this multifaceted guy made waves in the community as being the individual who was crafting out a Old... | Article | 11


'Warhammer: Arcane Magic' - a Digital Boardgame for iOS

Now - Arcane Magic is a turn based strategy game set in the Warhammer universe. Play it now on Ipad and Iphone. | Promoted post

PS3 May Feature Next Xbox Tech By 2009

2239 days 3 hours ago - SKOAR! writes "TeamXbox recently came up with a quote regarding the next generation Xbox to incorporate full HD stereoscopic visuals and 3D vi... | Article | 1


Project Natal: Widening A Digital Divide?

2240 days 6 hours ago - SKOAR! writes"Enter "Project Natal" as industry sayers predict this control scheme will be the penultimate step that will bring fort... | Article | 33,2


Kojima's Three Projects Revealed

2257 days 6 hours ago - SKOAR! writes "The surreptitious amount of hype flowing onto Kojima's next game is mind boggling, and the rumor mill is churning overtime rega... | Article | 33,1


Epic Games Founder- Crytek Sacrificing Larger Market, Tangible Visuals Decade Away

2260 days 9 hours ago - SKOAR! writes "...Covering a wide range of subjects Sweeney discusses his early heyday projects and moves to current generation technology pow... | Article | 1,2,15


Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Reveal Dissected

2261 days 3 hours ago - SKOAR! writes "The highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 trailer has hit Gametrailers.com. Here's a brief trailer dissection and the anticipated... | Article | 33, 1, 2, 12


Kojima's NEXT Campaign Related To Metal Gear Solid

2263 days 1 hour ago - Skoar writes-"One such issue of Famitsu also contains a similar thing where this person places his magazine under a camera and a box titled &q... | Rumor | 33,1,2


Rumor:Capcom's E3 Reveal Possibly Another Wii Project

2264 days ago - Skoar.com writes"...News has also trickled down regarding Cacpom's interest in considering Wii ports as seen with the grotesque effort of Dead... | Rumor | 33,3


(Spoilers) Gears Of War 2: Campaign Details

2485 days 5 hours ago - Gears of War 2 is perhaps the biggest titles Microsoft has to offer on its console this season and like numerous other games (Fallout 3 and Saints... | Article | 2


Mark Rein: "Rubbish", Really?

2493 days 6 hours ago - GG writes "...Electronic Arts very recently offered the exact same amount ($2 billion) to Take Two before the company went ahead to reject it.... | Article | 11,13,15


Rumor: EA Planning to Buy Epic Games, Interested in Unreal 4.0?

2495 days 4 hours ago - Their main aim is to fund the development of the next generation of Unreal technology and acquire exclusive licensing rights over it (Unreal 4.0). | Rumor | 13,14


Skorge: The new "Predator" from Gears of War 2

2506 days ago - Split-screen writes "This time Epic has tapped the creative potential of the "Predator" movies to craft out the beast called "S... | Article | 2,11


Things that need to change about Halo

2509 days 7 hours ago - Split-screen.com takes the liberty to change almost all the mechanics that were subliminally present in the game but were never implemented in the... | Article | 2


MGS4: Is that Snake on a…

2636 days 6 hours ago - WARNING SPOILER- Splitscreen writes-"Now the latest gameplay trailer showed us Snake on a bike anyway, so what's the big deal, this is a... | Rumor | 1


Installation for MGS4 may be required and other spoilers

2642 days 3 hours ago - Gameguru.in write-"It is almost impossible to believe the hype surrounding the MGS4 game. As reported a few days ago one of the mystery charac... | Rumor | 1


The Year of the PS3?

2663 days 4 hours ago - Splitscreen writes-"Is the era of the XBox over already, almost before it began? Premature ejaculation of fanboy glee, a beautiful moment but... | Article | 1,2


Rumor:Sony's Big E3 Announcement Revealed

2694 days 2 hours ago - Gameguru.in writes-"Hello there little orcs, trolls and humans how is your day at the land of Azeroth? Do you feel like adding a little flavor... | Rumor | 1


Splatoon (Wii U) Review

Now - Ken sprays paint (I mean ink) everywhere in the name of reviews. | Promoted post
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