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Casual gaming will make consoles "extinct"

2236 days 16 hours ago - From CVG: Bold claims from Digital marketing company, which says there's no innovation on consoles.... The rise of casual gaming will see ga... | Article | 1,2,3,11


Is Professional Gaming a Sport?

2236 days 17 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "We're only two weeks away from the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit National Championship in Las Vegas, NV. The winn... | Article | 1,2,11,12


Custom PC interview with Hardcore Computer

2250 days 20 hours ago - The quest for a full immersion cooled desktop PC. At Nvision 2008 earlier this year, Custom PC Magazine was witness to a very unusual-looking... | Interview | 14

Games with the Most Ridiculous Weapons

2266 days 10 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "One of the greatest joys in gaming is not defeating, but embarrassing your enemies. This can be done in all sorts of way... | Article | 11


Far Cry 4 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken finds his inner tiger in Kyrat. | Promoted post

Run and Tell Your Parents: Video Games are Good for College Kids

2294 days 8 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "You know it and I know it: video games really can be a social experience. Anyone who has spent hours completing the Rock... | Article | 11


Soul Calibur Study & Character Strategy

2294 days 21 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "I've played about 200 matches of Soul Calibur IV online since it debuted weeks ago. While I have had epic matches with s... | Article | 1,2


Destructoid Review: Rhythm Tengoku Gold (import)

2295 days 14 hours ago - Colette Bennett of Destructoid writes: "In March of 2007, two fortuitous meetings occured at the same time. One was when I met Robot-in-C... | Review | 5


Mobile Atrocity: The Five Worst Uses for the Nintendo DS

2296 days 16 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "In the days of Blackberrys and iPhones, it is no longer acceptable for a handheld console to simply play great games. At... | Article | 5


Good Evening, Mr. Bond. Will it be the Wii or the 360?

2309 days 18 hours ago - GotGame writes: "It's been circulating the rumor mill for over 2 years now: Goldeneye 64 will be coming to XBox Live Arcade. And why shou... | Article | 2,3


Certain Video Games are Good for the Eyes

2314 days 15 hours ago - GotGame writes: "Aside from the obvious eye strain and negative vision change that occurs from playing too long, sitting too close to the... | Article | 1,2,11,12


How to Get a Gamer Girl 101

2315 days 13 hours ago - GotGame writes: "Boys, sit back, grab a beer and listen up, because this is your introduction on how to get a gamer girl. And yes, we do... | Article | 1,2,11,12


God Game Sadism

2319 days 17 hours ago - GotGame writes: "My little brother, eleven years old with green and orange rubber bands on his braces, enjoys feeding live gazelles to Be... | Article | 11,12


DVD on the Wii: Played Out

2344 days 17 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "With the Wii and the DS, you can't argue that Nintendo isn't an innovative, forward-thinking company. So why on Earth wo... | Article | 3


EA Exposes "Cult" of Game Reviewers

2351 days 14 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "Or at least that's what Electronic Arts' CEO John Riccitiello would have us believe. In an interview on gameindustry.biz... | Article | 13


Madden-opoly Faces Lawsuit

2356 days 6 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "Do you remember when you had a choice when it came to your football games? Yes, it has been ages (well, 4 years), since... | Article | 1,2


Sony Seeks a Cure for "Wii-envy"

2359 days 19 hours ago - Gotgame writes: "Sony invested more time developing, and recently tested a new break-apart motion-sensing controller. Each piece would ha... | Article | 1,3


World of WarCraft: Level 70 is Only the Beginning

2365 days 4 hours ago - gotgame.com writes: "Out of the ten million WoW players, less than five percent are interested or even aware of end-game content. Most pl... | Article | 12


Build a DX10 rig for under £176

2366 days 10 hours ago - From techradar.com: How to build a 'massive' DX10 gaming machine without mortgaging the missus... | Article | 12


Game Ratings War Brewing in the UK

2366 days 10 hours ago - From gotgame.com: "It's a battle between two juggernauts: Electronic Arts and the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). This time... | Article | 13


25 Insanely Modded Game Consoles and Accessories

2385 days 17 hours ago - The Hottest Gadgets takes a look at some of the most insanely modded game consoles and accessories out in the world today. From a giant working... | Article | 1,2,3,5,11


WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

Now - Ryan steps back into the ring for the first next-gen WWE game. | Promoted post
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