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This Gentleman is Rather Upset He Was Not Invited to Titanfall's Beta

462 days 13 hours ago - Kotaku - What happens when you don't get a beta key for Titanfall? Well, you pack a lipper, grab the camera and go to YouTube to sound your barbari... | Video | PC


2014 Might Be the Year to Believe in Kickstarter and Video Games Again

462 days 13 hours ago - Kotaku - That sound you've been hearing all week? Oh, it's nothing: just the collective exhale of millions of people who are all grateful that Brok... | Opinion piece | Culture


The One Series Square Enix Really Needs To Revive

462 days 14 hours ago - Kotaku - If you asked a bunch of RPG fans what franchises they'd like to see come back from the dead, you'd get a lot of answers, because there's n... | Opinion piece | Culture


Pocket Gamer - Hello Kitty Tap and Run Review

462 days 15 hours ago - Pocket Gamer - I don't care who knows it - I think Hello Kitty is the tops. The design of the character and wider world created by Yuko Shimizu... | Review | iPhone


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Five Announcements Nintendo Should Make Right Now

462 days 15 hours ago - Forbes - As expected, yesterday Nintendo's stock plunged by 18% after the news that they were cutting their Wii U and 3DS forecasts by huge margins... | Opinion piece | Culture


Alien: Isolation and Creative Assembly’s bid to save big budget survival horror

462 days 15 hours ago - EDGE - Survival horror is a genre in decline, though that deterioration has been slowed in recent years by independent developers and the likes of... | Article | PC


GameZebo - Overlive Review: The Reading Dead

462 days 16 hours ago - GameZebo - Overlive is a promising mix of things. On one hand the game is a tap-and-shoot zombie shooter, and on the other hand it's a choice-drive... | Review | iPhone


GameZebo - Road of Kings Review

462 days 16 hours ago - GameZebo - Gamebooks have made a big comeback on mobile devices recently. But for all the nostalgia and entertainment they provide, I can’t help bu... | Review | iPhone


GameZebo - Lost Yeti Review: Icy retro fun

462 days 17 hours ago - GameZebo - Italy's not exactly considered a hotbed of video game development, but if Lost Yeti is any indication, it should be. This adorable retro... | Review | iPhone


The Top 10 JRPG Stories

462 days 17 hours ago - IGN - Let's dispense with a well-worn stereotype right away: Yes, many Japanese RPGs feature cliche plots and story tropes. There are others though... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why It's Still Not Game Over For Nintendo

462 days 17 hours ago - Forbes - News remain grim for Nintendo's Wii U video game console, and this has led to renewed speculation over the Japanese company’s future as a... | Opinion piece | Culture


Can PS4, Xbox One Sell 33M this Year?

462 days 18 hours ago - IGN - Analysts predict PS4 and Xbox One will sell a combined 33 million units by the end of 2014. | Videocast | PS4


10 Best Nintendo 3DS Games

463 days ago - WC - If you get your news from internet message boards and comment sections, by now you’ve heard that Nintendo is completely and utterly doomed. Ye... | Opinion piece | 3DS


12 Most Useless Gaming Peripherals Ever

463 days ago - WC - Accessories for consoles have existed since gaming began.: in that time there have been a huge variety of peripherals released across all plat... | Opinion piece | Culture


Playstation Now: 15 Titles We’re Instantly Going To Revisit

463 days ago - WC - After a recent event at CES, Sony have announced their brand new Cloud-based gaming service: Playstation Now. This revolutionary new way of de... | Opinion piece | PS3


10 Video Games Stuck In Development Hell

463 days ago - WC - The anticipation attributed to video games today is arguably on par with that of Hollywood blockbusters; such is the depth and dedication of c... | Opinion piece | Culture


20 Greatest Ever Beat Em Up Video Game Characters

463 days ago - WC - The beat ‘em up game is different from many other genres of video game, in that most of them can be picked up and played by just about anyone,... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why You Could Have To Pay More For Online Gaming Soon

463 days ago - Kotaku - Live in the United States? Enjoy being able to stream and browse the Internet to your cold little heart's content? Don't want your Interne... | Opinion piece | Culture


10 Video Game Characters We Couldn’t Wait To Kill

463 days 1 hour ago - WC - Creating a memorable video game character is no easy feat. It requires so many elements of game design to come together harmoniously, from the... | Opinion piece | Culture


Nintendo's Toughest Year Ever Starts Pretty Much Now

463 days 2 hours ago - Kotaku - Nintendo thought they were going to sell nine million Wii Us this past year. Last night, they acknowledged that they'll probably sell fewe... | Opinion piece | Wii U


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