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Silent Hill retrospective

89 days 5 hours ago - EuroGamer - Silent Hill has always felt like picking through the broken glass of a particularly paranoid dream. You know the framework, and possibl... | Article | Retro


10 Released (And Upcoming) Games You Should Buy For The Wii U

89 days 6 hours ago - WC - The Wii U has had a rocky start since the beginning of 2013 following its initial release in November of the previous year. However, since lau... | Opinion piece | Wii U


AR - Super Duck Review

89 days 10 hours ago - AR - In Super Duck, ducks need a hero to free them. They get… Super Duck. Backstory aside, the game looks and feels like a retro arcade game. Th... | Review | Android


AR - No Brakes Valet Review

89 days 10 hours ago - AR - No Brakes Valet is a fun indie entry from Captain Games. It has humble roots, which make it that much more fun to try out. | Review | Android


Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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AR - The King of Fighters ’97 Review

89 days 10 hours ago - AR - Despite minimal sales numbers in modern terms, SNK’s King of Fighters series is one of the most beloved fighting game franchises ever. While n... | Review | Android


AR - Ninja Hero Cats Review

89 days 12 hours ago - AR - Ninja Hero Cats mixes two of the most popular things on the internet, Ninja and Cats. How could it go wrong? Ninja Hero Cats has a very sim... | Review | Android


EDGE - Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood review

89 days 12 hours ago - EDGE - Studios tend to build on past work by expanding upon what came before. Danish studio Press Play has chosen a less common route, instead refi... | Review | Xbox 360


AppSmile - APB Retribution Review

89 days 13 hours ago - AppSmile - APB Retribution, a top-down stealthy shooter from Reloaded Games and Blazing Griffin, is now available from the app store. A fleshed-out... | Review | iPhone


EDGE - Nidhogg review

89 days 14 hours ago - EDGE - Street Fighter II, Super Smash Bros, GoldenEye 007: some games are written into history indelibly for their competitive multiplayer. To play... | Review | PC


I’ve Lost All Excitement For Controlling Cable TV With Gaming Consoles

89 days 14 hours ago - Game Informer - Nintendo recently issued an apology for its delayed TVii services in Europe, and my first thought was, “Oh yeah, I forgot about TVi... | Opinion piece | Culture


TouchArcade - 'Rail Racing' Review

89 days 15 hours ago - TouchArcade - It's perhaps not the obvious comparison, but the more I played Rail Racing [$0.99], the new racer from Reckless Racing 2 [$1.99] publ... | Review | iPhone


The TouchArcade Show - 138 - Offsetting Bad Game Download Footprint

89 days 19 hours ago - TouchArcade - We start this week's show out by talking about our recent initiative to stream games on Twitch, moving on to the hot games of the wee... | Podcast | Culture


TouchArcade - 'Line Knight Fortix' Review

89 days 20 hours ago - TouchArcade - Qix has been around for a long time -- since 1981 to be exact. The objective is simple, to "claim" different areas of the screen by w... | Review | iPhone


Retrospective: Darwinia

89 days 20 hours ago - EDGE - Darwinia is obviously a love-letter to videogame culture, but it’s also a part of it. It doesn’t just doff its cap to a catalogue of adored... | Article | PC


GameZebo - Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby Walkthrough

90 days 2 hours ago - GameZebo - Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby is a racing/battle game created by Ender's Fund. You play as one of the titular Happy Tree Friends and... | Article | iPhone


Michael Myers in CoD: Awesome or Just Kinda Weird?

90 days 3 hours ago - IGN - Trying to wrap our heads around the latest addition to Call of Duty: Ghosts. | Videocast | Xbox 360


7 Video Game Plot Twists That Were Disappointing

90 days 6 hours ago - WC - As video games grow more and more cinematic (with some even being interactive movies), game writers have likewise tried to adopt ways of makin... | Opinion piece | Culture


What The BioShock Movie Could Have Looked Like

90 days 6 hours ago - Kotaku - The BioShock movie, like most video game movie projects, died in production hell. Which is probably for the best. But hey, if you're a bat... | Article | Culture


Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is a Vita update which already feels like a step back in time

90 days 6 hours ago - EDGE - If it isn’t unreasonable to consider the original Liberation a part of the main series, the release of Black Flag in November made it seven... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


148apps - Ferris Mueller’s Day Off Review

90 days 8 hours ago - 148apps - With plenty of puns and parodic content, Ferris Mueller's Day Off is an entertaining if sometimes illogical adventure game. | Review | iPhone


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