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Valve: listening to PC gamers, frequent updates equal success

2270 days 20 hours ago - Ars Technica sits down with Valve's director of business development Jason Holtman to discuss the future of the Steam platform and PC gaming. His t... | Interview | 12, 13


Interview: John Williamson

2288 days 4 hours ago - It's that time of year again and the SAW series is scaring up big business at the box office. This year gamers get an extra treat (or is it a trick... | Interview | 1, 2


Resident Evil Series Reboot Possible

2396 days 8 hours ago - Producer Jun Takeuchi has said he'd like to see the Resident Evil series rebooted after Dark Chronicles. | News | 1,2,3


Activision leaving PS3, PSP? Doubtful, but threat remains

2430 days 17 hours ago - Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is now attacking the PS3 publicly, threatening to pull support from Sony's console if things don't improve. Wh... | Article | 1


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles brings the seasickness

2430 days 17 hours ago - Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a fine looking Wii shooter, when it's not fighting you. This is why using the camera to bring tension to... | Article | 3


Report: kids' use of tech growing exponentially

2439 days 2 hours ago - Kids these days have it all-their own laptops, cell phones, music players, and even digital cameras. A new report from the NPD Group says that use... | Article | 11

New accessories bring the great outdoors to consoles

2439 days 18 hours ago - The Wii and the 360 are set to get some incredibly cool controllers in the near future. While there is a wide range of possibilities for these peri... | News | 2,3


Scribblenauts for the DS gives you the power of words

2441 days 4 hours ago - Scribblenauts gives you puzzles to solve and a nearly endless array of items to use while solving them. All players have to do is write it out. No... | News | 33,5


Making crime pay for you: APB at E3

2441 days 20 hours ago - Realtime Worlds' freshman game, Crackdown, managed to spin the action genre on its head when it was released. Now, two years later, Crackdown showe... | News | 33,12


Red Steel 2 demo delivers thirty seconds of thrills

2444 days 21 hours ago - Red Steel 2 hopes to improve on the first game with some some solid graphics and a MotionPlus peripheral that's very much underused. Red Steel 2 st... | Article | 33,3


Before its time? Valve explains Left 4 Dead sequel to Ars

2445 days 12 hours ago - When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced at Microsoft's press conference, the reaction was less than kind. Fans felt betrayed by the quick turnaround for t... | Article | 33,2,12


Microsoft morphing Xbox 360 into social, entertainment hub

2448 days 13 hours ago - Microsoft kicked off this year's E3 by announcing the long-expected motion camera and the arrival of Facebook,, Twitter, and more on the Xb... | Article | 33,2


Ars Technica:Toki Tori iPhone Review

2452 days 15 hours ago - Toki Tori on iPhone is a challenging joy A year after coming to the Wii, Toki Tori has arrived on the iPhone. Spoiler alert: it's awesome. Rea... | Review | 6


BioShock 2's Finley: Sequel Shifts From Outsider's To Insider's Story

2455 days 21 hours ago - Creating a sequel within any well-known game property means a developer needs to stay true to the established universe to please current fans, as w... | Article | 1,2,12,15


Boom Blox Bash Party: sticking to the Wii, and going online

2461 days 14 hours ago - Boom Blox was something of a slow burn, but is now a game that ranks among the Wii's most creative and popular titles. Arstechnica spoke with Amir... | News | 3


3D Realms: We're Not Dead, Take-Two's Lawsuit Baseless

2462 days ago - Responding to a just-filed Take-Two lawsuit over Duke Nukem Forever, creator 3D Realms is claiming that it will continue as "a much smaller st... | News | 12,13,15


Q&A: Recoil Games Reveals Eco-Themed FPS Earth No More

2465 days 11 hours ago - Young independent Finnish game studio Recoil Games was founded by Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne) co-founder Samuli Syvahuoko, and first came onto... | News | 1,2,12,15


Croteam confirms Serious Sam 3, new engine

2465 days 11 hours ago - Croteam has broken radio silence to confirm that yes, there is a new Serious Engine in the works and yes, there is a new Serious Sam title being wo... | News | 12,15,14


Guerrilla Games and Killzone 2

2465 days 14 hours ago - In 2005, Guerrilla Games leaked a teaser trailer for KILLZONE 2 to give gamers a taste of what was being planned for the Playstation 3. The game co... | Article | 1,14

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