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"N4G: The place where I am bubbled down for defending a PC game, but upped for a Sony game."


Hello. My name is Jesse Rogalski, Executive Editor for Duuro Magazine; where I handle editing, staff hiring, as well as contributing in the way of opinion pieces, news and, most often, reviews. I'm pretty good, actually. Aside from that, I helm an indie-centric Youtube channel, used to promote the lesser known titles pouring out of our ever-expanding indie scene. I also use this as a platform to swing back at the industry when it starts to step beyond its fair boundaries. Something that has been happening quite a lot, sadly. Other than that, I like to consider myself a generally likable guy. We're all here because we love games so, if you ever wanted to discuss the topic, feel free to either message me here or, better yet, through my Twitter listed below. If you actually took the time to read all this, it's very much appreciated.

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