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"working on trippy platformer. fun stuff. "


Hey, what's up guys? I feel like the only one writing something in their bio, but whatever. I love games, I play games, I program and design games, and I love to talk about games. I write music for my games, I write stories for my games and other projects. I love Film, Music, and Game development in general. All are fascinating ways of expression. A way of showing people what you are capable of, and why you tick the way you do. If anyone is interested in my own game development progress, just send me a message. I'd had a website set up ( as Rusted Man is not just my user name but the name of my own solo company. A name to unite all my projects. They are safe and sound knowing that they can correlate under one vision, and be in the arms of other fellow projects I am currently working on. Yup, that just about sums it up. -R.M.

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