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Kyle is the Co-Founder and Lead Developer for Itzy Interactive. He grew up in rural Alberta and has been an avid gamer since his first days of playing Gorf on his Commodore Vic-20. After spending countless hours entering and modifying game code from Compute’s Gazette magazines on his C-64 as a boy, he never lost his love for gaming even as he eventually chose a career in finance. More recently, a decade in the brokerage industry, a layoff, an uncertain economy and the birth of his first son has caused him to re-evaluate his career goals. After retraining with an emphasis on Game Programming and Design he’s ready to pursue a career dream he’s had since childhood and make some videogames. Geek, father of two and a helluva guy. You can find his blog regarding indie game development at www.altdevblogaday.com and info about the studio at www.itzyinteractive.com

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