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I feel compelled to point out that the primary graphics mod in use, Sikkmod, allows you to customize absolutely every single graphics-related variable and tune the image to your exacting tastes.

So if you find these screenshots to have too much contrast, you can increase the white point to flatten the curve. If you find the blackness too bleak, you can add ambient lighting. Hell, if you don't like the color scheme, you can tweak the color grading until you see something y...

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For the record, it goes like this:

Far Cry - Cryengine 1
Crysis - Cryengine 2
Crysis 2 - Cryengine 3

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Indeed, this thread is utterly hilarious.

The PC screenshots aren't taken at Very High, aren't taken at high resolution, and don't have AF/AA maxed out.

A very effective troll article, I must admit. Very effective...

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Actually, they DO let you modify the body type.

Remember, these are all *presets*. Not only that, but the whole point was to show off faces, and as the bodies are mostly offscreen anyways it'd be largely pointless to try to show that off.

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Ahhh... I see what you mean. It does seem rather strange, but I think in this context it just exemplifies how much the reviewer liked the game in spite of such an obvious problem. It helps that Ascaron has always been pretty good about patching their games (google the Sacred Plus patch to see what I mean).

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It's called opinion.

If the writer felt what bugs were there didn't detract from the experience, then he's not going to say they did. Similarly, if he felt the graphics were not bad, he's not going to say they're bad (and frankly, *I* think the graphics are gorgeous). That's all there is to it.

But did you even read the review? He DOES mention the crashes, but he clearly feels the game makes up for it with its gameplay.

I still don't get the mindse...

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Diablo? An RPG?

The only 'roleplaying' the game has ever had has been the stats and skills, and that's it. You've never actually created or roleplayed a personality for your characters, and indeed, never actually made any meaningful choices in either game. It's just kill, kill, kill, and loot, loot, loot. Where's the RP in that?

Diablo has always been a loot game first and foremost. The action has been secondary and, frankly, poorly implemented. The series has always...

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While the graphics and the characters themselves are a bit... odd, the sheer variety I'm seeing has me actually impressed.

Still not holding my breath, though.

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Actually, it is very much possible. Though most people will undoubtedly be unable to play it at maximum settings, it can still look better than any other MMO on the market while maintaining respectable performance.

Also, note how these screenshots are underscaled. Heh, you can bet most people are going to have to run it at such a resolution, knowing the Crysis engine...

...Also, there is no MMO in the world that ever, ever has 1,000 people in the same instance. Ever...

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...isn't a way to 'improve' graphics, especially graphics that were never there in the first place.

After all, if the texture resolution is less than a quarter of the screen resolution, all you're doing is displaying blurry pixels in a bigger, clearer scale. And, obviously, that doesn't make the game look any better.

Increase the texture resolution and detail, and maybe we'd actually have something to comment on (other than the futility of chasing higher resolution...

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Maybe for a game like Halo, where there's a definite beginning and end. But each level is a self-contained scenario, just like in Team Fortress 2 or CS:S or whatever other multiplayer FPS you want to reference. It's not a game with a story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end; the progression is from one game to the next, but they're each their own game. They're not linked.

Is that clearer?

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Eh? The gameplay demos at were spectacular.

Lots more dialogue choices than Oblivion (a surprise for anyone who expected something closer to it), quests with actual in-game consequences (wiping an entire town off the map!), minigames that actually make sense (such as lockpicking and hacking), and quite possibly the best melee weapon ever to exist, the power fist!

I wonder what they saw differently over there...

Edit: Oh, and while I rem...

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8 hours long? What?

That doesn't make any sense. This isn't a single player game, this is a multiplayer coop game. You can't measure the 'length' of a single playthrough, because there's no clear beginning and end to any multiplayer game.

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That's... pretty damn ignorant. There's just no positive way to paint that comment.

It's not at all like the Zune vs. the I-Pod. That's just a weak analogy. Consoles are static; they're always as powerful as they are when they are first released. Only recently, when they started adding hard drives to the things, have they had any kind of real upgradable component (wi-fi and such things are "accessories", not hardware upgrades).

PCs, on the other hard, are...

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Fact check: Not quite. A 4870 can get an average of 40FPS at 1920x1200, but it drops off after that. A GTX 280, on the other hand, can get an average of 40 with 16x AF (and no AA).

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Outdated? It's less than a year old, and it's already 'outdated'?

Either way, these screenshots are definitely not good for showcasing the graphics. For one, they tend to focus on single characters in poor lighting, and two, they take few screenshots that actually show a good portion of the environment. Frankly, the folks could use a photography class or two if they're gonna be putting up articles like these...

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Yes, I have seen screenshots of said games, but they are most certainly not superior to anything that could be rendered on a decent PC - compare the smoothness of Snake's suit to Nomad's (the protagonist of Crysis). And GTA 4 (I'm assuming you're referring to it and not an as-yet undeveloped fifth iteration) is a poor example, as the graphics for it are actually exactly the same on the 360 version (and will be superior on the PC version, go figure).

Worse still, while specs on t...

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That's just blatantly untrue.

Consoles are made with *current-gen* technology. At MOST they're six months ahead, using technology that they're going to release on the PC later on down the road.

The reason they have performance that's in any way decent is because they don't have to split resources between the game and any operating system programs, not to mention that developers can program specifically for the console (as opposed to many, many different PC setups)....

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While PCs represent a greater initial investment, you're forgetting one thing: Upgrading existing PCs is not a thousand-dollar prospect, and many people already have PCs in their homes by default for work, internet, and, of course, play.

And you're completely ignoring the existence of games that will simply not play well on consoles, from pretty much every strategy game under the sun to MMORPGs to, well, many other particular styles that require control methods oth...

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