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Okay Liam, you prefer Xbox over Playstation. But did you really have to write an article about it?

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PS4 - 0
PS3 - 1

Shitty month for the PS4, We will get revenge next month!

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who cares about FPS... 2014 is the year of GAMES! I remember a time during the PS2 era where I was excited to play all types of games. During the PS3 era, I was only focused on shooters and what's "HOT & POPULAR" I miss having gaming memories..

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I heard that the PS5 will only be played through your brain.

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Because he was born 'white'

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Than Halo is awesome.

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I wish THQ kept making UFC games. EA RUINS Franchises

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At first I really didn't like the game because It was really different than what i'm used to (COD/BF) At first I hated it because it was quite hard! I kept dying repeatedly.. All these level 8 guys kept killing me easily! As I ranked up, It got extremely satisfying especially using the shotgun lol!

What I loved about the MP was how it focus strictly about winning. They don't include deaths unlike COD, You get rewarded for camping and it makes it even worse because...

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USHER Performing LIVE!w/guest star JUSTIN BIEBER!!

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Dude is trying to get his website some hits.

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Sony leads, other's follows.

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Halo 5
Halo 6
Halo 7

Gears Of War 5
Gears Of War 6
Gears Of War 7

Forza 5
Forza 6
Forza 7

Titanfall 2.. oh wait, it's coming to PS4 because ea wants what's best for business.

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Halo 5 DLC Confirmed. yay

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100% confirmed titanfall 2 will be released on the PS4.

Do I care? Nope... Titanfall looks generic, I would rather play a next gen GUNDAM game.

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LOL BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol it's just a green color with a pic of yoshi. whats the big deal

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wtf only 43? Why not MORE???

This is 2014 for screaming out loud.

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Cant wait for Uncharted 5!

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@ Darth Gamer...

Jesus you need to chill out.

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