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Give it time isnt a valid excuse especially when they delayed it by a whole year in order to "improve" it.

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Thats why I said you have to start woth games where you're standing still, like Brookhaven Experiment and so on. Gotta gradually ibtroduce full motion games.

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Cool if it works. I've found the best way to get rid of motion sickness is to just play the damned thing until you get used to it. Start with games where your character doesnt move and slowly tranistion to games where you're bouncing and moving everywhere. I made the mistake of starting with rigs and bou was that a mistake. Now I can play for hours on end and not feel a thing. Its even helped with motion sickness in cars.

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Its stupid!

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Even if they allowed cloud saves, yoi have to maintain a sub so your save doesnt get erased from the cloud. Complete bs!

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Not only that, but they erase your cloud saves if you let your sub expire. Nintendo cant seem to catch up.

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Have you tried reading the descriptions to these games on the eshop? It makes no sense. The worse use of goggle translate ever.

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Or just dont touch your controller with greasy ass fucking hands you dirty bastards!

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Umm, its already turning into steam. They have a boatload of games released weekly that are garbage and low quality.

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They hyped this up? Like they even gave it a code name and were hyping it up since yesterday. This is lame. Lol

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What about the trio of would be school shooters they were stopped before they committed a school shooting? There was a white, black, and hispanic kid. Or how about the muslim camp run by black muslims they were training kids to be school shooters? Its not just a white thing, its a mental thing.

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Im pretty sure it will, when PS5 comes out. Sony would be smart to make a bid deal of it as well.

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As they I.troduce a paid online service and season passes to their games.

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Nope! There was several royale games before rec royale. The best of the lot was Standout, atleast personally for me.

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Its not really a secret if it was announced already.

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They do have crossplay. Generally with pc.

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How about Arthur from ghouls and ghosts?

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Does it point to a jank free new engine?

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All these negative reviews to this hilarious game are out of touch. The whole point of the game is stupid fun.

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Man, all Im seeing is a bunch of thin skinned pussies in this comment section. Lol Grow some balls and ignore shit.

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