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I addressed that in the blog. Generations were described as power because that was the natural progression, the only logical progression at the time. It was the only thing that could be improved upon easily to attempt to one up your competitors. Notice how the Virtual Boy failed miserably.

But if you notice, there was no big difference between any of the consoles correlating to graphics. The same has stayed true so far. The 360 and Ps3 while looking better than the Wii were n...

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Generation is clearly defined by multiple sources as the successors to the previous iterations, hence the reason why I included an entire timeline of the consoles and their respective generations. The people who use the term to berate the WiiU are the same ones who say "NES fanatics" so they're not using it because they don't think it's an adequate jump, they're just fanboys, and that's where the gist of this annoyance and blog came from.

But obj...

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"PC is less user friendly and more expensive to get into for users"

What? None of this is true. At all.

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“The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It’s by giving those people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving from the pirates.” - Gabe Newell

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"Don't have anything to fall back on like Sony"

What about the 3DS?

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And to think Ps3 fanboys bitch about others "trolling" Sony/Ps3 news. Look at the first comment here.

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Apparently the owners have a deal with this company to allow it. Shouldn't be happening.

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Except professional 3D artists don't use a touchpad that is (projected, assumed, rumored, and hyped) to be the size of my thumb. A friend of mine is a professional 3D artist and the touchpad he uses for personal use is the size of a 15 inch laptop screen.

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Seriously this next gen talk again? And you're listening to EA??

Next gen is a buzzword. It's a word used to hype up the games they're making to try and sell to sheep that are willing to buy them. If next was a real term, we'd have already been in next gen while every console competitor would have been attempting to play catch up for the last 7 years and will continue to do so for the upcoming years.

A generation is simply when the next iterat...

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Its design points to normal/normal. And its design is rather bad.

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Rayman Legends nothing? The game was to be released in two weeks for WiiU owners, than it got delayed for 7 months. I think that's more than nothing.

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Is this sarcasm or something? They're two completely different companies!

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Upgrading a medium of storage and upgrading something that contributes to graphical capabilities is nowhere near the same.

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They think these children are writing the code? Not at all. They're just downloading stuff they've found online and using it.

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Single Player it'd be acceptable. Multiplayer never. That'd be an unfair advantage to people who do not use that lightness.

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Technically the review score isn't low. It's technically 1.5 above average.

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I should take note, next time I review something I shouldn't critique anything about it, just summarize it and slap on a 9.

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Reviewers are paid. There's proof everywhere. It's not as simple as someone handing them a wad of cash though.

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Smash Brothers is essentially the standard for the party fighter genre. They took the basic gameplay of smash and then ruined the synergy by giving it that silly 'use ultimate attacks to kill people" only thing.

Would have been fine if it was a game mode by itself, but other than that, nah.

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Capcom kills everything they touch. Why the hell would you want it being handled by Capcom?

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