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I'll respond real quick so you have a chance to edit it if you wish to continue the discussion. You honestly must not game online too much if you think that most people on Ps3 are friendly. I've had my Ps3 since 2006/7 and have met a plethora of assholes on the PS3 in a variety of games I've played.

Everything you're describing is in a sense the same as someone who went to the carnival, got treated badly by a dick carnie and then thinks all carnivals are shit...

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The fact that you get 30 agrees for saying this crap for some reason amazes me. It shouldn't though, you Sony Hivemind on n4g are relentless in your "opinions" (I use that term loosely) rooted in idiocy.

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Wait, you're complaining about people who buy video games now? WTF? People brag about getting stuff cheaper. Come on now, if I got a car for 5 grand off whatever price, I'd be bragging to all my friends too.

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According to this post, you hate console communities too, because they're filled with equal amounts of 12 year olds who attempt to offend you and curse at your face, bronies (yes, they're on consoles too) and pro MLG gamers (Where the hell do you think the OMG 360 NO SCOPE 1337 crap started?)

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I think Black Flag is more punk than pirate.

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The second sentence of your review: "can it live up to the prestigious quality of the MGS franchise?"

That's comparing it to the other franchise, which he pointed out, but you're denying it here.

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Body language is important when you're speaking. When you're not speaking you're supposed to keep your hands by your side. not crossed, not in your pockets, not in the air. By your side. That teach that in basic level public speaking classes in college. These people only looked awkward because there were so many of them that weren't speaking.

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Remember, Ram makes graphics better! /s

"8 Gb GDDR5" has become the new "The Power of the Cell" and most people spouting it don't even know what it means.

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There is a lot of false information in your post. Yes you'll miss the console exclusives, but you can connect a gamepad to a pc. whether it be a ps3 controller, xbox 360 (this is preferred) or a custom on. You can also connect a pc to your tv and relax on your couch. And upgrade every 2 years? No wonder everyone thinks it's so expensive. I know people that haven't upgraded in 4 years and still play games on high to ultra settings.

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PC developers don't go for the lowest common denominator. You realize that there are system requirements for games, right? You could say developers develop with a base requirement, and then allow consumers to choose higher quality based upon their hardware specs.

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Instead of searching for ways to stop piracy, they should be giving people incentives to not pirate. As Gabe Newell said, you need to offer people something that is better than free. That's how you stop piracy.

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What does exclusivity have to do with it being like a Metal Gear game? It's a spin off title featuring Raiden anyway.

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While the game isn't good by any means, it's not as terrible as you people are making it out to be and it is playable. But I agree they need to face the repercussions.

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I'd say stop getting hyped until some actual reliable information comes out. This is the 5th article stating "LOL LAST GUARDIAN PS4 LOL" and we've still yet to hear anything.

And every single article is "we have a reliable sources, but details are sketchy". Hello!? Does this not scream searching for hits to anybody else? Wait until the devs themselves say something.

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Obviously our situations are different. Even my friends who consider themselves gamers haven't heard about the conference. But then again, they don't care for Sony that much.

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Every time a new game comes out? Damn, that must suck. Imagine it, Bioshock Infinite comes out. Next day another game comes out, but you have to upgrade and buy new hardware!

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FatMan you'll need at least 64 gigs.

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"Almost everyone"

Yeah, no. A large portion of the world does not have internet, or an internet connection that can sustain something like this.

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It is the company's (microsoft's) third generation. But in terms of console generations, it is 8th. Why is this so hard to comprehend for you? It will be NVidia and OUYA's first gen also. But they will be entering their first generation within the 8th generation. This isn't that hard to figure out. everything I've explained to you still fits my definition perfectly. Just because you don't want to acknowledge it doesn't negate it.

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No, it wouldn't break my definition. That said company would be entering their 10th generation early. Incredibly early.

And people can or cannot believe in the categorization all they want, that doesn't change the fact that it's real. Remember, you can make someone believe something or not, but that doesn't change the facts.

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