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I already spoke about this in a previous blog post, but pretty much most reviewers cannot be trusted. Their websites all have an agenda, and if the game is paying their salaries, they will review it kindly.

If you want to listen to any reviewers, listen to people such as Northernlion on youtube. People who do lets plays and walkthroughs. They showcase the good and the bad, no matter what.

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Did you receive your prize? I'm actually confused as to how it works this time. Before we just informed Cat of our email and then that's how it worked but now I dunno.

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"it would take significant engineering"

That's bullshit. I've seen the game demonstrated for several hours and the only multiplayer aspect can be accomplished by yourself.

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"Anyone who still uses and trusts old fashioned message boards to get their news is a chump and a sucker."

And yet old fashioned messaged boards are still more reliable than the "media" and "gaming journalists".

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Depends? No. Effected? Yes. Can you easily play the game without anyone else? Yes. People are making their own private servers when they're actually able to get on.

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Except everything I stated is based upon quality of the product and not opinion. I already told you, if something say Uncharted 4 is an exact copy of Uncharted 3 then that is a product which is inferior and has not differentiated from the past iteration, which it's supposed to do.

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I hope you're not a reviewer because you sure as hell do not do that. If a game is released that is the exact same as the previous one, but with a different paint scheme, you bring that up as a negative point. Why? Because it's a negative point! It's why many of us criticize Call of Duty. And you definitely DO NOT review something just on stand alone quality. What's the point in doing that? If it shares the title of something else, or if it'...

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T3mpl3ton has it right. I blows my mind that some gamers and corporations think it's alright that other people who are dis-satisfied with their products cannot return them. If I buy a vacuum cleaner that doesn't work I can return it, but if I buy a game that doesn't work, I'm expected to just take. Fat chance.

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Gamers are an quite an amazing bunch. The only group of consumers that advocate AGAINST fellow consumers being able to return the product they PURCHASED with their money. Further fueled and brainwashed by these big corporations, people such as Gamer1982 are doing more damage to the video game industry then ever helping.

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Realize that the quality of third party games ported to the Nintendo Consoles is abysmal now compared to what it once was. Do you think any Nintendo fan really gives a shit about a Call of Duty game that came out several months prior? Or how about a Batman game that came out a year ago? They really don't care about those.

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Not to mention pre-orders aren't really even necessary anymore. Unless you HAVE to have the game on day one or you're trying to get those terrible pre-order bonuses they give you. Even if a store runs out, plenty of other stores will have copies on day one you can get. Not to mention with digital, what's the point of pre-ordering other than getting the terrible bonuses? Pre-ordering isn't necessary anymore, and the things it should be doing (giving devs insight into how much s...

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Thanks Cat, and thanks everyone who voted for my blog even though I know it was controversial.

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I see everyone using that term "rehash". I don't think half you people even know what rehash means. Then again, this is n4g, where next-gen means graphics and only graphics. So I shouldn't expect much from people on this site.

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People don't compare the Ps4 to 1000 dollar graphics cards because barely anyone owns those. People compare it to 300 dollar cards, which it doesn't outperform it seems.

Not to mention this whole thing was started due to a certain sect of fanboy claiming to be equivalent to PCs. Because somehow you can be equivalent to a system that is constantly changing.

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"Often cost 2-4000 dollars"

You're joking, right? No wonder people think owning a gaming PC is so expensive. People such as yourself are throwing around false information constantly.

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Why so much damage control for this game?

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No Panda, stop. "PC Fanatics" can only be threatened by the PS4. You cannot look forward to it.

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The Pendulum won't swing that far? Have you noticed the "COD-Effect" occurring in many first person shooters? Essentially, many FPS games are eerily similar to COD's annoyingly generic control type. Why? Because people buy it, thus the other developers think they can get people to buy their game too if they make it similar.

DLC, can be viewed in the same. Once it starts taking off, there's no stopping it. It will only get worse and worse. Developers will...

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Logical progression of technology: The smarter it gets, the worse it gets. Apparently our consoles are getting to the point where they cannot play DVDs or CDs or any lesser formats but similar any longer. And yet people are okay with this, offering up excuses. Why is it that Sony Bluray players can play CDs, DvDs, Blurays, but the console removing it is fine? I would think the ability to play similar formats would be an industry standard in 2013, not something we have to fight for or look bac...

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They need to have a steady stream of DLC? How about making the game replayable. How about making a game people won't want to trade in? But that won't stop people who still want to trade it in.

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