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So explain to me how exactly QD would "get signed to" Crytek, another video games company.

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Got any links? I'm interested. But what you're saying does reinforce my point.

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It's not CG. I say this with certainty because I am sure. If Pixar hasn't reached that level yet, if James Cameron hasn't reached that level yet, what makes you think video games have?

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So then hardcore gamers to you are ones that only play shooters or something? I know many people who consider themselves hardcore gamers (myself included) that believe Mario games (Such as SM64, Sunshine, Galaxy) and Zelda games (ever play the nes games?) are required to be played if you want to consider yourself a hardcore gamer.

If you are referring to difficulty, well let's just say that there's a reason that people refer to older games as "Nintendo Hard"...

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Not to the degree of the PC? Then why do the updates I have to install take hours to download and then install?

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The hilarious part is that there are a plethora of people out there who do not care for those games and would say something along the lines of "Does the playstation have Gears, Halo or Forza? NO thanks then" or "Do the consoles have Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, ARMA III or Command Conquer? No? No thanks then."

In other words, what you're saying is a frivolous attempt at belittling other games platforms.

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What's wrong with a score of 6? A score of 6 is above average. If the scores average out to be below 5 then you should think it's not worth purchase.

This is another example of what's wrong with gamers now.

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Inb4 "They're not "AAA" Games so why should I care"

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Sorry but your restricted view of N4g doesn't encompass the internet. Many other sites which love Sony and Microsoft also equally love Nintendo and are looking forward to many of their games.

Stop talking out your ass please.

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Welcome to N4SonyG. This kind of thing is to be expected. Even positive articles about Microsoft where people post positive things are met with 50 some disagrees. This site has an abomination of a community.

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Only the people here on N4g see it as not next gen, and that's what? A few hundred people? Next gen = the next generation of console. Spin it as much as you want and sound as desperate as you want, you can't change that.

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What about all the flimsy lists used all the time for other products? Last I checked we know nothing about what (for example) Guerrilla Games is doing with their next project. But EVERYONE always lists it somehow showing off. Stop being a hypocrite Silent. Even if you don't personally do it, acknowledging one but ignoring the other makes you a hypocrite.

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"She's less sexy"

What? Not true.

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Hijacking top comment. Someone post an alternate link, I refuse to give Kotaku hits.

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I see you claiming fact, but posting none.

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I don't see why Nintendo fanboys should give you any congratulation remarks. Sony fanboys have been doing nothing but trash talking Nintendo and Microsoft for the last year on this website. Why do you think everyone is so hostile? It's because of remarks like yours.

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For the improvements they made, they also made steps back, and will also make steps back for the PS4. The lack of BC is a huge thing. Also for the Ps3, many of my features that I payed for (60Gigs) are now gone. So while they've "improved" they've also gotten worse.

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Except many times writers and directors still go for artistic merit. They attempt to portray messages and add in deep meaning into what they've made, yet can still appeal to a decent amount of people (Django Unchained?).

Meanwhile many video games, many of them are nothing but a product, meant to appeal to everyone, consists of no deeper meaning, designed to sell to the lowest common denominator and reap the most benefits.

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Video games being turned into nothing more than a product are what stopped the art form.

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