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Wait. What the hell is going on in this comment section? You all are the same people who say that the exclusives are the sole reason for owning a goddamn ps3 or PS4. Stop being hypocrites. #1.1.10

This is why we can't have nice things. Because you're complacent with having features removed. The architecture for the Wii is different than the Gamecube, yet it plays Gamecube games. The architecture for the DS is different compared to GBA and Gameboy yet guess what, it plays those. The architecture for the PS2 is different compared to Ps1 and PS3. Yet The ps3 (old ones before sony became cheapasses) played Ps2 and ps1 games.

I don't underst... #1.2.2

"It might take development time away from making the console good"

Do you honestly believe this? Do you honestly believe there's just one person working on these consoles, and for him to focus on another feature would stop it from being good? And to focus on another thing, you honestly think that not adding BC would keep it good?

I understand that you said it would be a nice feature to have, but your apathy towar... #1.1.6
The argument for the other systems can be seen that their formats are completely different (Save for the SNES and Nes). What's the defense for the other ones? #1.2

How is that spin though? Companies love attention, period. What's worse: Someone talking crap about you but getting your name out, or no one even knowing who are you? #1.6.2

Have you ever heard the phrase "all press is good press" ? As long as someone is talking about you and spreading your name, it's good press. Why do you think idiot rappers talk about all this "hataz make me who ah am".

So you're wrong. #1.1.17
So a company who hasn't released anything yet has "won"? Stay classy N4g. #12
"prove Matty's point?"

You know how trolls work, right? #3.2.1
Lol at all these comments.

"I just trash talked you, why are you responding in a similar fashion, are you afraid or something?"

Delusion isn't a strong enough word to describe some of you people. #1.1.15
Why are you surprised you won. You win every time. #2.2
Ninja Theory are an amazing developer. They can consistently put out mediocre titles and still stay afloat. Must be nice to be apart of the British Culture and gain tax breaks or whatever it is they gain. #1.1.4

If advertising meant nothing, then the Halo titles wouldn't have needed those massive advertising sprees they went on. Advertising is key for any product. You really need to take a step into the real world if you think that's not true. #1.1.9
Monster Hunter isn't a big title? Ever been to Japan? It sells like Hotcakes over there. #15.1.1
If what you're saying is true, then people need to shut up about the Ps3 already, and they need to shut up about the Ps4 now. #2.8
Hijacking this comment. If you don't want to see Kotaku any longer report all kotaku articles you see as lame. Make sure to rate them as WTF and NO. #1.1.4
Because any company that is offering their products and services to another will talk trash about them at the time they're offering.

Logic fails majority of this website. #1.6.1
It's just streaming. Similar to how services like Onlive work. It will be applied to something like this however. #1.1.1
"Instantaneous downloading"

I don't think you understand how the internet works. #1

Dear jesus those look terrible. Try turning off your motion blur. #1.1.9
"Oh look, a new playstation is out. Looks like an upgraded Playstation. No point in buying a new one since ours is working fine".

Erm.... #2.2.3
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