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"trying to put a positive spin on this"

So what about when Sony announced their Ps4? Shouldn't they have waited until E3 to do that? Why did they get praise then?

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Honestly I don't care what 4A games has to say. They've ruined a franchise with their horrible practices, thus their word means nothing to me.

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You realize that not every comment is in response to what you said, right? I was responding to what IcyEyes said, unless that is your second account or something.

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How can you call them quality when we've seen barely anything of these games? Don't count your chickens before they hatch, and don't call games that aren't out yet quality.

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Wait, you think it's just the bugs that are the issues? The bugs are the icing on the cake! It's the gameplay that is horribly shallow and generic. The skill trees which do nothing. The voice acting that has maybe 5 different actors. The game breaking bugs that can only be fixed through console commands. The storyline that was pure trash.

The game only gets a free pass because people who have never played an RPG in their entire life picked u...

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"Memories, you have great memories"

And the same can be applied to the fun you have with Killzone 3. To me, it was horrendous, abysmal compared to Killzone 2. It didn't even compare. And yet you say that it's only memories that causes him to have fun.

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People on n4g read? What are you high?

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Phil get off N4g.

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He has the freedom of speech to be a dick. I have the freedom of speech to call him a dick.

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This I completely agree with. It's like these people haven't played video games until 5 years ago.

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No they didn't. I realize this comment is 13 days old but I'll still respond do it. When you use time travel, you need to expertly craft it in a way that people will not be able to ask "Why didn't ____ do this instead of this?"

The moment that time travel happened in this game I found myself asking that. I found myself putting together a narrative that would have been much smarter, made more sense than what they already did. Why didn't Elizabeth do _...

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I've never before seen so much praise for such a lack luster storyline in my entire life. Just because they add in a time travel twist at the end does not indicate a good story for the game. It felt completely forced, one second she's what can be seen as a naive girl, the next second she's traveling through time and 'understands' everything.

I'm glad Valenka however gave this game a more accurate score than what it has been receiving so far. Perfection...

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Funny, every time an article saying "Ps4 already won next gen" comes about, you guys always agree with it.

I'm not saying this article is true at all, but stop being hypocrites. You ruin this site for many other people, including myself.

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"missed the whole point of the game"

So, some cheap twist at the end is supposed to be the whole point of a game? Choices like throwing something at a racial couple do not matter, yet they make it seem like they do.

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You found that scary? It may have given a cheap jump scare once, but it was laughable at best.

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I'd like to know what time machine only costs 1,000 dollars.

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Yeah, no. A lot of points make sense. Make it less violent makes absolute sense. Why is a city full of these supposedly prestigious people so quick to rush at the main character like suicide bombers? They're not splicers, they're not crazy, yet they still do.

Upping the NPC interaction would be great. Remember one of the earlier trailers where you had to deal with a crazy man shooting a cannon at you? You probably don't.

Making the choices matter?...

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Good read. Now, when people speak ill saying that it's a re-hash, that can be seen as true with games like NSMB as you said yourself, or like with Mario Party which gets a yearly release. However, the other titles are definitely not rehashes. This is something people need to realize, either that, or they need to start applying their logic to their own favorite brands and be fair.

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The arguments I see being tossed around are getting dumber and dumber, making me question the IQ of those who say them.


I guess you started gaming recently at the age of 25 or something? But saying you are that old would be giving you too much credit.

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"I don't like this cotton candy. It doesn't taste like french fries. They need to change it because I want something else!"

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