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No. They're shipping a game that isn't complete. I'm not purchasing a non-complete game. #4.2.2
Rather not support companies who have business practices such as selling a difficulty setting for 5 dollars. #4.2

I would tell you why you're wrong, but I don't bother dealing with people who lie and generally tell false information to try to get their point across. #1.5.3
I paid 600 dollars for my Ps3. That was not affordable for the average gamer or person, that did not give me more bang for my buck. #1.5.1

"When was the last time you saw a ps3 user go into..."

What are you daft mate? All the damn time. #1.4.14
"Both. In the same game"

Terrible. I would never want both in the same game and I"m a huge fan of both franchises. #1.1.7
There was no clearing up confusion here. "Ubisoft said the PC version is comparable to "next gen" hardware"

What does this mean? This is a vague blanket statement which tells us nothing. THis blog was useless. #1.2

"Soul sacrifice is much better than monster hunter"

Your opinion was invalid before, but this cements it. #4.1.4
It's not hard to make something look better when you saturate it and make it really colorful. #8.1
"it's a FPS the DLC isn't going to be super amazing"

It's amazing that you're trying to justify and defend this. #1.1.2
"Generations are agreed upon by the gaming community"

What are you, high? Generations are not agreed upon by the gaming community. #2.2
Wasn't the N4g hivemind saying that third party games are important too? What happened to that? #1.1.8
The world isn't coming to anything. YOu think the world is bad now? Ever been drawn and quartered before? Then ask what is the world coming to. #1.1.11

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. #2.1.7
Or what about steam powered engines? #11.3
You mean Elanor. #1.6
You're not the only one, many others share the same somewhat deluded view point. While the final product looked amazing at the time, it was nowhere near that tech demo. Facial animations were far off, draw distance, smoke and cloud effects, flame effects. Don't even get me started on the textures.


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The Helghast aren't good guys. There are no good guys in Killzone series. Stop looking at it black and white and stop looking at it the way Guerrilla Games have been trying to paint it. They've been trying their damndest to make out the Helghast as evil space Nazis, but their efforts continue to cause feelings of empathy towards the Helghast. But they're still not good guys by any means. They're just the side that's more correct in this conflict.
So, the issue is that it has bad software support. So you'd rather have them make another console which would have worse software support, and then everyone would bitch some more? #1.1
I question why the hardcore audience are playing anything but PC. #2.1
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