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7.5 IS NOT JUST ABOVE AVERAGE!!!! This is why reviewers have no credentials, because they feed into people like you. And when someone gives a game a 7.5, you people think that means it's HORRIBLE. #1.2.8

Because when you have a game that is praised as the best game of a generation, but is full of flaws, people are gonna pick apart those flaws like vultures. Reviewers did no one any favors reviewing Bioshock Infinite and ignoring all the problems with the game. #18.1.2
"no one gives a damn about pc gaming"

I believe all those people using Steam and GOG would like to disagree with you. But hey, what do I know. #1.8.3
You reviewed an unreleased engine, and an unreleased game that doesn't even have any sort of gameplay out yet? Really trying to win that contest, aren't you? #3

"People will work two jobs to afford a ps3" #1.6

Video Games existed before this generation you know. #5.1.3
Why are blogs like this accepted? So it's acceptable for me now to write blogs about PS fanboys? This should be reported, along with every other one that is talking about fanboys and nothing else. #5
Hopefully this is a game that gets back to the horror genre's roots. #1
This image should explain what DX11 can do.

http://www4.picturepush.com... #7.1
By using a gaming client similar to steam, the Ps4 will be 7X stronger than the Ps3? Whatever you're smoking, gimme some of that. #10

So what makes something next-gen now? Suddenly, it's not graphics? But I thought when discussing the WiiU it's graphics? Then what is it??? #1.2.4

Considering that majority of the games on console are 720p 30fps, you're clearly talking out of your ass. #1.1.9
Not likely. Any console that did this (Save for the N64) had a horrible time doing so. It's just not cost effective or smart to be able to upgrade a console. It's also too much of a hassle for the casuals, that's on all three camps. #27.1

Preach to your own choir before you preach to others. #1.2.6
Given enough time, the Hulk can destroy universes. This is not a discussion. He is Overpowered as hell.

Before anyone goes for my throat because this site is filled with fanboys, the gods that kratos goes after are only immortal in the sense that they can't die by time. They can clearly die through Kratos killing them, thus implying they are not by any means invincible. #1.1.12

Some of your post is accurate, other of it is not. Sony is hardcore only? Did you forget the move? What about LBP racing or anything like that? Don't say something that's completely false. That's not cool. #1.2.5
Sign up for a credit card to get a handheld? Are you bloody kidding me? I'm screenshotting this. #1.1.7

"Give it a rest"

Then how about you and the rest stop bringing up PC automatically whenever you want to say a game looks nice.

"Amazing because its graphically the best looking game ive ever seen on any system including pc"

Yet, you're telling the other person to give a rest. #1.1.11
Kotaku's reputation is based on crap and drivel such as this.


You have terrible writers, sensationalist writers, writers who don't do any research (how about that defense campaign of Star Wars: The Old Republic, claiming that it won't go F2p for three articles in a row, then reporting on it going F2p).
Doesn't matter if its the publisher or the developers pulling it. Shouldn't be supported at all. Gamers being the most ass-backwards group of consumers ever need to learn to stick up for themselves against practices like this instead of saying "TRUE FANS SUPPORT THEM"

Reminds me of idiotic fangirls I must deal with in the music industry. Their favorite stars insult them and degrade them, but "TROO FANS WILL SUPPORT THEM". #1.1.4
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