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Okay v1c1ous You got me there buddy. :)

How can I rephrase my sentence? Most owned hardcore system..? #7.2

Nice use of Sarcasm =P #8.1
Can anyone say boobies?

There has been a lot of these articles lately hasn't there? #2
Anyone need a flamesuit?
I've stockpiled em ;)

So I guess the 360 was voted as favorite console? It is the most owned for having a headstart. #7
Agree with you! R&C is one of my favorite series, and one that shouldn't be missed!

It isn't surprising anyway, Insomniac just opened a new studio, and they were cranking out games yearly before, so I guess we can expect this till at least 3 more ratchet and clanks. Maybe 2, cuz they still have to finish the story. #3.3
Pixel Junk Eden, come out last week? #4
On the warhawk trophies list, one of the trophies is Where did that bug come from? Kill a person using a jetpack by ramming them with any vehicle.

I fear though, that doing everything the consumer wants, may be a bit bad for this game.

Could be really good though! #11.3
Are all gamers really like that?
I would have expected them to add, hang with friends.

Or play sports? tv?

Any of those?? #15
The Eyes!
Amazing! #2.5
Alright man
Give it some time. Most things that Sony have launched started out a little weak, but then progressively grew better.

And remember, it's sony's way of making a little cash on psn.

And I did not disagree with you, saying that it wasn't true, im just saying my opinion thats all. #10.6
Debit Card's are easy to use, so it's basically the same thing as using a psn card.

Edit@ Sony Rep.

Umm, alright dude? Thanks for telling me that :P

Haha made me Lol XD #12.2
Well Silogon
Qore has just been launched, as an online internet magazine.

The price is only 24.99 I think. That is a much better deal than most other magazines.

I remember back when I was ordering Nintendo Power when I was like 10 years old, it cost 30 some dollars for a one year subscription.

Plus, annual subscribers are getting free games! What's not to love?

Edit @ Below.

Everyone dislikes him because he speaks his mind and the truth som... #10.3
Yeah true.
But Insomniac wouldn't go through all the trouble, of asking for all that information, phone number, street adresss ect ect to just send you a random phone call explaining the virus.

When they asked for all that information, they pretty much said, hey we're gonna be inviting people into the beta, this will be a sweet little way of getting in.

Besides, Ted Price, (I think) Already stated there are multiple ways of getting into the beta. #7.2
Or I'm pretty sure..
You can get in for free probably by goiing on Project Abraham. #7
Like that's gonna happen.
People are just gonna copy save, file save as all the info and pics. Then once it has died down, it's gonna be up again.

I wonder how this game will be anyway. #3
Thanks Sonarus!

That's what I get for not reading the entire list o.O

Ah, I remember when warhawk didn't have all this stuff... I hope Jet packs won't for lack of better words. #2.5
Where did you hear this...? #2.3
I just got Resistance.
Couldn't pass up a greatest hit!

It's good to hear that Insomniac is keeping their tradition going.

I remember doing that for all of the ratchet games, except RaCF:ToD. That's the only one so far, but Booty may have the same thing. #6
The Perfect Username
Is the one thats the most original.

Or rather, has no single number in it whatsoever.

Sadly, my psn has 3 numbers =( #24
Alright guys
thanks for those who told me their opinions. I'm glad you guys at least did =) #8.6
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