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I wonder
what's gonna be in the expansion pack? Just the jet packs? Or more? #10
And everyone said the psp 3000 was fake. #11
What's confusing about the keyboard is
They act as if they are just coming out with it now.

My friend has had one for about 2 months now. :O #10.1
You know
It was actually pretty funny...For being so bad. #1.8
The Next Call of Duty
Is Call of duty 5 not six. #17.1
Looks solid.
Not the greatest, but not the worst.

When are they ever gonna add a cover system? #12
I love how he is the only one to actually troll this game.

Good job man! You're a loser... #73.5
"Aww Man Don't I have anything better than a pistol? aww man I need a medic."

It was genius of them to use like actual voices and add it into that multiplayer video.

It made the multiplayer look really fun! Hopefully everyone will have mics by then. #33
It's not a bubble sheild.
From what I've seen, it's more of a honeycomb barrier in front of the person, just like the auger's barrier. #47.1
I'm really psyched about this game.
I loved the first Resistance. I'm still playing it with friends.

And I really love the multiplayer, but for some reason, the videos that come out don't have...excitement sometimes.

Maybe it's just me.

Still can't wait for this game to come out though. #41
Hopefully It will be like most wanted.
200 Cop Car Chases! #13
Why did you guys disagree?
I asked a question! #1.4
Thanks! #8.2
Is gonna be a really anticipated at Leipzig. I'm sure it will steal most of the attention.

Everyone hope for free Sackboys/Sackgirls! =D #12
Ea normally doesn't have the best servers.

And seeing that since they realize a new madden game every year, I'm surprised that they even have dedicated servers for online.

When Madden 10 comes out, I wouldn't be surprised the same thing happens. #8
Still waiting
For my Email...That is, If I even get it.

Hope I will!

Anyone know what it's like inside the beta now? #16
That's a long list.
I actually like the list because I like a lot of modern rock and alternative stuff.

So that's a plus for me!

Remember guys, If I recall, they said there are gonna be at least..100(right number?) Master tracks in the game or w/e, and these are just 30. #8
It's very interesting!
What I want to know is, what's the difference between the disk version and the downloadable version.

Will there be graphics differences? Will the DL one be less graphical?

I want to know all of these things, I'm on the border of buying this game with my remaining money. #1.3
The game seems interesting.
Storyline isn't that bad either.

I'll check it out at my friends house. #13
For enemy crabs, honesty, and ability to...admit something? Idk

As for Tgs, It's strange that Microsoft and Nintendo aren't showing up in Europe.

Isn't Europe just as big as America? I have plenty of European friends that have 360s and ps3s, i believe they want something too. #25.11
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