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Agreed with Blackdeath

If they start getting into those eras, call it something new perhaps. Even with China I'd rather have it called something else, because then they'd just be riding off the Assassins Creed title to make money.

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He's most likely talking about the advertising and the way the game was presented to everyone.

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Are you kidding me? Oriental Assassins Creed would be such a breath of fresh air for the series. Looks bad ass too without being cheesy.


The American Revolution was something decent in innovation for the series.

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Correct! But does Poe's law apply to people that are essentially stupid?

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Terrible article. Why? Because it's blatant sarcasm, to people that are smart. The people who think video games are causing violence aren't smart. Therefore using something as advanced as sarcasm, they won't understand it and they'll just think you're agreeing with them and being serious.

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I understand that you need to state bullcrap to try to save face in this situation, but let's get real here. PC gaming was never dying off. Both PC gaming and consoles have great games.

But one thing I can't stand is the idiotic people in this 'thread' saying some of the dumbest crap I've ever read on the internet. The sad part is that you people are all serious. You all believe what you're saying.

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Cool concept, but I and a few others have been fiddling with the Vita for a while now. We do not like the back touch screen at all. Watching that video, the game looks great and very creative, but many features will get annoying to do after a while. Blowing wind? Yelling into the mic?

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Again, refer to my comment below. What a disgusting generation of gamers this has become. Fans that truly love and cherish a series don't want to see it turned into something bad? Oh they're just whiney entitled gamers.

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What a disgusting generation of gamers. Spiting fans of a series who do not want to see what they love destroyed.

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Rather see this series die then be consumed by corporate greed. Hopefully terrible reviews follow.

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You wanted to write it yes, that doesn't make it any less wrong.

Piqued means to stimulate someone's interest. Peaked means nothing like that at all.

Also, no your mac from 2009 wouldn't be able to run it.

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Day Z is nothing like what you described it to be. It's become nothing but Call of Duty with some zombies. And that's a shame too because the devs can't really do anything about that. It's because of the terrible community.

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Just because something is optional and you don't have to use it doesn't suddenly make it not bad.

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This whole "extra-content for pre-ordering" policy is bullshit though. One of the worst trends this generation.

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It's assumed because every GTA title has come to PC.

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Cancer of the highest degree. There's awful, and then there's what this "article" just wrote.

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Tests have shown that there is a minute difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Not nearly enough of a difference to warrant using 3.0. And believe me I was rather angry when I heard this.

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How about we start with Kotaku first and then work our way to the other crap sites. Because at least the others have some actual content, no matter how sensationalist it is. Kotaku is the website that compared an outdoor festival speaker system to Glados, they had a writer "write" how he got "laid" on a sonic bed, and another writer who made a 2 sentence article about that Big Game Hunting Game and how she's gonna "Go hug her dog now".

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I vote down every chance I get. Hate that "site" and its writers.

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No I don't. But if you try to say whatever you want on here, the mods have the right to ban you if they don't like it.

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