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I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is the only industry where people who make products can make crap, insult their consumer base, and people like ^^^^ will defend them.

What a sad time to be a gamer.

Also, if I was trolling, you'd know it. Not everyone who disagrees with you or someone else is a troll.

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No, because they took an existing franchise and tried to change it into something else. If it wasn't a franchise already, people's reactions would be MUCH different.

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Please for the sake of everyone who enjoys this hobby, stop gaming. You clearly have no empathy for anyone else other than yourself.

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Think of it this way: If DmC succeeds, the franchise people loved is now dead and will be repeatedly trashed (or rather developed) by Ninja Theory and Capcom. So now instead of having to deal with one bad game, they need to deal with a trilogy or more.

Put it this way: How would you feel if your favorite franchise, whatever it may be, was taken from whoever develops it, handed to a lesser developer who has shown their incompetence in the past and...

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The combat system is simpler/easier made to make even "the worst gamers play as MLG pros". To you that's a better combat system?

Prime example of the type of person who doesn't even know the crap that comes out if their own mouth. "The hair is different, you guys are just haters".


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The generation was over the day the WiiU launched. The next gen has started. If you cannot accept that you're the one doing the trolling. Not others.

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Wait, do I seriously need to write in giant caps SARCASM on my posts now? Did you not see the second part of my post where I denounce everything he says about the resolution argument? Jesus.

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You're right, resolution doesn't matter. Humans only see in 30 FPS at 720p, silly people always trying to get the most crisp resolution out there.

Not to mention real life has a ton of jaggies and artifacts.

Fun Fact Gribble, do you know what HD means? High Definition. As in directly correlating to RESOLUTION. The first sentence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

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This list was nothing but crap. Mojang on there? They released one game and it's still buggy as hell and filled with problems.

Jagex is on there? They've ruined a decent game (runescape) with their bs. I shouldn't even need to explain that. They also bought out and ruined another game (Ace of Spades).

I'm not even gonna go on with the rest.

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And with a Ps4 you can't play PC exclusives or Microsoft Exclusives or Nintendo Exclusives.

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Sexism: Prejudice or discrimination based upon sex.

Another term that has become a buzzword.

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How can you predict a new IP? I don't know, "jouranlists" and people like Pacter seem to do it all the time. So why does this moment change any?

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Does it not bother anyone that this article lists nothing but Sequels? Number 4, number 5, number three. Even Smash Bros is another sequel.

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The hell you going on about? Magmortar is incredibly good. Same with Togekiss. Magnezone is just meh.

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Except the whole website is terrible. When you put out 95% crap and 5% decent stories, you will not be judged on that 5%.

Not to mention we need developers calling out these "journalists" (let's be real here, they're not journalists in any sense of the word) out. Example: Jaffe and Kuchera


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So I guess it's cool now for fans to be pissed off that their favorite series is being disrespected. Yeah, that's totally it.

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Wish they would have stayed with pixelart though. I like that style much better than 3D.

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There's nothing wrong with an FPS-RPG. Look at Borderlands 2 for example.

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Generation starts when the next iteration of consoles are released. The Wii U has begun next gen. The competitors just haven't released their consoles yet.

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Something being "popular" doesn't make it good in anyway. Otherwise 2Chains would be the greatest "rapper" in the world.

Hipster, you keep using that word, I do not think it means, what you think it means.

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