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Have you never played a third person shooter with zombies before? #3.1.3
Amazing that there are people who think this. #8.1

It's lazy and illegal to use someone's likeness without their consent. I'm not saying that's what happened here, but I'm just saying. #3.2.3
The Power Of the Cellâ„¢ #1.10.2
Everyone knows that the "xbox holding back ps3" is not true. #9.1.1
Leave it to Dathreats to post a blog about why X should have been exclusive.

DaThreats, you don't even have a Ps3. Even I have a ps3. Stop this nonsense. Not only that, but your logic is beyond the dumbest I've ever heard. If you told this to a CEO, they'd laugh you out of a job. You're essentially saying "Hey, we sold a bit less on this console. We shouldn't have sold that in the first place". Do you know how quickly you'd be fired if you ev... #13
"respect the gamers intelligence"

What intelligence is there to respect? We're talking about the same people who give away free money for several months so they can "pre-order" something that is being mass-produced. The same people who buy DLC that was made in a weekend and is 20 dollars. The same people who hate paying to play online, but then love it on their own systems.

There is no intelligence to respect. #9.1.1
Glad to know you're working on the abomination known as the front page. Maybe someday you guys will get around to fixing your broke ass forums. #24
Literally the entirety of your post can be summed up with "Wah, I won't buy a WiiU until you make exactly what I want! And while you're at it, make this other thing that I want!" #42.2
"I get my money back because I paid for more things"


Blah blah, Sony, blah blah Nintendo, Microsoft sucks. How expected. These blogs are no longer quality content, they're just entries into the contest to win the prize money N4g has been giving lately. #3

If Nintendo overhypes their E3, what do you call what Sony and Microsoft do? #27.1.3
There is nothing that classifies a win from either camp. They will make up points, lie and tell false truths to attempt to make their side seem better when it's not. There is no arguing with them because brick walls listen and have better discussion. #4.3
"If you look at the xbox live service it ran a lot better"

So then why did everyone always parrot the constant "Lol you pay for P2p servers"? #1.2.1
But there is Playstation 4 and The Last of Us right there at the bottom too. #1.1.4
Many of those characters from 'the same franchises" have their own franchises. #5.2.5
No it shouldn't. I'm not commenting on TLOU multiplayer because I haven't played it, but if you include something, you don't half ass it. Bioshock 2 got demolished because of the terrible multiplayer. If TLOU has bad multiplayer, that should be reflected upon it. You don't include something and then make it second rate. To have something as major as multiplayer, that requires to be consistent with the single player too. And if either of them detract from one another, well... #1.2.1
"seems pretty insignificant compared to the 8/10 score they gave the game"

You act like they gave it a 5/10. #11.1
@The 10th Rider

I still see no explanation why that 7.5 is a low score. Maybe if the reviewer gave it a 5 (WHICH IS AVERAGE) instead of a 7.5 (Which equals out to good. IGN even list a 7.5 as a good score, with explanation) then people here MIGHT have a right to say something. Not really though. #5.2.2
How is a 7.5 low though? Explain. #5.2
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