Bring back the open zone!


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Because they can without it costing them anything. I doubt the skin for Snake is going to make it sell any better, Snake has appeared in a lot of games over the years that weren't Metal Gear.

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Sweet can never get enough Snake.

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Theres a demo already?

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The iGAME....lets hope not.

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Tip 1- Have Call of Duty in the title

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The title is what makes it flamebait, if the title were "God of War 3: Reasons I liked it and Reasons I didn't" it would be all good but instead they took the petty route for hits.

But i'm guessing you either wrote it, submitted it, or know the person that did.

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" RPGs like this, especially the promising ones, are few and far between. I get em all."

Nailed it, its not like shooters were we can pick from 20 different ones a year. On consoles it's even worse because some of the better RPG's don't appear on them or are just starting too.

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Great Blog (very rare on here), I agree with everything but the main thing i want is Campaign Co-op with both splitscreen and online and I wouldn't mind if it was built around co-op either. To be honest R2 put me off so bad i never finished when i bought it, but i loved R:FOM and played through it at least 3 times.

For the graphics I don't expect Killzone level but I do want it to be pretty close and of course use MLAA, I have confidence in the graphics as they seem...

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You can get it right now off the UK store all you have to do is make an account for the UK and BOOM you can get it.

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Exactly it's just their opinions, everyone is acting like just because someone was disappointed by Mass Effect they are fanboys. I some what enjoyed the game, didn't think it was anything special but IMO it wasn't really disappointing.

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Yea i'm really surprised Sony hasn't implemented Skype into the Ps3 seeing as how its on the psp. Me and my friends would use skype when playing some ps2 games together because we didn't have mics for our ps2's and it worked great.

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I think it all depends on the game your playing and what you are doing in said game, I notice with some games the XMB loads right up almost instantly and with others it'll take around 5-10 seconds to load everything up.

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I partly agree with you, I loved the heavy feel but I hated what felt like input lag...maybe it was because of the heavy feel aspect though I'm not sure. Either way I know I'll enjoy the game.

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I do play on my ps3 and pc but mainly my co-op playing friends only have 360's so I don't really have much of a choice.

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They would never in a million years do that because it's too risky they would most likely loose at least 50% of gold subs easy resulting in major profits being lost. It would be nice though if they gave silver members around 5-10 hours online play a month, but i still think thats highly unlikely.

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The only reason I pay for it is so I can play games online (really co-op but its still online). I'm not happy that I'm paying for features I don't use and never wanted but oh well what can I or anyone else do about it.

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Do they do the Double XP special game mode weekends for Reach like they do for Halo 3?

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42 on metacritic and droppping, very unfortunate a game with so much potential turns out to be so very poorly executed.

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You have conformation on this? I don't doubt they will be one the store (capcom afterall) but I haven't heard anything.

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Ha rapelay, media should of never gave it all the attention it did...because sadly I downloaded it to see what all the fuss was about and I conclude it needs better graphics.

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