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Wont be enough. Look who made Blue Dragon and that did not help the brand. #37
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The beta and alpha is the reason for the hype. The fact that they were better than most complete games says it all. Bungie put the game in our hands months before launch and made the masses experienced it and ultimately make their own judgement.

That being said, it's safe to say that this hype is real. It's not as if all we got were articles and videos discribing the game, nope, we actully got to play it and we loved it.

Destiny hype is unrivaled. The... #22
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"Giant enemy crab, attack the core for massive damage" #6
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Gone in the lead, yes indeed. #10
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Thats pretty cool,
need to check it out the next time i play. surprised they did not mention this feature. #4
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The $100 gap in price is all it needs. #1.1.8
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Man sad to see him go.
I had a feeling he was going to leave sooner or later.
You can only work for a company for so long before they get tired or you get tired. It happens. #77
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The PS4 is already 3 million ahead of the XB1. I really don't see MS coming back from that far behind. It would literally take them years and a hell of a lot more than just the USA to wipe out that PS4 lead.

History shows that Sony becomes better as the gen progress, and this is just the start and they are already ahead by a good amount. The start of the gen is the weakest you will see Sony and even then they are still ahead.

What is MS going to do when N... #1.2.1
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No one expected Mark Cerny, not even us. MS got arrogant and instead of using their lead to price lower than Sony, they got greddy and chose to take advantage of gamers.
Now they learn a painful lesson. #27
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PS4 out sold everything combined. #38
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The regular PS4 controller is superior to this controller. #9
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It mattered all of last gen, it will matter all of this gen.
Funny how when the shoes on the other foot everybody wants to play all equal.
Not happening.
Resolution matters and MS will know not to do this next gen. #15
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Wait till you see world wide. #9
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lol, you need to smack that bbbbbbb****** the next time she does that.
Be like.. SMACK!!!! "Woman! don't ever interfere with a man on his Nintendo"

I am joking, don't actually do that. Instead just walk in the room and ask her "if she is stupid or something." #12.1.1
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Stig probably could not get it together so then Sony was like F it, we have a business to run, you, you ,you and you pack it up and get the hell off the property now. #38
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Althought the pad might feel forced it does offer some gameplay that is enjoyable, which is the point.
The current WiiU software lineup is unbeatable.
Trpical Freez is fun as hell, the same for Wind Waker and 3D World.
I own a WiiU and to be honest I never regretted my purchase.

It's fun to have around during those PS4 software droughts. And what's great is you don't need to use the touch pad or the sensor bar or the Wiimote for the more co... #12
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It's has single player which can't be played unless you are online. #2.3
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That panic price cut.
They will have to adjust the NA price also other wise people in NA are just going to wait for a price drop because they think it's coming.
Don't ever cut price in different regions at different times.
That will just make people that is in a region that did not get a price cut sit on their hands until they get a price cut. #21
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5.3m right now with 6 weeks to go till march 31 2014.
Lets assume the japan launch is 700k week 1 (a reasonable amount, nothing crazy).
5.3m + 700k = 6m.

After the Japan launch week let's assume the PS4 will sell 190k per week on average (again, nothing crazy, but a reasonable figure). That 190k per week also includes the bump from Infamous and Thief.

So 190k multiplied by 5 weeks of march and we get 950k.

So 6 million + 9... #19
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People said the same about the wiiu and the vita, "just wait, it's only been 3 months, sales will get better"..... Fast forward 1 year later and it turns out people were right all along to write off the wiiu and the vita, their sales have yet to pick up and they are struggling to stay valid.
Do you really think that people are also wrong about the next failure, the XB1?
Last week the ps4 sales in the USA alone outsold the XB1 world wide. Total world wide for last... #40.1
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