Arcade gaming = the best gaming IMO


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Hm. I wonder what features will be removed from this sequel? That is to say if this is even being made.
Regardless if this game has just those four characters and one stage, I know the people over at 8wayrun will treat this game like it's the second coming of Christ and any thread stating otherwise will get spammed and or locked by mods.

Or maybe another 8wayrun mod will "remove" their moderator title so that they may insult anyone didn't like the...

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Still divided?
What a shame.

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"The study's conclusion reads: "One of the best predictors of aggression against girls and women is lack of empathy. The present research shows that violent-sexist video games such as GTA reduce empathy for female violence victims, at least in the short-term."

Must be why the number of females you have to kill doesn't even hold a candle to the number of males you MUST kill in order to progress in the game?
Talk about empathy. 7_7

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This monkey sh!t better not get approved if articles & videos of her detractors can't get approved because it's "not gaming related".

This money grabbing con-artist has enough undeserved attention.
@Article poster: Stop simping. 7_7

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Let us be crystal clear about this.

It does not matter if this game was a dildo buying simulator or a masterpiece of a game.
What matters is a loud handful of shrieking feminists (and the doormat simps they call "allies") have succeeded in creating an environment that makes devs scared to release their games to the west because they don't want bad PR on an already niche game.

The quality of the game was never a part of this discussion. ...

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No. What's pathetic are the people who think that just because they don't enjoy something, that it gives them the right to take that something away from those who do.
Nothing was pathetic about this, just like nothing is pathetic about a strip club. If no one there liked it, they could have just left, not shame MS and or the people enjoying themselves. It's not like MS made them watch at gunpoint. 7_7

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@N4GGUY24: You can just toss that load of shaming language in the trash because it has no effect here.

What's sad is the fact that we live in a society all too eager to tell "sad people" it's perfectly acceptable for "real girls" to leave a marriage and take those "sad" people's things just because they are bored.
It's also sad (as well as pathetic) when this society doesn't penalize one of those "real girls"...

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Yeah, it's pathetic.
They go on and on about how good "progressive" games are, but they don't support them and a game like hatred can get more support. Yet they think THEY have the right to dictate how the mainstream gamer enjoy their games?

I'm sure if all of these "female protagonist" games don't sell well, they'll blame "Gamergate culture" for not being "progressive" enough. 7_7

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"Gamergate is still around. The petulant children who threatened female video game developers and personalities for daring to, um, have an opinion are still there."

Really? Because the Anti-Gamergaters have done more of that than journalist's IMAGE of Gamergate could ever hope to achieve.
Also, you should inform yourself on this subject matter. Females are IN Gamergate.... But who cares, inconvenient truths am I right? 7_7

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No Devil's third advertisement.
No Fatal frame advertisement.

Nintendo..... You know how these games'll sell. Advertise them. 7_7

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"Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, which forbid pornographic content from being a part of the Oculus Store"

Yeeeeeaaaahhh. 7_7

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Agreed. This doesn't look like it had that much of 'Fire Emblem' in it.....

Really not liking how it looks so far..
Though my hype has been killed, I'll get this game if it has good gameplay. 7_7

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Threats are made to almost every famous (in this case infamous) person (don't even think about spinning that as my justification of threats).

The threats made so far hold no water to them and no one with a brain (and those financial victims) takes them seriously. For one to take them seriously, makes me believe that person also thinks [SPOILER]wrestling isn't fake.[END SPOILER] 7_7

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All of this controversy proves that gaming "journalists" are not yet ready to be taken seriously (I'm almost thankful, we couldn't really talk about corruption without this Quinn BS).
The sooner they act respectable, the sooner they will be treated respectable. A good start, would be to boycott "social justice" whiners in masses.
They are just Jack Thompson but with a neo feminist agenda.

It's like Jack Thompson gave us Zoe Qui...

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I'll only get the New 3DS if it's shell can be changed to look like the 3DS XL shell in the link below.

I don't like the fact that it's getting exclusives that can't be played on my 3DS (correct me if I'm wrong). 7_7

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Smart move. +1 Agree. +1 Bubble.

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No Blaziken or Hitmonchan, but Conkeldurr and Wailord as a joke character?

But you did list Hitmonlee, so all is forgiven. 7_7

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"Games that kids these days play are designed to offer a pleasing sense of excitement and accomplishment every 15 to 30 seconds, which is not what FFVII offers. So let's be frank here."

Correct, but you're missing one important thing.
It's not like that for any of the Final Fantasy (yes, even the 3 Lightning Fantasy) games. I don't believe that the microwave generation is the demographic for Final Fantasy, or any JRPG for that matter. 7_7

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I couldn't believe it myself. \(è-é)/

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Gamers are over? No. This ranch of gaming "journalists" who are kissing feminist @** is what's over. They know this, that's why all of this propaganda is flying around. Looks like a final act of desperation.

With their wits, they're better off pulling a chokehold on a chicken to get gamer's attention off of this issue. They should take so...

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