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"Arcade gaming = the best gaming IMO "


MK8 will help the Wii U, but I wish Nintendo would just work harder on their advertising. You basically weren't watching TV if you didn't see the "Wii like to play" adds. Why is that not the case for the Wii U? 7_7 #3
@Tross: If you're the one who gave FalloutWanderer2077 the agree, you surely see my point by now. It doesn't matter how many bubbles they have if they can't contribute to the argument, their whole point is "Tross is immature? NO YOU!", "UBI deserves jabs!" and "UBI made BS excuse!". They don't even respond to my points (same as you), so all they are hoping for is to get the last word.
I'll play along anyway.

@FalloutWa... #3.3.3
I didn't say that I don't take this seriously, it's hard not to take this SJW/Feminist spamming of blogs and articles (that have proven to be incorrect/wrong a long time ago) seriously. All I said was that "you'd be surprised how little I take seriously regarding this topic". And for d@/v\n good reason, you don't respond to my points.

"I must say, I'm flattered.;)"

Oh this part had me dying. XD
You shouldn&#... #3.3
You'd be surprised how little I take seriously regarding this topic.
This doesn't have anything to do with you not taking anything seriously, this is about you taking "jabs" at something despite being aware of a factor that makes 'you come across as not being able to handle seeing a multiplayer game without female representation in a mature way'.

The facts are in, to complain about, whine about, take "jabs" at or make fun of AC:U at... #3.2
The TreeHouse gave me much to watch in those three days and made E3 feel fresh for me, but I wouldn't go as far as to say 'Everyone Else Shat on' E3. 7_7 #2
When ever someone believes EA can't go any lower, EA makes it their personal mission to prove that they can. #7.1
If anything should be considered the "worst thing to happen to gaming", it's... https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.3
I still wished it had been Llyod Irving instead, but I'll settle for MegaMan and Yoshi's return. 7_7 #3
The situation regarding IeSF's male only events has been settled, but..
The female only events are still there. I wonder if any of the feminist who made a fuss over the male only events show that they really care about equality (whatever the f*** that means anymore) and make a movement against female only events. 7_7 #1
Pokemon TCG. Good times.
Is it wrong for me to still have all of my Pokemon cards and remember how to play to game at my age? XD #1
'My jab at Assassin's Creed was meant to be more playful than serious.'

Why take a "jab" at all? I'm sure by now you know that the multiplayer in AC:U works the same as the multiplayer in WatchDogs, rightt? You play as the main character (Arno) and so does everyone else, to take a "jab" (no matter how playful) just makes you come across as not being able to handle seeing a multiplayer game without female representation in a mature way.
'First, men are being prohibited from playing some games as well. Those being Starcraft 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The exclusionary tactics are across the board, but of course only the women's exclusion is being the focus of news online, you can even check out IGN's article on it and you'll see no mention of the fact that men can't play either of those 2 games.'

That reminds me of something I always found funny about the feminist agenda. The idea t... #1
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Yeah, you're right. I completely forgot about that. #5.1
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Project Guard needs it's own game, with multiplayer (doesn't need to be online, but I'd prefer it to be) vs. 7_7 #3
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'It is ultimately up to the people making the games to listen or not. Nobody (reasonable) is holding a gun to their heads they are letting an industry know what sort of products they want.'

I feel you are missing the point. They can seriously make the game however they want, but that's not the big picture. The SJW won't stfu until they (in some way) hurt the image/reputation of the company (see Tomodachi Life). That also has the potential to effect business ch... #3.2
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I would like to thank you.
You proved that instead of responding to my points, all you are capable of is accusing me of venting because someone hurt (that point is too stupid to even reply to) me or that I'm in clear need of a 'female character'. Please remind me how I'm the one who is taking this too seriously.

@Puppy_Farts: 'Waste your time and bubbles? I mean, did you really just say that? What a joke.'
Yes, because that ONE question... #1.5.1
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Well, looks like she pinched out another one of these crappy contradictory videos.
Here we go again. 7_7 #1
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Jesus Christ! XD
I'm (once again) going to have to elaborate my post, aren't I?
Seriously, did I really make it so hard to understand?

'way to over react'
I did not, I simply made response. Though I guess it's easy to accuse me of something your clearly guilty of, than actually respond to my points (clearly).

'I said population not the console market'
I know, and I said 'Don't say that female... #1.4.1
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You did answer, and I replied. 
It doesn't add enough to be considered "diversity, choice, and depth". And I believe you know this. Are you just trying to waste my time/bubbles?
Ah, proof. This just proves you're not paying attention to my post. 

'Having the famed Zelda female characters as playable IS new' is NOT a response to '"Strong Female Characters" have been in games for the longest time. '.  <... #1.2.2
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Thank god, someone with some d@mn sense.
'In a time of negativity, controversy and argument, I believe it’s time to remind all gamers of where our history stands. We’ve always had our leading ladies and it’s time to show them some appreciation.'

Great speech, and good list!
I think the reason people don't know about these characters is because they're mostly new-school gamers. 7_7 #1
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