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I hope to god that he isn't the only guest character for this game. 7_7

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Thank god.
Losing them over Rock Band would have been just wrong.

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“The Champions are a group of teenage Super Heroes started by three Avengers disillusioned by the behaviour of their elders and the general state of distrust by the people towards super-powered beings. Eager to show the world what it truly means to be a Super Hero, they formed their own team and soon recruited other teenagers with similar ideals to their cause. Together they are determined to change the world their own way!”

THAT'S how the "champions" are perc...

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Good stuff.
Wonder what the final name of this game will be.

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This and the New Pokemon game for Switch could have had CGI trailers and I would have been satisfied.
Still good news though. 7_7

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They better get some more servers.
This game hasn't been running smooth ever since we got the steam version. 7_7

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For this year's E3, I think Nintendo needs to justify their subscription service with lots of good games that have online functionality.
It's a low price, sure. However, they still need to justify paying for it.

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They end number 4 on their list with:
"But when the pantheon of gaming greats is built in the not too distant future, you just know it'll be Mr. Pac-Man who is favoured. That's the rampant misogyny in the game industry for you."

Really? That's the reason? Misogyny? Not because more people know about Pac-Man than Ms. Pac-Man, but misogyny? Ocarina Of Time and Metroid Prime (two games also on this list) were both played by more people and consid...

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It gets tiresome to see the same old talking points of "games with fan service are disqualified from being good games".

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End of Eternity 2/Resonance of Fate 2 and or Skies of Arcadia remaster would be nice. 7_7

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I liked the artstyle of the original better, but this still looks great.

Hopefully it's controls are the same, my 3dsXL's shoulder buttons are busted.

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Not a fan of paying ten bucks for a game mode, but whatever.
Hope one of the guest characters comes from KOF.

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@The 10th Rider: I honestly thought U. Sun & U. Moon were remakes like omega ruby and alpha sapphire. I wasn't (not to say you ever implied such) trying to spread misinformation. Just so we're clear.

I was mistaken, but given how they might (more than likely) add new features while removing some old ones, I can clearly see how I would make such a mistake. After all, the original post would still be missing the fact that ports were also in the direct if not for m...

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Yeah, those two games. Right.

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All of the direct's games were remakes? Damn. 7_7

Edit: And ports. Here's hoping something was saved for E3.

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A article about celebrating women in video games should promote women who actually contributed to gaming. Listing Zoe Quinn is NOT doing that.
EDIT: No, I'm not pretending like Amy Hennig isn't in the article.

From article: "Quinn developed Depression Quest, a progressive, thought-provoking text-based game that tackles the sensitivity of depression with finesse and understanding. However, she was accused of only garnering positive reviews because she s...

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We will continue to see sideshow freaks like Wu because anti-GamerGaters are STILL mad that GamerGate effectively aired their dirty laundry, and so you'll be hard hard pressed to find anyone who trusts them.

It may have been a pointless victory in my opinion (Because GG didn't replace them), but a victory all the same.
And that makes them @ss-mad beyond belief. 7_7

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For the most part, blacks have that already in the west. That is just (mostly) a case by case problem. Sometimes whites face longer sentencing then blacks and (as you stated) vise versa. If we nitpick like that, I can go on forever about how black women get away with/get lesser sentencing for all kinds of child abuse/neglect in comparison to black men.

And with that having been said. Let's say (for argument's sake) that you are 100% corr...

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I see you didn't even pretend to read my post. Must be too much hard work, or something.
If you are going to (like a caricature of a Youtube commenter) continue to spam statements like "you mad, bro lol" and "you upset", can you (at least) do my brain cells the service of proving it's true first?

You ramble: "Buddy we're going to keep seeing different demographics in games regardless you like it or...

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Before I start, I'd like to make it clear to anyone else that wants to enter this conversation that before replying to myself or Caelumsixsmith, to thoroughly read both sides. So no mistakes/assumptions are made.

You said: "No one is suggesting that having these characters in a game is suddenly going to change the world or make someone who's racist no longer a racist. "

My bringing up of the fact that racists won'...

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