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A article about celebrating women in video games should promote women who actually contributed to gaming. Listing Zoe Quinn is NOT doing that.
EDIT: No, I'm not pretending like Amy Hennig isn't in the article.

From article: "Quinn developed Depression Quest, a progressive, thought-provoking text-based game that tackles the sensitivity of depression with finesse and understanding. However, she was accused of only garnering positive reviews because she s...

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We will continue to see sideshow freaks like Wu because anti-GamerGaters are STILL mad that GamerGate effectively aired their dirty laundry, and so you'll be hard hard pressed to find anyone who trusts them.

It may have been a pointless victory in my opinion (Because GG didn't replace them), but a victory all the same.
And that makes them @ss-mad beyond belief. 7_7

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For the most part, blacks have that already in the west. That is just (mostly) a case by case problem. Sometimes whites face longer sentencing then blacks and (as you stated) vise versa. If we nitpick like that, I can go on forever about how black women get away with/get lesser sentencing for all kinds of child abuse/neglect in comparison to black men.

And with that having been said. Let's say (for argument's sake) that you are 100% corr...

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I see you didn't even pretend to read my post. Must be too much hard work, or something.
If you are going to (like a caricature of a Youtube commenter) continue to spam statements like "you mad, bro lol" and "you upset", can you (at least) do my brain cells the service of proving it's true first?

You ramble: "Buddy we're going to keep seeing different demographics in games regardless you like it or...

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Before I start, I'd like to make it clear to anyone else that wants to enter this conversation that before replying to myself or Caelumsixsmith, to thoroughly read both sides. So no mistakes/assumptions are made.

You said: "No one is suggesting that having these characters in a game is suddenly going to change the world or make someone who's racist no longer a racist. "

My bringing up of the fact that racists won'...

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[Part 3]
I have half a mind to ask for a citation on that regard, but I'll leave it be until something crazy is stated.

You say: "That's not to say EVERYONE is like that. There are people who are very supportive and actually help by trying to educate others, but there are those who need to learn a thing or two."

So they "need to learn a thing or two" through gaming? Again no matter how well intentioned propaganda is, i...

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[Part 2]
Hats off, that is the nicest way of saying condition the public's minds I have ever read. No matter how well intentioned, that IS the end result, no? Now this goes back to what I was saying before about gaming-
I said above: "Pandering was never a must in gaming, and these elements of therapy do not matter.The very fact that gaming's had non-criminal Black characters, out of kitchen females and AIDSless gays long before The last of Us is proof of that.&...

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[Part 1]
"You're missing the point entirely."
Have I? Well let's find out.

You start your response to me off by saying "It has nothing to do with ego, but education", and I made my case that it in fact (by your own admission even) DOES have something to do with ego/self esteem.
Now your next response to me is "No one's saying representation in games has to be JUST for one single purpose. If anything, you'r...

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I have been meaning to play Beyond Good & Evil again. Looks like this is my chance.
Time's almost up. You'd think this would get approved already. Also F#ck UPlay... 7_7

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@caelumsixsmith: Are you implying that shoehorned minorities in games will "help the majority understand that these minorities are people just like them and they deserve as much space as them"? Have you actually talked to someone who has these views, or was it one of those "progressive" conversations where ists and isms were the only talking points? Actual racists won't have their minds changed by a strong, independent, womyn-mario who don't need no man. Especially...

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........And this doesn't in anyway sound like propaganda to you? Just asking.
Okay, where do I begin?

You said: "It has nothing to do with ego, but education."
But in your next paragraph: "And also, as a gay man, seeing myself in a video game helped me cope with my own problems. It helped me realize I could find peace and be someone relevant instead of serving as "the gay best friend" to everyone around me."

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How narcissistic must one be to require representation in a hobby they're supposed to be enjoying?
Furthermore, why does it matter? Does seeing yourself (or someone like you) do great things in a game make you feel better about yourself? News flash, that doesn't "matter" in games. That only matters in [email protected] motivational videos ( ). Games shouldn't serve as ...

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Hm. I wonder what features will be removed from this sequel? That is to say if this is even being made.
Regardless if this game has just those four characters and one stage, I know the people over at 8wayrun will treat this game like it's the second coming of Christ and any thread stating otherwise will get spammed and or locked by mods.

Or maybe another 8wayrun mod will "remove" their moderator title so that they may insult anyone didn't like the...

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Still divided?
What a shame.

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"The study's conclusion reads: "One of the best predictors of aggression against girls and women is lack of empathy. The present research shows that violent-sexist video games such as GTA reduce empathy for female violence victims, at least in the short-term."

Must be why the number of females you have to kill doesn't even hold a candle to the number of males you MUST kill in order to progress in the game?
Talk about empathy. 7_7

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This monkey sh!t better not get approved if articles & videos of her detractors can't get approved because it's "not gaming related".

This money grabbing con-artist has enough undeserved attention.
@Article poster: Stop simping. 7_7

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Let us be crystal clear about this.

It does not matter if this game was a dildo buying simulator or a masterpiece of a game.
What matters is a loud handful of shrieking feminists (and the doormat simps they call "allies") have succeeded in creating an environment that makes devs scared to release their games to the west because they don't want bad PR on an already niche game.

The quality of the game was never a part of this discussion. ...

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No. What's pathetic are the people who think that just because they don't enjoy something, that it gives them the right to take that something away from those who do.
Nothing was pathetic about this, just like nothing is pathetic about a strip club. If no one there liked it, they could have just left, not shame MS and or the people enjoying themselves. It's not like MS made them watch at gunpoint. 7_7

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@N4GGUY24: You can just toss that load of shaming language in the trash because it has no effect here.

What's sad is the fact that we live in a society all too eager to tell "sad people" it's perfectly acceptable for "real girls" to leave a marriage and take those "sad" people's things just because they are bored.
It's also sad (as well as pathetic) when this society doesn't penalize one of those "real girls"...

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Yeah, it's pathetic.
They go on and on about how good "progressive" games are, but they don't support them and a game like hatred can get more support. Yet they think THEY have the right to dictate how the mainstream gamer enjoy their games?

I'm sure if all of these "female protagonist" games don't sell well, they'll blame "Gamergate culture" for not being "progressive" enough. 7_7

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