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"On nearly every forum topic you click throughout the day you will see about 15 different guys like Violator, PirateThom, TMANX1, The Corrupt, Heyheyhey, breakast, meepmoopmeep, Autofire"

I wasn't mentioned ;_;
I should post more

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I like the Unlimited ammo glitch.
I am the only person that I have ever seen use it
But its not like i am imposable to kill or anything like the under the map glitchers.
But I think they were fixed awhile ago with the update thing that included the animated clan tags because I haven't seen anyone use on since, but I could be wrong :P

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Remember, they were seeing which one was aesthetically better, not which one was technically better

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"Kaz Hirai announced that there are 17 million active accounts on the PlayStation network"

Yes, they are active accounts

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This game was confirmed for the PC and PS3 a while ago.....

Oh, and it hasn't been confirmed for the 360 yet.
IGN still lists it as only for PC and PS3, but the last time I checked was about 3 days ago, could have changed since then :P

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Blue Dragon is the both 360's best selling game, and worst selling game :S

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Linger in Shadows gets you 16 trophies in under 7 minutes

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Wow, the article states that 68 out of 250000 ps3's stop working.
That is a .03% fail rate.
Hardly anything to b!tch about

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Reminds me of the ps3 version of COD4

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Over 1 million = horrible?

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I only had, two points...

That was for the ps2

And just as I suspected, you are just trolling.
I have no idea how you are able to post in the Gamer Zone

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These devices have been around since the ps2.

Sony did not copy Microsoft

And I don't even want to get started on that whole hidden cost deal

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Now it is *almost* reasonably priced


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So let me get this straight.

A game that sells over 1 million copies is a sales disappointment?
Since when did that happen?


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OMG that was funny as SHlT!!

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1 year actually

It was announced to be released fall of 07
It is winter of 08

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*Looks at the comment above me*

*stares in disbelief*

*is he really that retarded?*


*yeah I think so*

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There is no denying that the psp lineup isn't good.
The DS has far more games to chose from.

Personally I like the psp better though because I rarely play handheld games anyways.

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Its called Football every part of the world except the US

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