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Site is already live http://www.titanfall.com/be...

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Hate it, tried on my PS4, iPhone and the PC none of Origin EA services are working.

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Doesn't matter just buy a PS3 it is so cheap.

Although if you have backward compatibility you don't need to start from scratch to build a game library for the console.

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After OnLive I am very skeptic about Gaikai or any streaming game service working properly.

Sony is not known for having good online infrastructure and we have seen their track record. This looks like a failure in the making.

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They will be up in arms if they will be able to understand the restrictions in the first place.

Microsoft needs to make a video explaining it.

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Charging for online play will enable Sony to provide much needed services like cross game chat and overall improve the PSN network.

XBL is superior to PSN and that was because Microsoft was able to charge for it and invest in it to improve it.

Features like cross game chat require Sony to run their own server for VOIP connections. Someone has to pay for them.

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PS4, because we didn't see any of these games running on Xbox One hardware during E3.

Don't think the demos are ready for X1

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Shut up and find better motorization model.

Also stop paying Hollywood actors to do voice acting.

Video gaming is one of the fastest growing entertainment field and If you are not able to make money in a growing market that is YOUR FAULT.
Grow some brains.

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They didn't even show Watchdogs, Assassin's Creed 4 and Destiny running on Xbox One hardware.

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Of Course it would be impressive if they can do it with that graphics on the 360 and PS3 too

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Guys separate your facts about DRM, Online DRM and Used games please.

Something that prevents making illegal copies of the game

Online DRM -
Something that pings an online server ever so often to check whether you are playing a legit copy of the game

If DRM cannot be cracked is perfect there is no need for Online DRM. Problem is that both Online DRM and standard DRM can be cracked so having Online DRM only hurts people w...

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I really don't.

Many franchises have been spoiled because publishers want to cash in every year.

I can wait 4 years more for another good Far Cry game then play a sub par game in a year.

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Of course not modding it gameplay wise but creating custom looking items/armor etc is not out of scope even changing the colors on stuff.

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Is this on the same engine as Skyrim? Modding potential???

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Its a hackable console so it should provide that functionality by hook or by crook.

But I would like to know that too.

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I think PS4 has the hardware to handle many current high end PC games like Planetside 2 and BF3 with 64 players which the PS3 can't that's all I care about.

PS3 has had great games despite being so under powered compared to PCs hopefully it will be the same for the PS4.

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Well If people know there are Aimbotters here Day 1 then that will influence their decision to buy the game.

Day 1/Week 1 sales for a COD title are extremely high. If his video went viral it can cause a lot of monetary damage to Activision.

For them this is just a business decision. This video could have cost them quite a lot of money in lost sales. So they dealt with it, but not in the most pretty way possible.

Anyone who thinks that big com...

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Although I think Bad Company 2 was better but it was not supported by the devs in terms of expansion as much as BF3 is. Looking at it now I think BF3 does come on top.

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Its done by some third party contractors that EA hired. They take a cut of whatever ad revenue they save for EA.

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Add me on PSN - ZitterZap (Mention it is to play Starhawk)

I am definitely getting this.

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