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Let make a show Septic! :p

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Yea but than some people that played the games early I remember saying they had access to private matches. It's good to hear it officially.

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The reason won't be titanfall, it will take a lot more software than that. But i do like all your points. Direct X 12 will greatly help with the quality of the games graphics I believe.

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Until than, I guess I'll be getting my ass kicked, although I was in the beta, so I think i have a little headstart. :p

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Well that's kind of disappointing. :(

I too enjoy getting together with my friends and getting some private matches on it's the only area i don't get my ass kicked in.

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Sonarus, that's silly "if halo doesn't work" of course it will it has a huge following with it that will always be around.

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Their different games, with different styles. I have always been a bungie follower though and have enjoy just about every halo game but ODST, and thats because the look and feel were not of a Halo game to me. Titanfall is an exciting game that I can't wait to get my hands on as well.

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That may be true compairing to the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3, but it's not for everyone. I enjoy all game genres and systems but some are not as hardcore on the gaming front.

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What!? Mario on the Wii U is fun just as most mario games are. Of course im a little bias just look at my profile picture.

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After the utter crap Star Wars version of Angry Birds was no thanks. Luckily they release free versions of their games so I can always try it out.

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I see you guys trying to make it hot in here :p and you know exactly what I mean by that.

I love NAS music, not sure how a biography about NAS will do on Xbox One since i'm sure BET did it.

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All the console makers need to bring in extra revenue from somewhere.

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They could have made it a bit more fair time wise by releasing at 9pm or something so other parts of the world don't have to wake up too early.

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Of course this would happen, in an era where accessories is what helps get back the losses in console manufacturing I'm not surprised their not compatible.

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Mech Warrior was the last greatest mech game. I wasn't a fan of the from software mech game, it seemed too serious and clan based. I like arcade style mech game type. It's a bonus that there is a FPS element which is no surprise since it's the creators of call of duty games that are the developers behind it.

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Wonderful, nice to know I will be able to play it in England. I was worried i couldn't play it with my US mates.

It's smart to have the Beta for the Xbox One to work out all the connection issues cause it seems that was the problem of past games with EA and Activision, this game does have dedicated servers which is helpful.

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Im sorry if a video game gets in the way of doing something nice for a person you love than she's not deserving of you. Sign up for the beta and play it the next day or something.

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Cinotix you're blind or you haven't played Forza 3 or 4. Forza 5 is ok for about a day but it feels so routine. Does anyone else think they could have had more tracks in different parts of the world. I feel short changed when it comes to Forza 5. Oh well hopefully PGR 5 feels the void.

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PGR is hardly a SIM racer, it's pretty arcade, I would say it's only a SIM in regards to the cars actually being licensed vehicles but in it's mechanics it's arcade.

Does anyone else agree with me that the tracks are much better and more alive in PGR than the forza games? Please don't let me be the only person to think that.

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The same composer that did the score for FF 8 no longer does the music for FF games so it's not going to be as amazing anymore. A lot of composers move onto better things and bigger projects.

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