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Yes, come on guys it's Nintendo... they are gonna make a couple of great games to remember. I have PS4 and PC too but.. still somehow I expect more fun from Nintendo. That's it.

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Wii U has been Hacked, Breath of the Wild is even in greater danger from being pirated via Cemu emulator on PC

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PC Master Race already playing Mario Kart 8 for free via Cemu 1.7

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I can play 1080p on PC Cemu Emulator 60 fps for Free (I am a Pirate)

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I was awake at 5 A.M in Europe. After the presentation I was like.. "Woahhh... those guys are really living in their own world"... Entire gaming community has been writing articles about "What went wrong with Wii U" and Nintendo response with switch presentation was "Fuck you all".

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WHAT ABOUT Red Indians (Apache, Sioux) who fought in WW1? They were the MAJOR players there..... RACIST EA!!!!

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Pachter opinion is equal in weight as of my Cat or DOG... like who is he? Nobody.

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I don't care what he has done.. I see him as a football player... everything else is non-football related. What justification? I don't care for justifications.. I don't monitor peoples private lives. He's a criminal but I don't need to carry a burden of a loosing FIFA 16 player.

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Just like doesn't have any sense... Adam Johnson exists just like Adolf Hitler existed... do we need to delete them from history? I DONT'T THINK SO.

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Same thing happened when MS closed Microsoft Gaming Zone and Age of Empire matchmaking.. it was a terrible experience for me. I really enjoyed Age of Empires back then, but Microsoft had to ruin everything.

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Now it's even easier choice between Piracy and Support... Piracy !!! Yarrr... because they are greedy.

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I mean WHO IS THIS GUY?? He's a JOKE... why is everyone posting his predictions? Many of us here have spent entire life playing video games, we know much better when something is going UP or DOWN in gaming industry...

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I've payed the game $60, I enjoy it. BUT STILL .. not enough maps, weapons and vehicles for $60... and yes DLC gives more content than BASE GAME.. that's ridiculous.

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Why join the NAVY when you can be a PIRATE.. yarr..

Respect the profession.. I am professional Pirate.

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PS4 - ps2 dvd support update xD

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Game IS GOOD! BUT... it has 29,99$ worth of content, not $60.

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I agree that game should have received 7 not 8.

If it had for example 24 maps + more vehicles then it would be 8

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Every game that you are going to play more than 120 hours is worth $60.

Games are entertainment, and $1 for 2h of entertainment is a FAIR PRICE don't you all think?

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That game is hard to beat, but it's beautiful and amazing!! This is Star Wars year, and Star Wars material sells like hot cakes.

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