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What about game rental services?

How will this affect the likes of lovefilm and Blockbuster (if they still exist)?????

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what a crap comment

how can any game involve any more or less skill?

talk about being bitter and jealous

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The platform (ie MS or Sony) doesn't control game servers, the publisher does. Activision doesn't use dedicated for the call of duty series.

And in most cases they only use servers to host playlist settings, lobby creation and the searching platform.

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Loving this "hardcore" bollox, that the "elites" spew when ever the kinect comes into any article. From what I read so far this is my conclusion of a "hardcore" (console) gamer "ooo I dont want to have to jump I want to press and button to do it for me i'm so weak and feble"

Grow a pair, embrace the future and stop wearing your moms underwear

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then not only is it the future but move looks like a sorry attempt at cashing in lol

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LOL do you own a ps3 by any chance? lol your reply is so much fail

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Actually if your a true gamer then exclusives are bad aren't they!? your forced to own 3 consoles to play 3 diff games? surely if you're a gamer that cares about content over fanboyism then you would only want to own 1 system!? and it be your preferred system and not some $$$ driven executives choice simply because they have promised to subsidise a developer the money they would get if they went multiplat.

If your a "True" gamer then you should be angry tha...

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The elite covenant from halo 2/3 is only guy I can think of that "fits"

or ... Kameo

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lol comment of the year

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a constant stream of 30fps is better than a game fluctuating between 2 numbers ie 30 - 60 as the eye and the brain see this, its almost a distraction, gives the impression of slow down.

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aren't the developers the ones that said it was perfect!?

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You're comparing a game that has been out for over a year to a game on a more powerful platform that has been in development for 5 years. And auto steer is the first knock!?

O come on try harder troll ( and btw your trolling your own article)

Regarding auto steer have you no consideration for the weekend gamer that isn't hardcore, just wants to race his/her fav car around a track, btw you can turn this off if you need to find the options drop me a pm....

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Well said!!

Killing someone for a crime is not punishment, nor is it justice it is revenge, if you want to "fix" the crime society needs to be fixed our whole world is fubar, and just because you kill the criminal does not mean he would have not committed the crime due to thinking "I wont do this as I will be hung", if you can get someone to think like that then something more humane like "I wont do this crime as it will have a negative effect on fami...

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People also don't realise that alot of homes don't have a 360 for the kinect, so as well as buying a kinect many are buying a 360, so this "but they wont sell enough for 500 blah blah blah" maybe not but the install base will be huge!

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I would look at who owns stock in Apple inc before you say MS are "ignoring them" and let me know what you find

/*cough*/ MS bought a percentage of apple shares a few years back to settle/rescue them so they would not monopolise the OS market and other legal stuff
/*end cough*/

/*new cough*/ this is why macs are now running on windows networks better than ever, mac has office and also macs now run on intel chipsets and procs
/*end 2n...

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Actually, here in the UK, I've seen probaly 4 times as many ps3+move adverts than kinect, only place i've seen kinect in outside my local Game store and that is a hand written poster jobby that attracts no attention.

The other day while watching the footy, at half time a ps3 advert came on and the footy team "was celebrating" with the crowd and in the middle was a soccer mom giving it the beans, I dropped my cup and fell off the chair.

It wa...

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...forza 4 wont be any improvement at all will it the developer wont listen to its community and improve things nor will it look at its rivals for comparison


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what would the be the point in commenting if you couldn't receive feedback

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...people disagree with facts lol

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He is right according to these charts the PS3 has similar market share to that of 360, if not better, correct that YoY sales are down yes but the number of sales was/is higher !? so have sold more


Sony fanboys are the first to discredit these stats when they favour the 360 so its going to be absolutely wonderful to watch them eat their own words now simply to glorify this hahahaha


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