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I think its nothing more then a troll

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This guy is just being anal and creating a rumor that is spun of another rumor.

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Overall I think most of the reviewers are decent people which produce a good review and look at all aspects of the game and and give a just score.

Then I feel you get these troll reviews which produce a lower score to stir up the internet community to get more hits on their horrible and cheap site to increase the amount of clicks for advertisement revenue.

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I think that's a good thing aswell but another part of me is also wants the most powerful PS4 I can get...some people also need to learn to save for things aswell. I have already started saving for my next gen console with what ever one its going to be

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4k TV's are set to be released around the end of next year and early 2014 and considering he is right there has been a demo of running a modded GT5 using 4 PS3 to run at 4K resolutions 60FPS and when using Moores law when is very accurate to todays tech still and states that the number of transistors on a board doubles ever two years we can expect the PS4 to be around 8 maybe 10 times more power so it should in theory be able to play a game at 4K without a problem

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To ItsTrue; whe'n yo.ur o-nly come/back isbased on g>amma> you (know) you have lo$t the argument£££.

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I don't care which of the next gen consoles come out first. I'm going to wait until all three are out and has been for a couple of months before making a purchase.

I got caught up in the hype of this gen and jumped on the 360 before the PS3 was released then got caught up in the RROD so got a refund then got my PS3 which I love and think I made the right choice with getting one over a 360. Now don't get me wrong I like both consoles but I'm not going to be ge...

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Its going to be a disappointing game anyway. The multiplayer side of it just plain nasty

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I hate it just because I hate Nintendo...i just want a new IP :(

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I have yet to see a gamer playing a game and being annoyed about the fps until they find out its under 30fps.

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I look at this and clearly see the same thing but just to say that the PS3 version looks that all tiny little bit better is a huge insult it seems to some people who just click the disagree button just because they have a 360

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On the grand scale of things they look the same but if we are going to be this anal about the PS3 does look a little sharper for me. but either way the best is Resident Evil 2 and that now looks alot worse then RE6

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For all those people that that feel that graphics are not everything all mainly seem to be Nintendo fans...just saying. they have only one point which is games doesn't need to have good graphics for it to be a good game. Well I agree to a certain amount then I just don't what so ever.

I love doom 3 I think its a amazing game and I love being sucked into the game. The one thing that made that game successful was the graphics. the lighting is what brought the atmospher...

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Also I would have liked to have them all but when most of the same games are on both of the main consoles I couldn't justify spending all that money on a new console just for Halo which the best is still the 1st gears of war which just repeats itself and fable which is made by a person which has a issue with lying all the time. i have better things to spend my money on like a holiday or surround sound or new tv or updating my computer or paying to get the car fixed or putting it towards a...

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After reading this article very much i could relate to it a lot. It sounds like hes even from the same area of England as me in the west country where people speak like they do in fable and also the hobbits from lord of the rings.

like him i was also waiting out for the PS3 after having all the other PlayStation's. Then friends started getting the 360 and I would have a go on it when ever they would show of their amazing new console with amazing graphics...I also then go...

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@gildarts "its not on a ps3 lol, its on a pc with similar specs to a ps3" Whats that then a dev kit!!! Think about it we all know consoles are geting on abit now so why would they show a new game on a old pc and not make a game en better for a new pc and still as nice as they can for ps3...its most likley a ps3 devkit its that simple. So it still might not look like this when the game comes out but more or less will.

They also may have cut corners to have like the p...

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Yeahbits on pc but if youbdone your research you would have seen that its on a pc that is set up with similar hardware as the ps3...a devkit in other words.

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Loved the article laughed all the way down. What i see people from Xbox live moaning about PSN the most is the plus service! "You pay £40 a year and you only rent them because once its finished you can no longer play it unless you resubscribe"

Yeah causes that's nothing like Xbox live where you pay full price for a game then have to pay for Xbox live to play the multiplayer side of it then when your subscription ends you can play it unless you resubscribe....

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People keep saying that the Wii U is powerful others say it isn't. All I know is that the tech demos are nothing special

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People no point guessing it, could be anything. What i find with these type of stories that get's us expecting game announcements is that the games are never that interesting. like a dance game or something for the kinect. Three games announced i think that could be code for showing one goodish game and two crap games with to much gimmicks just to get them abit of cash in this gen

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