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it amazes me that despite those involved in GG repeatedly shouting that the movement is not at all about promoting misogyny, yadda yadda yadda, there's dumb dumb articles like this one pinning every little thing on them just because a very small group of people, who aren't even associated with those involved with GG, thinks it's funny to harass people online.

darkride88, while i did principally agree with you on the hatred game, this BS you keep pushing has to... #14
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"Maybe if the PlayStation Experience offered a beta of Unchated 4..."

uncharted 4 was shown in its pre-alpha development stage. a beta doesn't exist yet. perhaps if you knew the difference between pre-alpha and beta, you wouldn't need to troll so hard.

"That Halo 5 Beta was fantastic. There's no problem here."

that's your opinion, and the author's opinion begged to differ. and that difference of opini... #1.8.1
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so then why single out the PS4? why not include the xbone? oh, right... because it would paint the console in a negative light, and gamingbolt won't have that happen. #10.1.1
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you mean, at most, the .15 difference in clock speed? yeah... that really needed to be "tackled."

stop approving gamingbolt. #10
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where did i say or imply that it's demon's souls 2? it's set in the demon's souls world, that doesn't mean it's a direct sequel. #1.3.1
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the funny thing about all this is that the people who are dismissing this also piped up at any opportunity they could to boast about sales of other games on the console.

frankly, though, GTA probably isn't that popular in Japan, so this doesn't surprise me one bit. And i doubt that sales of GTA on PS4 are that much better... #22
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wow... people are actually disagreeing with the exact words that came out of Phil Spencer's mouth... unbelievable.


"I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but the CPU, GPU and memory that are on Xbox One don’t change when you go to DX12."

and he means dramatic in the sense that you're not going to suddenly see any real change in graphics on the console just because of DX12 because the hardware isn't chan... #2.2.2
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sorry, but the beta being 720p @ 60fps means that there's no way it's going to be 1080p @ 60fps. also beta means it's almost finished its development period. it's six months, tops, from going gold. if this was an alpha, then yes... it would be about a year left in the development period.

if you can name one beta where it went from 720p to 1080p upon release, i will stand corrected, but my thought is that they're going to do... #2.1.11
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oh wow... now exclusives suddenly don't matter, after months, and months of "MS has more exclusives"? #14.2
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while i do generally agree with your comment, you're wrong on it being independent from demon's souls. the rather large hint that it's set in the demon's souls world was the uttering of a single word:


that alone tells you that it's associated with demon's souls. #1.1.1
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"Unlike many of the converted, though, I've never cottoned to the Dark Souls games that Bloodborne is a spiritual successor to"

bloodborne is set in the demon's souls world, so it's not a successor of any kind to dark souls. #1
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"These SJW people are quite literally just like fascists."

i don't see how not supporting a bunch of neo-nazi fascists classifies as being a SJW. there's no moral high ground when it comes to speaking out against these types of hate groups.

and it's downright shameful that people here are supporting them when there's damning evidence that shows their true colours. #3.3
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@ gangsta_red:

i have to say i whole heartedly agree with you on this.

and here's the major hole in that devs argument - if you're on the internet, and use facebook, you certainly don't have to "like" a neo-nazi facebook group in order to get your news. it's your classic, "those aren't my drugs, officer, i'm just holding them for a friend" argument. #3.1.5
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you either have very low standards, or you seriously need some glasses/need to update your prescription.

i've downloaded the beta (thanks to user n4rc for being so graciously generous by sending me a preview program invitation), and have played it for a little bit. I have a 50" plasma, and it's not the visual beast you're claiming it to be. for a MP beta it's nice, but you're upselling it a bit too much.

"But for the people who... #14.1
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How do you say a game like Driveclub is "not bad", and include it on your worst games of 2014 list?? #45
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You're mistaking a cloud-based service with BS claiming that the cloud will somehow make a console 4 times more powerful. #1.2.7
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Hate to burst your delusional bubble, but Forza did not receive a GOTY award. The GOTY editions are just MS's version of the definitive edition. There's going to be a GOTY edition of, I think, all of their launch titles.

So you can stop spamming the forum with "good job. Well done. Impressive" because the moniker is false. #1.1.3
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don't gimp games to avoid "debates and stuff." #4
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@ nick:

"If his case were false, then yea, but his case is accurate."

there's zero accuracy is his case, and it's based on his own ignorance. and there's been no actual false advertisement here.

"Also, adding "outputs doesn't change the definition of "native" ...."

so should we then sue MS because Greenberg said that all games on xbone were 1080p? #1.1.14
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"Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer outputs at a native 1080p"

the operative word here is "outputs". the game does output at 1080p.

"As for if the guy suing understands this? Idk, maybe he thinks it is 720p. That however proves the point, consumers shouldn't be expected to know these things. Hence laws against false advertising."

actually, no... consumers are expected to be in... #1.1.11
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