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"So is No Mans Sky but that still didn't stop Sony from promoting it as a console exclusive..."

... because it IS a console exclusive...........

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@darth: think about what you just said.

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people just need to learn to ignore them, really.

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a game is content...

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@krib & skull:

so sorry, but:

also the article, which... if you read.... says, "With the release of Call of Duty: WWII, which is already supporting Microsoft’s yet unreleased new console, the Xbox One X..."

Can either of you can provide the change log for this alleged patch coming up the supposedly installs Xbox One X enhancements that are ...

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There are no crushed blacks on the pro version, gangsta.

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It never does

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... in the US... they never do this kind of thing for any other region, even Canada, which is in the same region as the US...

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"... hopefully none of those crushed blacks im seeing in the retail version too."

i don't think you understand what crushed black means... none of the blacks are crushed in any of the retail footage.

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@krib crushed blacks have to do with the wrong RGB mode setting on the console. It has nothing to do with the game... nice try, though.

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I never get these - not even when they sent out codes to day 1 Pro owners even though I was (in fact, it came early).

edit: just checked, no code. typical.

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Press X to Pay Respect

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interesting... I did not realize that the Xbox One S is the same as the PS4/PS4Pro, since... you know... they're saying it looks a generation ahead compared to the Xbox One S.

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It's impressive that they crammed in 4-6 times more power into virtually the same amount of space as the S model.

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I don't even hear my Xbox One S's fans.

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"... It is because Sony is anti-consumer and wants a tightly locked platform..."

... which is why they openly allow cross play between PS4/PC... ?

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"you tell DJ that he doesn’t know there are no demands, yet you are claiming Ms needs to drop their demands..."

If Sony was so against cross play, they wouldn't allow it between PS4/PC, either. People seem to forget that they already allow cross play, and have allowed it for years. Why would they only say no to MS if there wasn't something MS was asking for?

"... Have you been sitting in the meetings on sony’s side to know there ...

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There is still PSX...

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Maybe I'll actually play it this time... I started the remaster on PS3, but didn't do much past the first boss.

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