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i'm terrible at parrying, so it's never an effective tactic for me - can never get the timing down. so i think i just dodged his attacks the whole time. #8.1.2
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logarius was a major pain for me... he just kept spamming his ridiculous magic attacks with his back against the wall most of the time. #8.1
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this boss has nothing on any of the bosses you have to fight in the defiled chalice dungeon... not that those bosses are new or anything, you just have to deal with half of your health being taken away when you're in that chalice dungeon, so bosses will one-shot you even they catch the tip of your toe. #9
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i wish they kept something like that for BB, too. i was expecting it, honestly.

they did have something similar in the first dark souls, and an element of it in DS2, though. #1.4.1
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i think i would like a bubble!

and good luck! #36
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that's why there was a petition started to get it to PC, right? because they don't care?

https://www.change.org/p/fr... #1.1.9
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cloud computing, and streaming are two completely different things, ballseye. in fact, you can't' even lump them into the same category.

so to complain about hypocrisy here is inaccurate, wrong, and just plain silly. #1.8.2
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"Well documented? By people here on N4G?"

no, documented by the sheer fact that they (i.e. vgchartz) themselves post numbers that are consistently higher for xbone, and consistently lower for PS4 when compared to the actual sales figures. #1.1.11
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i never see delays as a bad thing, honestly. to me, it just means they're taking that little extra bit of time to make the game as close to perfect as they can get.

frankly, i'd prefer devs be allowed to take as much time as they feel they need rather than release a broken, unfinished product.

the people at remedy are pretty amazing (alan wake was one of my favourites last gen), so i think that the delay will just make t... #1.1.34
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i got them beat in one go, but i don't agree that they were the easiest. they "upgraded" on me at some point during the fight, which gave them ridiculously long range attacks that managed to hit me almost every time. #5.1.1
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i'm pretty much at the last boss right now. the only three who have given me any trouble were Rom. i spent over two hours because of those stupid spiders, and even when i beat the boss, a spider killed me right after - my trophy screenshot (because with FW 2.50 you can set it to screen capture when you get a trophy) shows me getting the trophy with "YOU DIED" appearing on screen.

the second boss i had trouble with was martyr logarius. that guy was a complete j... #6
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it doesn't take that long to platinum BB - i have almost all of the trophies (only missing two item-based trophies, and the ending trophies), and it just came out last week. i'm still on my first run of the game. in fact, if you're smart about it (i.e. have a saved game back-up on USB right before the final boss), it could only take you 1 playthrough of the game... possibly 2. #3.2
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200 hours is a lot of time, but no one is saying that it has to be accomplished in two weeks or anything. you can stretch that 200 hours over any amount of days/week/months. #19.3
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it's helped me out once or twice in the past, both times at critical moments during a boss fight, too. #10.1
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6 years, actually. :) #8.1
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um... that's been around since demon's souls. #4
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i don't know what souls games you've played before, but it sounds like you've only played dark souls. demon's souls had the exact same layout as bloodborne - a hub world where you would select which area to enter - it's not the same as dark souls where it was all one map. demon's souls also was more "linear" (in the loosest sense of the word), too because not every world was open to you right away, and you had to progress so far in order for other things to... #8.5
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you will go to any length you can in order to downplay a PS exclusive, won't you... perhaps no one cares because the dips never occur when it's important: during a boss fight or during any regular combat.

for the record, IGN deducted points for the loading screen, and frame rate dips - IGN did not do the same when it came to AC: Unity. and since when were high-scoring reviews biased? or are the only unbiased reviews of PS exclusives 2-5/10? #1.2
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There is no "correct" way to beat a boss in this game (or any souls game, really), and turtling behind some gravestones the whole time is a cheap approach to beating him. You can also beat him if you get aggressive, stay in his face, and... You know... Dodge his attacks. #1.1.3
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demon's souls is not on PC, douglord... bloodborne will never be on PC, either.

and because sony owns the IP, and funded the development, neither will the order. there's, to my knowledge, not a single game that opens with "sony computer entertainment presents" that has ever gone to PC. #6.4
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