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The legislation, unless it has changed, only applies to cellphones. You can't jailbreak a console, legally, as far as I know.

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"Convenience maybe, or like Unholy One said maybe that person doesn't have a PC that can run these games and having it on PS4 is a possible solution to this."

That's a fair enough answer.

"So you don't see how questioning the usefulness of something is trolling and yet you feel someone asking what they think of game is right?"

The difference, gangsta, is I'm just asking a question, I'm not attacki...

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They've enabled remote play for PC/MAC...

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... And playing the games on equivalent HW accomplishes what, exactly? I don't see how questioning the usefulness of running steam on console constitutes trolling.

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Why? What benefit is it to play steam games on console when they run exponentially better on PC?

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you've already passed judgment several times.
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"Maybe next time I should try "hoping a game turns out bad" and see if I can get better results."

well, you'd actually be saying something honest, for once.

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Actually, maniac, it speaks more to his character that he feels he has to edit his comments - especially ones that are over a month old - to hide what he's actually said.

And, no... I don't take any photos.

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saying sony is stabbing current PS4 owners in the back with the Neo is saying that sony is doing figurative harm to those people because they might feel deceived/cheated/wronged. master wasn't confusing anything.


He has a tendency to edit his comments after the fact, often to cover up his hypocrisy. Why else would he edit (in an honestly sad display of cowardice) a 34-day old comment about 40 hours ago? I...

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Again, Rookie, the full quote doesn't change the context of your comment - which was saying Sony is stabbing people who already own a PS4 in the back if they release the Neo. And you literally edited in the last sentence *after* you got swamped with disagrees.

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If by "both platforms" you mean "PC, and Xbox", then yes... You really love both platforms. PlayStation, though? You've not actually shown that you actually like that platform other than mentioning something "nice" every so often out of sheer tokenism.

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Rookie, we all know that you make those comments just so you can do exactly what you just did. Where were you when all of the articles celebrating uncharted 4 were around? Why is it that you only seemed to have any opinion when the negative articles popped up? Why is it that your only "positive" comments are generic, inane "day one!" comments? Can't you write more than two words together whenever you speak positively about anything related to Sony/PS4? You never have ...

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"... These kind of people far outnumber the more sensible bunch on this site like Septic, gangsta_red, Christocolus, Rookie_Monster, moldybread, maniacmayhem, FlexLuger, PistolsAtDawn, Death, Crimzon, 313_Guilty_Spark, and a few others. These people all have one thing in common, but you know what that is"

Yes, we all know exactly the thing those people (including yourself) have in common...

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not hacked, this is through the dev kit mode (which is an official, authorized thing people are able to do with the console).

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good article!

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yeah, no... no one cares about marketing deals. nice try, though.

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Yeah, I think 3rd party support is one of the biggest keys to NX's success.

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"The use of successor, while still correct given that Uncharted 4 did succeed The Last of Us in Naughty Dog's library of games..."

no. to call it a successor, the game has to be a part of the *same* series...

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@magician RE: "crushed blacks"

that's your TV settings/console RGB mode setting, not the game. Set your RGB mode to limited, and turn off any of the black enhancement filters on your TV (those should never be utilized to begin with - no one who knows anything about colour calibration has them enabled).

nice try, though.

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