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"Was Xbox One Doomed to Fail Right From the Start?"

no. and it hasn't been a "failure."

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uh... because you can still benefit from increased performance?

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"Gears 4 is this year's GOTY, despite the fact that it is still relatively early in the year..."

uh... we're mid-way through October... so it's more like relatively late in the year...

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I can't wait to get mine in November - the cruddy thing is I'll be away on vacation when it arrives D:

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well, i think of it more along the lines of just imagine what they can do with their staple franchises with that much extra power - the thought of what they'd be able to do with a machine that's as powerful as the Pro/Scorpio can be mind boggling to me.

also, what if you only buy nintendo consoles, but still want to play those other 3rd party games?

for me to be able to justify putting money down on this... whatever it is... it would have to be ...

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Half-Life 3 confirmed!

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not exactly. you can play through the entire game, and get 100% of the game's progression without buying into MTs. MTs only impact the game if they're forced, and required in order to obtain 100% game completion.

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how is this different than any other time they've sold the subscription less than the retail price, before the price increase?

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MTs don't impact any game. Just ignore them.

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they can probably achieve that, but it'll take more than 5 years for sure.

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"Canada is in America...."

not it's not. it's in North America, not America. America is the country, North America is the continent.

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no other sales article in the history of N4G?

wasn't there an article saying this three weeks ago, that also said it was "next week"?

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... and there have been a bunch that haven't said anything about feeling ill. it's clearly specific to the individual, not the game.

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the only way i'd get a SSD is if it didn't cost as much as a PS4 Pro to get 2TBs of capacity. until that time, I'm just going to stick with the 5400rpm drive since in the amount of research that I'd done back before I was going to swap out the HDD in my PS3, there's very little - if any at all - difference in performance between a 5400rpm drive, and 7200rpm drive in a console. Obviously there's a noticeable difference between 5400rpm, and SSD, but I'm also not go...

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"Scorpio will have most games native and some upscaled."

the chances of this being correct is high, but there's no way to really definitively say this until the console's been released.

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"... polygon's demo graphics comparison"

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it comes with all of the DLC, if I am not mistaken. if it was just the base game, i'd agree. i'm also not talking about the price, i'm just talking about the game. it's a good game.

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2017 / 3 = 672.3 repeating

Half-Life 3 confirmed!

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