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Well, obviously, since all of the current games will be playable on Scorpio - the launch line-up is pretty much all of the available games.

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My launch PS4 was one of the defective units. All I had to do was call Sony, and they sent a coffin, and sent me a ew one when they received the faulty console.

It's not a huge deal, and this person will be able to just get it replaced with no problem or money it if his own pocket.

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uh... what? thankfully none of that made it into the game... that we know of...

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I think this is actually a really good idea, and I might just subscribe to the service. I might have missed it, but what's the length of time you have to finish a game if you don't outright purchase?

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There are similarities, but it's not the same thing.

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except in this case, I think they are actually doing it better. I've always said that PSNow should have followed more of a Netflix model - low monthly fee, unlimited access - and this offering from MS seems to be like that. and downloading the title versus streaming is also a better option, I think.

edit: and yes, I get that there are options on PSNow for 1 month or 3 month blocks, but it's not the same thing...

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This is pretty much what PSNow should have been.

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This is EU, though.

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there is nothing immoral about same-sex relationships.

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as much as I hate using wikipedia, here you go:


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it's an interesting game. on my second run through - there's a lot involved with getting the platinum, and I think it'll take near 6 runs to get everything...

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there are. are you expecting animals to be able to tell you they're gay/lesbian or something?

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black flag was actually good. unity was bad, and syndicate was a great return to the game's roots by cutting out all MP, and keeping it pretty simple.

edit: and now that they've dropped the annual release cycle, I expect the quality of these games to go up a bit.

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I cannot say enough how much I loved Resistance 3. I did not play the first one, but I enjoyed 3 better than 2. I think I just preferred the darker, more dystopian atmosphere.

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also, it's clearly cobwebs, not a fog gate...

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Why in the world would the series suddenly turn into a souls game? Think about that for a second... think about how utterly ridiculous you sound.

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The thing most people don't seem to undersyand is that sticker gives them an indication as to whether the issue was caused by sheer HW failure or the fault of someone tinkering when they shouldn't have.

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And really, while it's under warranty, there'd be no need to even try to repair anything yourself, just contact the manufacturer, and have it fixed.

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I think I misread that hahaha - it would make sense if Apple was lobbying against the right to repair your HW...

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