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"There's been way to many leaks, the console obviously been in the works for some time."

not really, there hasn't been too much about the neo, and even then, the information that's out there could be obselete. and i'm also sure MS has been working on scorpio for some time, too. sony could have easily changed their plans based on the information about scorpio that was shown at E3, and decided to push back the release of neo until next year to allo...

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Ok... so... you're putting out a machine that'll be on par with what Sony/MS has on the market, then? because your mistake was launching the Wii instead of the Wii U at the beginning of last gen.

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1. Z
2. I
3. L
4. C
5. H

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no sex mini game? D:

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yeah.... no. I don't think anyone here is sitting in front of their computer screens saying, "you know... you're right... I *should* have to spend more for video games."

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yeah, black flag was good, unity was just kind of okay for me (hated the online/social media integration with the SP campaign, and too heavy of a reliance on peripheral apps/side quests), and syndicate was very good IMO.

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so much impatience...

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"This is a legit question and about Sony not MS."

what is the purpose of singling out Sony when MS will have the exact same console options? where's the article asking the same, ridiculous question about Xbox One S/Scorpio?


all three of those articles you've linked are total BS (total BS in that they're all just as ridiculous as the article attached to this comment section). it was stupid to present the...

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No one likes to see prices go up - hell, the price is going up $20 in Canada even though it's been listed at the exact same US price from the very beginning, which I'm not too happy about - but to call it "arrogant" or "hubris" is just silly. That's just how retail works, unfortunately, and one price increase in 6 years isn't *that* bad (and yes, I'm aware that the price has increased in other regions already). My only hope is that they actually do so...

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"Correction I also stated a fact based on the game I played..."

correction - you're stating an opinion based on the game you played.

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"I just did say that with 100% certainty!"

... except given the sheer size of the world you're given to explore, you can't.

"... no one has seen anything that Sean Murray demo'd to the media."



"Are you really trying to say that out of 18 quintillian planets..."

what i'm saying is: absence of evidence is not evidence of abs...

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"Nothing from the E3 demos are in the game..."

you cannot say that with 100% certainty. again, there are 18 quintillion planets, and an infinite number of galaxies - all of which are procedurally generated. there's no way to say that "nothing from the E3 demos are in the game"...

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to be fair, they do have a physical button on the newer non-slim PS4s, too. but i know what you mean - i had turned on my PS4 a bunch of times while cleaning it as well.

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"Aenea said it better than i ever could, listen to him."

her, actually.

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if the price happens to be $299 USD, it's guaranteed to be $399 in Canada.

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This is not official until Sony has actually announced the price. It seems like a placeholder to me as all of the other rumours have pointed to the price being somewhere in the $249-$299 range. there's no way the price would be back up to the original retail price of the console. at worst, it'll be the same price as the current retail price of a PS4, and then the'll drop the price of the OG PS4.

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again, that's not how it works. we pay $80 for a game, not $60. $20 is more than $2.50.

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i've only known the price to be $59.99.

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"The only GOOD thing in this particular situation is that Canada does not consider digital distribution taxable..."

tell that to MS because all purchases (including XBLG subs) I've made on my Xbox One have been digital, and all have had the applicable taxes applied. No taxes have ever been applied on any purchase I've made in the PSN store, though (it's one of the main reasons I stopped buying physical, frankly).

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