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thank you. +bub for helpful.

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is there anywhere to actually watch the presentation (with english subtitles/voiceover, obviously)???

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uh... it does have that.

my wireless headset is bluetooth, and it works just fine.

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the only info is "sometime" in september.

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hopefully it's early september, and not late september...

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too late to edit, but please, by all means, post a link from anywhere that 100% confirms that MS is co-developing this game. that goes out to anyone, really. post a link proving MS is co-developing TR.

because they most certainly are *not* co-developing this game. you people keep thinking that paying for timed exclusivity = helping with the development. the reality is that that's not even close to being the case. the money is going towards marketing, and covering th...

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"Exclusive to Microsoft meaning Xbox and later PC"

no. they never said it was purely exclusive to MS.

it's exclusive to xbox for holiday 2015, then later on PS4/PC.

"By the way Titanfall was timed as well. Why don't we see TF on PS4? Timed doesn't necessarily mean coming to PS4."

you've got your information all wrong. it *was* timed, but then MS threw a truckload of money at EA to make it...

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"When that "one thing is gameplay..."

... of a 10 minute demo, it's not important at all.

i don't know how many times i've played a crappy demo to a game that ended up being amazing.

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they tend to always make the demo easier (usually noticeable in the health/magic bars).

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"It's funny how PS4 fanboys are so sure the *duration* means a mass platform release(timed exclusive)."

it because *that's what the meaning of "the deal has a duration" is*...

"MSFT is co-publishing ROTTR and funding the development of the game."

*NO* MS is *NOT* co-publishing RotTR... SE is the *ONLY* publisher of the game. the money MS threw at SE was to cover the cost of lost sales from the other plat...

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i now have both, so i have the best of both worlds.

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still using that old, tired, debunked excuse, eh? the 13 regions xbone is selling are MS's strongest markets, and when you just compare the 13 countries where both systems are available, PS4 is still outselling xbone *everywhere*.

so your 100 vs. 13 argument is 100% invalid.

what's your excuse going to be when xbone starts selling in more regions?

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"Sony assumes that many are first time PS owners, however in reality most people simply created new accounts as they didn't have PS+ on PS3. "

in who's reality, exactly? i hate to break it to you, buddy, but you do not have to create an entirely new account just to get PS+ on PS4. what you just said was simply one the worst attempts at goal post moving i've seen in a while.

what would the point be when you...

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it wasn't a hack....

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no, it hasn't lost any of its value.

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"In my experience the X1 is better at color reproduction."

except it doesn't. both systems have equal colour reproduction. it's all in the video output settings, and your TV's calibration. my TV has been colour calibrated with a colorometer, and i have both systems set with the same video output settings, so there's no difference in the colour at all between my xbone and PS4.

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"The Xbox Wins Again"

not even close. PS4 being closer to PC wins, so sorry.

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if you're going to do a comparison, at least have the same output settings across the board. it's clear that the PS4/PC version look close to the same (at least in terms of lighting), and the xbone version is considerably "brighter" - likely due to the fact that it looks like they've set the console to limited RGB mode (while PC/PS4 is full RGB).

so... poor comparison is poor.

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enough, already. you being wrong (and being banned for spreading misinformation) everywhere else doesn't magically make you right here.

"No one can tell me why they need a 5.1tf GPU to get FM5 running 1080p @60FPS. (i know why)."

no, you don't know why because your misterx "insider" information is incorrect. they don't need a titan black GPU to run forza 5 nor does the xbone have that kind of GP...

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