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and since MS funded their website, it's going to be an automatic 10/10, too...

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... because there's no weapon sway in any other video game ever made /s


lolygon is a joke. only adding .5 to their original review score? why bother.

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looks to me like you're off-topic, trolling like you usually do.

this article has nothing to do with destiny on xbone.

can anyone find the current pre-order numbers for TLOU: R? wasn't it something like 7 million or was that the PS3 sales numbers?


@eonjay - that's what i thought... so what are/were the remastered pre-order numbers?

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more like this:

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this is really not helping me resist buying this game again...

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1. they said they're funding the game:

"We’re not asking you to fund this. We’re not starting a kickstarter and begging you for money – we’re funding it."

2. they also said that the people working on Rust are still working on Rust:

"Thirdly – the people who work on Rust are working on Rust. They’re not working on prototypes. That should be very obvious by the dev-blogs we post every friday."

so really....

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it's not that uncommon for a studio to use revenue generated from one game to fund another game.

and really, what difference does it make where the money goes? if it's being used to fund another project, and not someone's coke habit, then who cares.

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... and the problem with a studio working on more than one game at a time is... ?

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... except it's not a reboot...

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red dead remake, maybe not. i would kill for a red dead sequel on current gen consoles, though.

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i would prefer to see a completely different story line for the sequel.

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forced MP?

no thank you.

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all you've needed to do was go to twitch, and watch people - who somehow got the game early - play.

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"Not seeing a huge difference"

then take off your xbox-coloured glasses for a second. i'm willing to bet that if TLOU happened to originally be a PS1 title, you'd still say you're not seeing a huge difference.

this game looks gorgeous on PS4, and it's unfortunate that you're letting your stubborn allegiance to MS get in the way of enjoying one of the best games to ever come to console.

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i don't think anything from the beta would transfer over to the retail game, so there's no sense in having it take up HDD space.

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i only got to try this beta out for 1 hour :(

oh well.

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1. that's not a serious question... everyone here knows you're just concern trolling.

2. there's been plenty of gameplay footage on twitch (somehow people have been able to acquire this game early), and believe it or not, there's this little thing called the "share" button on the PS4 controller that allows you to capture screenshots from the game you're currently playing. there's been a *lot* of screenshots shown o...

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"Sony's yoshida can't even understand why people prefer big budget games when compared to indies"

He did not say that. He said he didn't get why people *only* want AAA.

Get your facts straight before trolling.

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There's no reason to be promoting this garbage here. Hacking doesn't benefit anyone, and should never receive any attention. All this will result in is further restrictions later on down the line.

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sam raimi is making this movie?

dis gon be gud.

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