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What's actually amazing is the fact that you think that PS fans are solely responsible for the policy changes (changes that were for the better of the industry/consumers)... Because no one who owned an X360 would have *ever* been upset with the original policies or were never interested in kinect at all...

You must really love the taste of your own feet because you're perpetually putting them into your mouth. And is mindshare the new buzzword over at the delusioblog? #1.2.8
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Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! #5
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"It's the most impressive and technologically advanced racer to ever grace a console"

*in your opinion* ... opinion is not fact.

"What is with people on this site needing to slam a piece of plastic like their toy is better than other toys? Tracking and trolling news/plastic that doesn't affect their real lives?"


think about what you just said right there next time you decide to poke your hea... #3.1.2
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4.60 has to be more than a simple stability update - the .10 updates usually have some kind of minor feature added. the .01 updates are usually stability/bug fixing updates.

edit: and i was right - 4.60 adds closed captioning for blu-ray/DVD playback #6.1
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"I still never understood why people think Sony wasn't planning the same DRM practice."

because they weren't.

and patents almost never see the light of day. sony filed an identical patent prior to the PS3 launch, so your "proof" is moot. #1.2.27
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valiant hearts purchased for sure. and i'm curious about the other PSN titles... #2
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there's no chance that beta testers are actually being charged. and there's not even a shred of evidence to support that claim from the author.

edit: people are disagreeing with you because you're assuming that people are being charged (when they're likely not) based on an article that has clearly not done any research nor has it presented any evidence to prove that people are being charged. #1.2.1
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zenimax is bethesda. #4.1.1
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@ MPoG:

cut the hypocrisy.

you and all of the other faithful around here were touting DX12 as the second coming of christ. now that phil's completely put that nonsense to bed, you're suddenly humble about what DX12 is going to do for xbone, and even blaming PS fans for over-hyping DX!2 - despite the fact that people had been *telling* you all for weeks that DX12 wasn't going to have as much of an impact for xbone as it will for PC?
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riiiiiiiiight, bugthesda... "no issues"... *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* #4
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i'm buying it, so he's right.

it was the one thing i was waiting for since they announced that kinect was no longer required to be connected. #9
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i hope i get an invite. was part of the LBP beta... #2
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i don't understand how there would have been any doubt that sony would ever issue a refund on the difference...

and i wonder if those usual suspects are sick of crow because they're consistently jumping on negative sony news like mouth-foaming, rabid dogs, only to have sony rectify the situation within 24 hours, rendering their vitriolic nonsense moot.

edit: just tweeted asking about canadian PS4 owners... shu's response: "I feel for you :(&q... #1.11
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@ doomedx:

that's been confirmed as fake. nice try, though. #1.3.7
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i imagine this was the reaction of the usual suspects on this site when they found out their negative sony news was no longer an issue:

seriously... did people honestly think that sony wouldn't refund people the difference? #40
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Didn't you complain not that long ago about people going into xbone articles, and downplaying games? Yet, here you are.... In an article about a game that is likely going to only be on PC/PS4... Downplaying it because it's probably not coming out for xbone.

I'm pretty sure that if it happens to be confirmed for xbone, we won't hear the end how awesome the game is from you.

Stop being a hypocrite, it makes you look re... #1.6.6
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@ illusive:

as it's been explained several times - the game is native 1080p. #10.3
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@ mystogan:

... and keep your insecure homophobia out of the forums. #1.1.4
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because.... i don't know... that's not how he was designed?

this article gets a "story quality? WTF? like this website? no" from me just based on its sheer stupidity of applying political correctness on a video game character that's been around for nearly 30 years. #26
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not USA. #41.1
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