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it comes with all of the DLC, if I am not mistaken. if it was just the base game, i'd agree. i'm also not talking about the price, i'm just talking about the game. it's a good game.

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2017 / 3 = 672.3 repeating

Half-Life 3 confirmed!

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Anyone who liked the last one should play RotTR - it's a pretty solid game.

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Have I lost my mind or did they announce the thing (or at least acknowledge that it exists) 2 years ago?

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"As Andrew House explained, data has shown that console gamers tend to move into the greener pastures of PC gaming halfway through the lifecycle of their preferred console. A system tends to peak three to four years into its life, and this is usually when some console gamers decide to get into PC gaming. Since this is the case, Sony believes releasing a mid-gen upgrade will keep people on PS4 and off of PC."

Sony isn't saying they're trying to compete with...

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we need to know what the heck this thing is first.

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yes! can't wait to play this game.

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there are still improvements that you can take advantage of even if you don't have a 4K TV.

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I'm weak. I already had the Pro pre-ordered as soon as it became available... D:

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"... The only feedback Sony allows are positive ones which defeat the entire point of a rating system."

well, no. you can rate something 1 star if you want.

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I liked QB, so I'd be into a sequel. Maybe it's DLC?

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it is not out of the realm of possibility that the battery could have been improved, even if it's the same capacity. it is also not out of the realm of possibility that there could have been adjustments made to the controller's energy draw. there's no "magic hat" being suggested here, just the possibility of basic improvements in hardware manufacturing/product development.

they made improvements to the amount of energy...

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I might have to pick one up for myself soon.

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It uses the same capacity of battery, however it might potentially be a newer version the battery that's more efficient/holds a better charge. They may have also made adjustments to the amount of power drawn from each function.

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very cool.

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my guess is it'll be $499 USD.

edit: I would be shocked, and pleasantly amazed if it's less than that (especially since it's typically been $100 more in Canada).

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that's so metal.

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"So even if that were true, how does that make Sony the bad guy? In that same quote I even said "it's just business", so again, how is that making Sony out to be some sort of villain?"

because you're insinuating that Sony lied about there being development issues by taking Tequilla's word as 100%, absolute truth, and therefore the trouble was 100% Sony's fault. saying "it's business" doesn't suddenly negate the tone of ...

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"I never said sony was the bad guy and for whatever reason the outcome is just business. But for some reason some of you want to take it as me trying to make Sony the villain here."

your entire argument is based on your belief that Tequilla is 100% telling the truth, therefore Sony must have been lying about there being development issues just because Tequilla said that there were none.

"'and i'm sure that condition is clearly outli...

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"It's well known that Sony likes to keep the rights on most games that other studios are making an exclusive for..."

... because they're exclusive games, and owning the rights would insure that they stay exclusive. Tequilla also signed a contract, and i'm sure that condition is clearly outlined within that contract. if they wanted to keep the rights, they shouldn't have signed the dotted line to begin with.

"So you can&#...

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