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No, no, and no.

Edit: and how am *I* lying, exactly? Xbox fans do bash indies, and it did only start after devs showed their support for PS4. And indies have had strong support on playstation consoles for a while. Those are facts, your "we don't bash indies" and "ps fans only liked indies after a PR campaign" is a flat out lie.

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"No one is bashing the indie scene, we are bashing the complete new found focus you all seem to have magically gotten when the PS4 released."

That's a blatant lie. I've seen countless "indies aren't games" comments from Xbox fans (not including the constant downplaying of indie titles by calling them "cell phone" games), and it only started as soon as it was clear that indie devs supported PS4 more than xbone.

And ...

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what rock were you hiding under when they've stated on more than one occasion that the TR deal with MS "has a duration"?

that means timed. it can't mean anything else.

"Is there a time limit on the exclusivity period?

'Yes, the deal has a duration. I didn't buy it. I don't own the franchise.'"

that's from Phil Spencer himself.

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i enjoyed LotF, but it was definitely *not* better than dark souls 2.

whatever the author is smoking, someone please take it away from him as it completely numbs this person's common sense.

edit: oh, it's because he thinks dark souls is too hard... what a failure.

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i am so sad that i missed out on that game.

i had not purchased my X360 by the time they shut it down, but i had watched buddies of mine play.

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leave it to biased "journalists" to whine about sony extending people's PS+ subscriptions by the duration of the outage, and offer an extra 10% off any game they choose...

another two-click article for me:

story quality? WTF?
like this website? no.

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i know Mm didn't make the game.

the title says, "LittleBIGPlanet 3 dev", which is Sumo... where did i even mention Mm?

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"who would be dumb enough or that desperate to do that just to get a peek at a nipple"

this is gamers we're talking about, here...

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i agree with you, but it's $50, not $60.

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they should fix LBP3 before they start thinking about that because that game is still really, really broken even after 2 patches.

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it's unacceptable that it's going into 2015 operational?

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i don't see how returning it to its full retail price is a "big mistake." it was the holidays, things go on sale during that time. it is no longer the holidays.

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yes, *a* mace is a weapon.

mace is a chemical spray, similar to pepper spray.

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"It's always been on Playstation systems, so I'm not sure what the big deal is..."

the explanation is to indicate that it's on PS4 *only*, and not any of the other PS systems. you're trying to stir the pot by implying that the author is saying that the explanation is about why it's not on xbox.

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wow, what a lunatic.

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no, not *a* mace. mace. two completely different things.

and i'm hoping you're just being sarcastic... :)

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"This is why these pics get big resolutions. So that when they are printed, they actually look mor accurate."

this isn't really true. from a purely print perspective, there are two different types of standardized output resolutions. for screen/web, images generally have a resolution of 72 ppi/dpi (pixels/dots per inch - pixels is on screen, dots is on paper), and for print all images should have a final output resolution of 300 ppi/dpi (it can be higher, but i...

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"These Screen are mean't to be in 1440p and are just used for promotional purposes clearly.

So before anyone wants to claim MS lying and what not."

well, everyone here has enough common sense to know that, but i can think of at least one place on the internet where they'd take those screenshots as an indication of the game's resolution...

my only real comment is that i wish that there were some...

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the first reboot was really good (the single player campaign, at least - MP was more or less just tacked on). i personally enjoyed every second.

i expect the next one to be just as good, if not better.

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