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until dawn is (and i emphasize) *rumoured* to be out this summer. so possibly in the next few months.

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well... the first one was technically called red dead revolver... so red dead redemption 2 would be correct.

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GOW3 is arguably the best one in the series, actually. i think that the general consensus is that ascension was the weakest one in the series. in my opinon, GOW3 had one of the most memorable boss fights of all last generation with this:

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frankly that's the sacrifice you have to make when you purchase digital... want to trade the game? buy the physical copy. that's it.

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oh for the love of christ........ stop. enough, already. it's just a game, get over it.

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i wouldn't say it was garbage... i enjoyed the game for what it was, and it did satisfy a bit of the souls itch in between DS2/bloodborne, but it did have some serious flaws.

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unfortunately, publishers like to use the term "GOTY edition" to simply mean that all of the DLC is included...

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you cited online passes... which wasn't mentioned in the comment... as an example of sony being anti-consumer... despite the fact that sony wasn't the only one (or even the first) to implement the practice. only EA access was mentioned in that comment, so why not mention EA as well since they also utilized online passes for their games?

it's an article postulating on the idea that publishers (EA, activision, ubisoft, etc...) could potentially implement a no resa...

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"Who cares who did it first, that is not what is being discussed here."

you're discussing online passes, and you've conveniently only mentioned sony in some lousy attempt at painting them as a villain.

EA is a games publisher, they were the first to implement the practice, so they are relevant to the discussion. if you're going to discuss online passes, you should be including them as well.

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first of all, EA was the first to implement online passes.

secondly, sony did away with the online passes long before the PS4 came out, so you can't use it as an excuse as to why they required PS+ for MP.

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sony filed an identical patent before the PS3 launch, too:

and we couldn't play used games on the PS3, right? oh, wait...

a patent =/= they had plans to implement DRM.

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haven't they been saying this for pretty much the last 5 years?

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that's still a great deal even if you buy the controller separately.

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"And now after Bloodborne Sony doesn't have anything else to release..."

until dawn is supposed to release this summer....

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i want less side stuff, more story campaign.

edit: and less reliance on social media apps.

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the cost is due to government taxes, etc... sony didn't decide to sell the PS4 at $600 in Brazil.

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I just want to see a game that doesn't crash more often the further you get into the game.

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Fallout is not ubisoft.

Neither is doom or dishonored.

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So... Just another assassin's creed, then?

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