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if they allowed the removal of this filter for gameplay, i'd play through it again just to see what it'd look like. #11
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i really wish these people would do something a little more constructive with their time instead of ruining people's experience with their gaming system. #47
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my god... some of those images just look like they're photographs. #5
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actually, it had messenger hat DLC. #3.2
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defiled chalice dungeon is the worst. i had never gotten that frustrated with the souls series as much as i did going through that nonsense. i spent over two hours on the watchdog in that dungeon because every single time he killed me, it was because of a surprise lunge attack out of nowhere. and the handful of times i did actually dodge that attack, a flame happened to touch the tip of my nose killing me in one shot. #4.1
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it's possible to defeat a handful of bosses this way.

i just did it to father G last night in my NG+ run. 3 visceral attacks is all it took to kill him (especially if you have some runes that increase your visceral attack power). #5
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no, i got your point.

and nowhere did i even insinuate that every game should get remastered, so i'm not sure how you're coming to that erroneous conclusion. saying people would probably prefer to play this series in its remastered form rather than the PSNow version (especially if they did not own a PS3 last gen) if they had the choice is in no way stating that all games should get remastered. #4.1.5
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it's really easy when you have other things you need to do. #5
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i would really like to see a return to a more historical setting. #6
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i'd be curious to know what issues people have been having as well since i've not encountered anything, personally. #2.2.1
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there's also the reality of people not having played the series last gen because they didn't own a PS3, and if a "remaster" comes out for PS4, why would you play the last-gen version?

if you had the choice to play these games in sub 720p @ ~30fps or 1080p @ (likely) 60fps with improved visuals + all of the DLC, which would you choose? because i think that those who haven't played the series before would choose the latter. #4.1.3
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bloodborne can also be a one-and-done game, too, if you back up your save game before the final boss. i got the plat in only 1 play through of the game. i'm going through it again just for the heck of it, but i would imagine that there are a handful of people who would not even bother with a second run once they got their plat. #7.1.2
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"No not because it's PS exclusive..."

your comment history says otherwise, particularly when it comes to this game.

"NOBODY can say what their GOTY will be when the year is only 3 months in..."

who cares how many months we are into the year. if he thinks the order is his GOTY, then it's his GOTY. are you personally affected by sheenu saying it's his GOTY? no? then why should you even care?.

... #11.2.3
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1. there weren't that many QTEs. you're exaggerating.

2. heaven forbid you have to keep up with the story of a story-driven video game...

3. the black bars don't cover up any of the screen. you're horrendously misinformed if you think that they just slapped black bars over top the image just to get a cinematic effect. the game is a completely different aspect ratio, so even if it was full screen, you'd still have the same amount of vis... #12.1.1
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the order is a good game, i loved every second of it... it's a shame it got dragged through the mud just for the sake of a few clicks. #11.1.1
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why? because it happens to be a PS exclusive? what about those who have already called halo 5 - a game that is several months away from being released, and not a single second of gameplay footage has been released - as GOTY? some of those people even made that claim *last* year.

and he wasn't calling the order as the GOTY, he was saying it was *HIS* GOTY, but you took it upon yourself to insult his intelligence because of his opinion. good job. #11.2.1
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hmmm... i will have to investigate that. in which case, i might not even bother with a second run. #2.1.1
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i got the plat the other day using this method, but i will end up doing another run through the game because i missed one thing:


there is an alleged 4th ending if you consume 4 of the umbilical cords - i screwed up, and only had three of them, so i'm going to get all four this time to get what's called the "true" ending. #2
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there are tougher bosses in this game. i beat that boss on my second try. and really, 10 times is pretty good as far as the amount of attempts. it's a heck of a lot better than spending 3-5 hours on a boss like i have done in this game.

if you are planning on getting the platinum, have fun with the defiled chalice dungeon (which is required in order to progress towards one of the trophies). you lose half of your health, so everything can pretty much one-shot you. #1.1.1
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it plays like any other souls game. you die, you lose your souls. you die on the way to regain your souls, and they're gone. #1.3.3
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