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a bit more than a week left, and then we'll all know for sure. $450 wouldn't be that bad (which'll translate to around $550 in Canada), but $399 would be better, obviously.

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"Anybody know if you still keep the game after getting a refund? I just got my refund, but want to know if I can still play it?"

no. you can't. if you still wanted to play the game, you shouldn't have gotten a refund. clearly your end goal was to try, and scam the system.

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@smooth & 81

I never had any problem with the speeds, either because the console has always been around a metre/yard away from my router/modem (I also have 100Mbps internet), but I still think that in 2013, 5GHz should have been the standard for PS4.

Having said that though, I have since switched to a wired connection for both my PS4, and Xbox One because I wanted it to be that much faster to take advantage of the speed that I have available.

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Perhaps not, but it's something the PS4 should have had from the very beginning. Any improvement is welcomed, imo.

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The image used for the article needs to stop being used because it gives people the wrong impression of the actual shape of the console. In actuality, it's the same rhombus profile as the OG PS4, but shorter, and rounded corners. Calling it a sandwich or a bathroom scale just shows people's ignorance towards the rest of the images that have been shown that demonstrate the real shape of the console.

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Even the OG Xbox One supports 5GHz wifi.

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Xbox One S exclusives are different than the OG Xbox One exclusives... ?

obviously people who prefer Xbox are going to say Xbox, and people that prefer PS4 are going to say PS4. this is a silly article.

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no, they haven't been backed into anything. and how would sony be backed into a corner by the NX - a thing we have no idea what it actually is at this point, let alone its specs... ?

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not a big fan of the materiel? it's not made with a different plastic... it's the same plastic that's used for the current PS4 model.

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none of those things you mentioned are related to PS+.

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"... you have direct evidence all over the Internet and if you choose not to read or watch then that's you're own deluded fault."

the "evidence" you think you have isn't evidence or proof of lies. i've watched, and read plenty enough to know that none of it actually proves the allegations.

"Never said day before either..."

doesn't matter when the HUD was changed...

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It's going up $10 US per year, not month.

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With the small amount of gameplay I've seen, this would probably be a game I would enjoy.

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"It didn't change until the very end"

so, sean murray just decided to change the HUD the day before the game was to be released? long after the game went gold? changes in the design of some elements occur all of the time, sometimes in the final stages of the game's development. a difference in the design of the HUD is not false advertisement.

"... we been through this afew times and you seen the evidence plastered all over the Int...

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design changes during the development of a game isn't false advertisement. it's common. you're reaching.


changing the design of the HUD doesn't qualify as false advertisement.

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the latter, probably.

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"The damn universe is so big, we don't know what they have and haven't put in until we discover it..."



there you go with your incredulity, again... just because you didn't experience that on the 20 or so planets you visited out of the 18 *quintiliion* planets in your own, specific galaxy (which would be different than the galaxy other people would have been dealt) doesn...

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giving people refunds isn't an admittance of anything, really.

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that could be in the form of more AAA PS+ freebie offerings, and not necessarily more games offered.

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