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games prior to October aren't required to have any Pro enhancements. some devs will actually do the work since it's apparently not very time-consuming, but I doubt we're going to see many early games for the system get patched with Pro improvements.

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"True gamers dont need your BS polluting their games."

true gamers don't care about the sexuality of the characters, and just play the game,

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yes, heaven forbid something other than the straight, white male get representation in an online FPS shooter... /s

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yes, he certainly did:

"And according to Cerny, the amount of effort required to implement PS4 Pro support for games like Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn or InFamous: First Light was minimal -- at least by big-budget studio standards.

'Most of the work goes into implementing, in the case of these three titles, checkerboard rendering, in order to get the resolutions up to 2160p, or close to 2160p. And that hasn...

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it makes no sense why people would want to do this kind of thing - I mean... did Valve do something that would have caused these twits to ruin people's weekends?

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Oxenfree is good, but Inside was my indie game of the year.

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if.... *if* the Scorpio launches at $399...

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yeah... I don't think this is ground-breaking at all. there have been countless gay characters prior to this.

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yeah, I honestly don't think it'll be more than $499, and I think that's a high estimate. I can say I'd be extremely happy if it's $399. I think Xbox One S might sit somewhere around $249 by the time Scorpio hits the market.

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it took all of two people to do that work for Infamous Second Son & First Light. It's also only taking one person to do that work for Days Gone:

"Only 1 person is working on enhancing Days Gone for PS4 Pro, according to a new video report by Digital Foundry, and just 2 on inFamous: Second Son and inFamous: First Light."

can you cite a specific example of someone telling anyone not to discuss rumours of a console, and to wait until the actual reveal?

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Well, there goes the argument that base games will suffer because devs will only focus on the Pro version of their games...

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it'll most likely be $449 or $499, which is perfectly fine by me.

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"The Age of Console Exclusive Titles is Coming to an End"

uh... no.

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your complaints prove otherwise, actually.

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Furi clearly isn't as difficult if you're complaining about Dark Souls 3... which isn't even the most difficult one of the series.

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Good sale, but nothing there that I haven't already purchased :(

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Yes, it does.

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watch_dogs 2 wasn't forced.

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