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oh, i wasn't suggesting that you, personally, played on easy, it's just the tendency when people (reviewers in particular) discuss game length. it's never been accurate in my experience.

right, but you don't go into a single player game thinking you're going to be replaying it 10, 20, 100 times over. i average about 3 runs through a single player game.

i dunno... i've played enough MP to know that people like to repeat the same patte... #17.1.2
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cool, sounds interesting! i think it's always awesome when games do that sort of thing. #4.1.1
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self-aware, how? in the same way that some campy B movies are self-aware or skynet self-aware? #4
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yeah, i walked away from my computer when they started talking about that. #4
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i hear you... i have about an 80 game backlog currently sitting on my PS3 (thanks, PS+...), and a few games already on backlog on my PS4 (still need to finish killzone, start watchdogs, finish thief, finish tomb raider: definitive, finish resogun, finish MGS: GZ, start trine 2, start pixeljunk ultimate shooter...).

wolfenstein is a great game, so far. it's gotten a lot of really positive reviews, and for good reason. #3.1
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cool. can't wait to finish this one off.

now if only they'd hurry up with the walking dead season 2 episodes... #1
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i respectfully disagree.

that argument is moot when MP game matches are, on average, 20 minutes long. the other thing is that quite often when people say, "oh, it only takes X amount of hours to complete the game" are doing one of several things:

1. playing on easy
2. rushing through the campaign
3. ignoring all of the side stuff

my average play throughs of games are usually about 50% longer than the alleged play ti... #17.1
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playing it right now (oddly enough, it was in conjunction with valiant hearts). i'm not a *huge* fan of FPS (i prefer 3rd person - the only FPS i really enjoy is bioshock), but i have to say that i'm having fun with this one. #1
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no, you never had high hopes because it's a sony exclusive, not because the devs said, "graphics, graphics, graphics" (which they never said at all). graphics are all *you* talk about when it comes to your console preference's games.

and no, they didn't "cut 30% of the screen". the aspect ratio of the game is 2.40:1, as opposed to the normal 1.78:1 (or 16:9). it's the exact same thing as watching a widescreen m... #1.7.2
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What other games have they made? Are you sure you're not just confusing 1st party with 2nd party?

And they're an indie studio. Just because they've made a game for xbone (whether or not MS owns the IP) doesn't mean it's automatically AAA. And even then, are you certain MS owns the IP? Sunset Overdrive is an exclusive, but Insomniac owns the IP. #10.1
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@ gamer1138:

yeah... no. it was a lot different of an experience compared to just about every other 3rd person shooter last generation, and it certainly didn't win all of those awards for simply being a "fairly average" game. #21.1.2
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You haven't played the game. #21.1
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No they haven't. #5
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I have played through the game about 4 times already, and completed the MP. Had I not already purchased the game for PS3, it'd be a no-brainer. #8.1.1
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then why not call it "definitive edition" if (i'm assuming) it's going to include the currently available DLC, instead of "game of the year"? they really can't apply the GOTY moniker to Ryse when it hasn't been given anything close to that honour.

GOTY implies that it's won an award for being GOTY. that's why it's not "just a name of the bundle." #3.1.4
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all of these TLOU articles lately are making it really hard to resist buying this game a second time... #8
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finished it the other day.

such game
many fun
very feels #3
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the QTE's occur when you encounter every single enemy in ryse since they're combat-related in that game. there's no evidence to suggest that there very many in the order - the only one we've seen has been when one of the main character applies something to a wound.

@ truefan:

you're right - a certain group of fans really do flip flop like politicians on this website:

"Racing, fighting, and... #15.4
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Baaaaaaaaaa haha #6
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guacamelee is amazing. great, and challenging platforming, and full of all sorts of pop culture/video game references, too. #20.1
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