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I think they sped up the process a bit by enabling the ability to transfer via ethernet. When I got my Pro, and popped a 2TB drive into it, I transferred everything from my base PS4 to the Pro, and it took a fraction of the time as it did by doing the back up/restore method when I went through that process.

Yeah, I still need to get an external for my Pro - I have other things I need to buy (like an X) before I do that, though.

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this was cringe-worthy:

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I guess they just hate Canada.

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arguably, most people purchasing the X won't be casual gamers who don't already own a base Xbox One with an external HDD in use already.

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"God that was the most cringe worthy..."

wouldn't know, can't watch it because the video is locked to only the US...

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"I guess people don't realize you are actually paying $550 To $600 dollars with an external hard drive and One X...."

... not if you already had one with your base Xbox One/Xbox One S.

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is there something in the Quran that specifically forbids women to play video games unless they get permission from their husbands?

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External HDD support does alleviate and/or negate most storage issues, but it would be nice if they allowed the internal HDD to be user-replaceable as well.

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chicken AI is the new fish AI.

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not that unusual - there's always cases like this with every single launch of new tech. I would not be worried.

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I have the Pro, so I have to say the X so that I have both.

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Some games were closer to $100 back then. I remember some games for the intellivision being about that much.

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Cool feature!

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*cough* *cough*

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A good move would be to not limit this to just the US...

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"where is your proof on AC? because i have not once heard of that."

Just checked the store, and it looks like it might have been a pre-order bonus - the "included in this bundle" no longer shows up when you select the regular version of the game in the Xbox store. In which case, I retract my previous statement as both base versions do not appear to come with any extra content anymore.

"and with the pubg post, you have to buy dlc. i’m...

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... yet the Xbox One version of this game will have exclusive content that won’t be available when it makes its way to PS4...

“Xbox One players will also be able to purchase some exclusive content in the form of special cosmetic packs. Three such packs will be available to purchase for a limited time for the Xbox One version: the PUBG Warrior Pack, Accessory Pack, and Tracksuit Pack. Aside from these three, Bluehole says it doesn't have plans to offer any in-game purch...

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external HDD support sort of negates that problem, though.

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"So is No Mans Sky but that still didn't stop Sony from promoting it as a console exclusive..."

... because it IS a console exclusive...........

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@darth: think about what you just said.

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