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"Pre order?

Why would you preorder a game that does not have a release date?"

because it's his money, not yours?

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the specs for Neo haven't been confirmed or finalized, so what is the point of making a comparison? hell, we don't even know Scorpio's full specs...

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I wouldn't be surprised if Sony adjusted the specs on Neo in order to compete with Scorpio.

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gamescom, maybe? or paris games week?

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I don't think MS really needed to give everyone all of the details of this console at E3 - there's still gamescom, and any other kind of media event they decide to put on between now, and holiday 2017.

I'm fine with the amount of info they've given so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing what this thing can do.

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The Neo specs have neither been confirmed or finalized, Rookie. And we know absolutely nothing about NX.

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"Don't ask how I know, but it will be clarify soon ;)"

rookie, you do not have inside information, so stop lying.

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for the 2TB model, yes. for the other 2 (500GB, and 1TB), the stand is not included - but that isn't a very high expense if you really want it to stand vertically.

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no, they haven't doomed anything.

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"At the End of God of War 3, Kratos is dead..."

you never actually saw Kratos die, though... Kratos in this game is the same Kratos from the earlier games.

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you won't see a MS logo on the PS version. It's being published on xbox by MS, yes, but likely Capcom will publish the game on PS in the same way that RooTR was published by MS on xbox, and will be published by SE on PS4.

and do you have evidence that MS is funding the development of this game?

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Rookie's actually right here - HDR, and 4k video require new hardware components, the current ones simply cannot be updated via software.

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I think jb got the person mixed up, but Shannon Loftis did say that there was the possibility that devs could make scorpio-exclusive titles if they chose to do so:

"Speaking today during a YouTube Gaming livestream, general manager of game publishing, Shannon Loftis, said it's possible some developers will choose to make Scorpio-only games.

'Some developers may choose to implement the very high-end 4K--and I really ...

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Rookie, all of the games shown during MS's presentation had been announced as far back as 3 years ago (both Inside, and Cuphead were first shown in 2013). there are very few, if any, brand new games (whether it's a new IP or a continuation of an existing franchise) shown at E3 that are ever released in the same year they're announced.

so cut the crap - both companies announce games that are sometimes 2 or 3 years away from being released.

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the 500GB model is $299. there's also a 1TB model for $349.

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there's a group of people (not on this website) that tried to convince people that Sony was going to try and pass off Neo footage as regular PS4 footage.

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they very well could be on point, but i think sony will have enough time to adjust, now knowing a bit about the scorpio's specs (which are impressive - anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves).

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yeah, specs for neo haven't exactly been confirmed... this article is just pure speculation, really.

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No, rookie... you don't "win" E3 when you haven't shown a single new game - all of the games shown during their presentation were already announced games, and were been known to exist for up to 2 years. the slim model, and scorpio are both really great things, but that alone wasn't enough for MS to have pulled out the proverbial victory.

but hey... at least you've finally let your true self come out - no more pretending to be neutral! how does it ...

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