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1, infinite, 2

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Gamers - if they're really gamers - will buy both, and there won't be any debate.

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basically, yes.

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"I'm just excited that it will be coming next month."

Two months, actually...

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PS5 will not be until 2020 at the very earliest - I have no idea how or why this person thinks it'll be in 2 years.

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I'm a sucker for that muted, military olive green, so I think this looks really good.

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yeah... no... this is not a fair score for this game.

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"It's Here, It's Real, but what exactly are you going to do about it?"

well, you know... buy one?

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oooooooh, this is certainly tempting.

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both are quality games.

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great! looking forward to seeing what they've added.

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"Now name some more games to support that point."


If it can output anything at a native 4K, then it's a 4K machine. Expecting everything to be native 4K is unrealistic - not even Scorpio will output everything at a native 4K.

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There won't. It's been made clear that there will not be exclusives specific to PS4 Pro.

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I thought Sony already said that this wasn't going to turn into a regular thing?

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"GDDR5 RAM at 8GB is way more than enough to deliver what they are doing. RAM isn't at all the limiting factor here."

Exactly. It's also a faster 8GB than what's in the vanilla PS4.

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i'm pretty weak-willed when it comes to new tech, so I couldn't wait. I'll do the exact same thing with Scorpio, too.

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"... are people that thick they still think they are getting genuine 4K?"

TLoU remaster will be patched to run at a native 4K resolution, so...

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I haven't read very closely, but is the 8GB in the Pro a faster MHz at least or is it the exact same speed?

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that doesn't matter - it's still running the game at a native 4K, and its base is the remastered version, not the original PS3 version. dismissing the console's ability to output a game at 4K just because the game was originally released as a PS3 title is needless downplaying.

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so... TLoU Remastered running at a native 4K is not delivering 4K, now?

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