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You don't need a 4K tv to enjoy the console. There are still enhancements for those who play on 1080p TVs.

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Resistance is Insomniac.

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After the blowback from the last one, I doubt SE would make the same mistake of taking money to keep it exclusive to one platform for a year.

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The Xbox One X version does have a bit of an edge, here.

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That entire diatribe is opinion, not fact.

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Define "best MP games" because most of those games are also on PS4/Pro...

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"Who mentioned shareholders?"

um... you have "4 the shareholders" right in the thumbnail picture for your article... just sayin'...

edit: you also have this quote in your article: "you can’t claim to be “for the players” and then shaft them because of concerns for your investors."

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I don't mind collectibles, but they really got out of hand with them - Unity was the epitome of collect-a-thons. It's Ubisoft, though, so there'll no doubt be collectibles in this game.

They at least lessened them in Syndicate.

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well, the problem would be if they threw in 300-400 chests you have to find (which counts towards 100% completion), it would be a pain in the ass to search for them all without having some kind of minimap for you to reference.

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that's weird... why?

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I'm fine with the $499 pricetag, but they still could have priced the thing at $399 if they just let themselves take a bit of a hit.

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I don't know what is so confusing about the Xbox One X...

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Some of the stuff Ryan said was idiotic, however, it seems as though one of the issues preventing Sony from agreeing to it might have been about MS wanting the use of their own servers/network in order to achieve cross play: http://nintendoeverything.c... if Switch owners have to sign into XBL, they would have probably told Sony that PS owners ...

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yeah, no... I don't think it's a waste of time at all.

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Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssst....announcing a game "too early" isn't an excuse to cancel a game, and it makes zero sense why that would cause the game's cancellation. How many games announced on PS4 have been "too early", and even delayed despite being announced "too early", yet they made it out to consumers just fine? Saying that it created pressure, etc... is total BS.

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fairly certain this will be native 4K on X as well...

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that has nothing to do with the actual pixels, though. the actual pixels don't degrade with compression because compression just involves storing only the information required to render the image (so, for example, it only stores 1 pixel of every colour in the file information rather than every single pixel). the degradation happens as a result of the way the image is re-rendered, and the reason an upscaled image doesn't look as good is because the software is trying to predict where...

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I think the only one that was mentioned as being native 4K was Forza 7... all of the others have had the "true 4K" disclaimer or "Xbox One X enhanced" - which could mean checkerboard, etc...

correction: I think they also mentioned Gears 4...

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"Most of the native 4k titles on PS4 are indies and sports games."

So far that's also true of the X, so... your point, apart from trying to downplay the Pro?

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