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I know this isn't technically scalping, but there should still be a 1 per customer limit on these things.

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Best Buy used to have the consoles on the shelf, but I think they've since gone to putting empty, fake boxes on the shelf instead (and you just bring the box to the counter, etc...). He could have just brought 19 of those empty boxes or just 1, and asked for all 19 of them...

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If they announce a $399 price point, I think a lot of people will be buying this console.

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it won't be until at least 2020... can we stop the 2018 nonsense? any analyst thinking that they're going to launch an entirely new console only a few years after the Pro needs to start looking for a new job because they're apparently bad that being an analyst.

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The signs seem to be pointing in that direction.

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249 is an amazing price! I wouldn't guess the Pro will also be receiving a $50 price cut.

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You should maybe worry about how you spend your money, and not how other people spend theirs.

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I don't see how this is locking content out, and putting anyone at a disadvantage.

I would also love to hear how pre-ordering is "destroying the industry."

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@segata: I think you're failing to see what Nintendo would be able to accomplish with a system that's as powerful as/more powerful than the PS3/Xbox One.

Nintendo could still do what they do best on a more powerful system, and achieve some mind-blowing visuals.

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No, but Nintendo should take note of the PS4's/Xbox One's success, and invest in a similar, proper home system.

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how is that a slap in the face when it's a pre-order *bonus*? meaning... you get a *bonus* for pre-ordering the game.

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Ascension was good, but it's arguably the weakest in the series.

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@elda: that's actually the term they use...

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It's not if you aren't interested in multiplayer. And even then, there are games that don't require PS+ to play online.

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When did it need saving?

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@brave: I personally don't game on PC, that's why I'd get the Scorpio.

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I certainly hope this game ends up being good. I looks like it will.

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"... Matching Upcoming PS4 Gold Console"


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