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which is possible if:

a) they replaced the old battery with a newer, better battery that holds its charge better


b) tweaked the power consumption on some of the controller's functions so that it consumes less power

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bought this the other day, can't wait to try it out. I haven't played pneuma, either, but I also have it sitting on my HDD right now as well.

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"The fact that they all share the same name is what I am getting at..."

Neo is just the codename. we don't know its official name yet, so you can't say it's sharing the same name yet.

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$399 would be the ideal price for me - that'll make it $499 in Canada. $450 would likely make it $550 in Canada, and i'd be a little more hesitant to pull the trigger right away on it at that price..

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"Andrew House at E3 said the thing was in development..."

well, technically, he said this about a week or so before E3, not actually at E3... but yeah, you're right about everything else.


that means nothing.

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well, no... it's still not confusing because i'm not listing possibilities, they are just scenarios. we also don't know when Neo is releasing, so we can't just assume it's coming out at the same time as the slim/PSVR. PSVR is also an add-on peripheral, so that doesn't even enter into the equation of "confusion" to begin with.

and people were confused by the WiiU because they presented it as though it was just a controller.

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two decent games. LotF is a fun, souls-like game, and journey is an excellent indie.

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32GB of internal storage? way to keep up with the times, nintendo... still stuck in the 90's, i guess?

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I don't recall Andrew House saying Neo will launch this year. All House has said was that it exists.

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"Would be a lot for a Slim model, the PSVR and the Neo model to all release this fall. That would be a little confusing for the consumers..."

that was a silly argument when MS announced the S, and Scorpio, and it's a silly argument with the slim, Neo, and PSVR.

people who own the PS4 now, and want to upgrade will buy the Neo. people who don't own the PS4, but want a budget console will buy the slim. people who don't own a PS4, bu...

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Okay, thanks. Was only asking because the last I heard it was only rumoured.

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When did Sony announce this?

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"Am I the Only one who wants ModNation Racers 2?? (on PS4)"

you are not the only one. love modnation racers - it was the best kart racer i've ever played (i can't stand MP, and it's the only game where i played online consistently for over a year - the grind to level 30 was real when you decided to do it all on race XP), and i have been wanting a good kart racer for PS4 since the very beginning.

that being said, i will look into thi...

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"Aside from greed, I see no clear reason for this price increase."

my guess is the cost of maintaining their servers is the main reason, so "greed" has nothing to do with the increase. those who usually try to pin it on greed almost never have a good grasp on how business, and economics works. price increases are, in my experience, always a result of an increased cost somewhere along the line. say a retailer is importing something from another country...

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"... It's about how the price was raised for no apparent reason..."

it wasn't exactly "no apparent reason." they cite "current market conditions", which could mean anything, really. i mean, things can't always stay the same cost forever - could be that their maintenance costs of their servers has increased. they might have been staving off from increasing the price for as long as they could, and it's gotten to the point where...

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worried about what, exactly?

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"... Guess they meant having to consoles on the shelve..."

considering that you wouldn't need both the Neo, and the OG PS4 (since the Neo will be able play all of the games that are available on PS4 right now anyway), you'd still only have to have the one console on your shelf.

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... so they're supposed to put out a console with zero possibility for airflow, now? that's what vents are for - to push hot air out of the system to keep it from overheating. it's not an "obsession", it's a necessity. and the slant is what they've decided to go with in their design of the PS4 family of consoles.

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to be fair, i'm sure Sony pays the devs a significant portion of money as compensation for having the game offered for free as a PS+ offering.

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