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Jim Ryan isn't Sony. I'm sure global sales, and marketing has little to do with what has to be done in order for all parties to agree to allow cross play to happen. you're taking an idiotic statement from an individual who has little to do with anything related to implementing cross play, and using it as an official stance from the entire company.

if children was really a reason, there wouldn't be cross play with PC/Steam, eithe...

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1. Jim Ryan said those things, not Sony. Jim Ryan is not Sony. I'm sure if Yoshida or Layden were asked about cross play, they'd have very different answers. Also, what is a stackholder?
2. They never said they wouldn't allow cross play. They allow it between PC, and PS4, so... they clearly aren't against cross play.
3. There's more to it than just saying "no." What, specifically, lead Sony to saying no to cross play in any of the games they...

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none of what you said provides any evidence to support gangsta's claim. the only mention of security in the quote you pulled was in relation to MS, not Sony...


"Moldy once again proves all you need is google and to open your eyes."

no, he didn't... the article he cited isn't about people here, as you've claimed, citing security as an "excuse." and "google i...

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"Sony is blocking access for third party publishers to host the games online, that's the difference. They are not allowing those third party publishers to host the games if those games connect to other consoles."

citation, please. what proof do you have to support this ridiculous claim?

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that'll happen with or without cross play.

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"It's funny how these developers have access to these networks and can actually do these things on the downlow and yet I read the excuse from some here of Sony not wanting to let MS access their network for security reasons."

do you have evidence to support this statement?

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"Will we see it switched on again? More importantly, will Sony cave in at some point in the future? We'll let you know if we hear anything new."

... and how does the author of this article know that Sony had anything to do with this "correction"? What if it was MS who forced the devs to turn off the functionality? We already know that MS forced the devs to turn off PC/Xbox cross- play: https:...


"... we just want a reasonable explanation why Sony isn't allowing it for there platform..."

they do allow it. are you not aware of the games you can play online with PC owners on PS4? and how do you know that Sony didn't allow it for this game? if there's clear evidence of an Xbox playing online with PS4 users, that seems to indicate that there was an agreement made between all parties involved. people are making a lot o...

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why? did Sony say they would never, ever allow cross play? what if the terms were laid out in such a way that Sony agreed to it this time?

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this wouldn't be necessary if they made a system with a proper internal HDD.

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why was Nadine an "awful character"?

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"The pacing, the characters, the shift towards stealth and "grounded" set pieces. It went from a light hearted, over the top action series to a slow, dramatic, boring shift towards realism that relied way too much on cinematic storytelling."

stealth is optional, not mandatory. you can run n' gun through the whole game if that's your preference. and what was wrong with the characters?

also, unc...

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How do they know it was "against Sony's wishes"? Did Sony say they would never allow cross-play at all at any time?

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yes it is.

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That's a funny joke.

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just let the generic arena shooter die, cliff...

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are you connected wired or wireless?

I had it happen where the store wouldn't load, but it had nothing to do with having a game running in the BG. Usually just doing a connection test would fix it, but as soon as I went from a wireless to a wired connection, the problem actually stopped. I have not had the store not load for me since I switched the connection type.

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Huh... I always thought this was an Xbox exclusive.

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Adding a wish list function would be a good idea, I think... unless that's already there?

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I kind of hope that the controller is sold separately - I like the colour.

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