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Neither - I love it when devs get people to put their money where their mouths are. It's pretty hilarious.

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Conan Exiles is also coming to PS4:

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doesn't matter. you can't list something as a console exclusive when it's going to be on PS4, too.

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@jinger: It's only exclusive to Xbox during the early access period. They're still calling it a "console launch exclusive", which means timed exclusive:

PUBG is not a console exclusive. It’s a timed exclusive, and will be coming to PS4.

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"... EA has been very good to him and Hazelight will get 100% of the revenue from A Way Out."

yeah, no... no publisher would give 100% of a game's sales to the devs, especially EA. that is a flat-out lie.

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The only reason why they shut the studio down is because they were making a game that EA wasn't able to squeeze extra money out of people by way of MTs/lootboxes. That's why I am not supporting EA anymore. I understand studios get shut down all the time, but this was because EA seems to think single player games aren't viable anymore. I am not a MP gamer, so when a publisher shuts a studio down because they don't like single player games anymore, ...

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the article got it wrong. Forza 7 actually won.

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oh... my... god... I hope this is a new Soulsborne game.

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it certainly wouldn't hurt if it was enabled.

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Well, I hope they succeed.

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Shutting down Visceral was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I also don't care about online, co-op (especially forced co-op) or any kind of MP in most games. The only MP/co-op I can tolerate is in the Souls games.

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can't support EA no matter how interesting this game looks.

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There is never anything wrong with allowing more development time.

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uh... let's not?

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If it gets them better results, I think they will probably keep the 2 year break. You can already see the difference in quality between Origins, and any of the others that were on a 1-year release schedule.

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They stopped doing the annual release after Syndicate. I think they should extend it to every 3 years, personally, so that they have ample time to refine the game before it gets released.

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I have gone 100% digital, but I would not want an all-digital industry. Physical copies need to always be an option.

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1. The value would only be there if it involved multiple publishers' games.
2. That can easily be done on PC.
3. There are plenty of cross play titles on PS4.
4. I don't see why you would even need to do this.
5. Sony has already implemented a rewards program by earning trophies from playing games.
6. There are a bunch of games at a native 4K on the Pro, so....

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"you cannot activate your account on 2 PS4s.
Can't use your content if you have 2 PS4s in 2 different rooms."

uh... yeah, you can.

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