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Anyone who sends death threats over a video game really needs to go get help. Lots of it, too.

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What's ignorant, exactly? Saying it might not be exclusive isn't ignorant at all. Dead Rising 2, I believe, was on X360 and PS3 so there's a history of the game being multi platform. If it is exclusive, that's great. If it isn't then if you're a gamer (as you said), that shouldn't matter either.

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Great deal!

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the author made a terrible mistake...

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you have no idea how tough it was to keep myself from booting up the game while I was in the middle of my DS3 platinum run...

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yeah, no... some of the things listed in the article are just nonsensical, and inconsequential.

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I *just* started Uncharted 4 last night (was putting it off until I *completely* finished Dark Souls 3 - 197.5 hours, and 3 runs through the game), and holy crap... just the quality of the animation is miles beyond what the first 3 games were - and I'm only about 5 minutes into the game.

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No, Rookie, you are not under any kind NDA. Stop pretending you have inside information.

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Nice try, Rookie, but you included PSVR in your overall statement (i.e. You tried PSVR *and* Oculus - that both of those things brought you to VR tech). If it was Oculus that brought you over to VR, you would have said, "... but then I tried Oculus, and now I am all in on the VR revolution."

@Rookie below:

right, rookie... scary - coming from the one individual who has *literally* quoted something someone else had said from nearly 7 years ago (...

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it's not "factually faster."


no, not accurately. there are glaring discrepancies in the way those videos were conducted.

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yeah... no. that video, first of all, only "tests" 3 things. secondly, the person takes his sweet time getting to the icons in the PS4 UI. he's either oafishly slow or purposefully slowing down his button presses on his controller to make it seem like it's slower.

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Xbox One UI is most definitely not faster... and more features is also not true.


"People keep citing these "videos" but they miss the entire point...the new XBO UI isn't "much faster" than PS4's, it just has more hotkey type shortcuts to things that people may never even access. I don't know the difference in the actual performance, but I'm pretty sure PS4's UI is still faster.&...

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If it's only free if you let MS pick your gamertag, then you cannot say that your first name change is free... I could then argue that you *can* change your PSN ID as much as you want for zero dollars because they can actually do that in Japan.


1. Right... because fixing bugs is just completely pointless... heaven forbid Sony actually does something to improve the functionality of their OS...


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Yes, Rookie, you were certainly all in on the VR revolution - especially after you allegedly "tried" PSVR...

"The PSVR is dull and lack of any initial impact. Was able to test out a couple of VR titles at PSX, and it is what I'd expected, we are still a long way from actual great VR Headset experience at home."

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bitcoin isn't real currency........

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And what was MS's conference? Promises of something immediate? What new games that were shown at E3 are out right now?

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Of course not. He will always go out of his way to not purchase any games for his PS4. I'm fairly certain that if there was ever a game that looked/performed better on Xbox that also had a PC version, he'd buy the Xbox version without question.

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