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"too much horror" 7.5 - IGN #47
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I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. Sadly, though, I don't think Sony would be generous enough to go this route.

Another possible thing they could do is simply not charge people to stream the games they already own/still have the disc for. I think it would be easy enough for them to check your digital licenses, and run a quick disc verification for disc-based titles like what MS does for their BC service. #1.10.1
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They consistently score PS exclusives way lower, yes. I think bloodborne was the exception (and their .5 bump for the PS4 version of TLoU doesn't count). #1.5.3
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friends of mine have been pestering me to watch this show for months. i finally got around to watching it (although i live outside the US, so the access is sort of limited without resorting to youtube), and holy crap... unbelievably funny. #3.1
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"Confused by the NDA though, are they going to ban my account if I leak anything?"

there's a good chance of that, i but personally doubt that. the very least is they'd remove you from the program. #3.3
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i don't think the past games took themselves too seriously, i think they just focused too much on the side quests, and collectibles. when 80% of your time is running around opening treasure chests, i think that's problematic.

i'll be happy with less of that, and a more elaborate, involved story campaign.

edit: and for the love of god, no social media peripheral apps, please... #9
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they could start by not calling the playing of video games a sport? because it's not a sport. #1.3
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you know, not being good at a game doesn't mean it's "rubbish."

and if you don't think this game requires any tactics or weapon knowledge, you're sorely mistaken. #2.4
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yes! i hope he brings it back to the same level of difficulty as the first dark souls. #3
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that, and they still had a presence at gamescom. they just didn't have a presentation, that's all. #7.2
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well, it's less than 2 months away from releasing. is it available as a pre-order or listed as upcoming in the XBL marketplace? if not, then it's probably still a console exclusive. #7.1.1
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not according to this article:

http://gamingbolt.com/ps4-c... #7
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oh, i know, but if you feel the console when it's on, the bulk of the heat is on the underside because that's where the CPU/GPU is (more or less) located. so being mounted on a metal apparatus that will just absorb/retain heat doesn't sound too healthy for the unit regardless of where the vents are located. #2.1.1
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yeah, this looks to be a really interesting experience! #1.1
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the only problem i can foresee is that there's no way for the heat on the underside to escape to if it's mounted to the wall... but i certainly like the idea! #2
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i'm not going to watch the video because i'm in the middle of it right now, but i'm suspecting that there's a spot in the game you need to get to in order to finish the game, it's near the beginning, and you can pretty much just go straight to the ending right away?

if yes, then it's exactly like myst - you can finish that game in less than one minute once you realize the end is right at the very beginning of the game. #3
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it's basically MS's version of the SCUF controller. you can customize it to suit your play style. #1.1.4
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you're tearing me apart, lisa!

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #8.1
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they must have changed how they do the back up because last gen, everything transferred over (apart from, i think, save files that were "locked"/non-transfe rable) if you were upgrading the HDD on the same PS3... as far as i know, i only had to redownload stuff when i transferred my information to a new PS3.

that's kind of silly if they force you to re-download everything. #3.2
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again... you said, "What is sup with the flip floppong from "All exclusivity" are wrong to just "Timed exclusivity is wrong" ?"

the first quote wasn't referring to *all* exclusivity as being "wrong", he referred specifically to "3rd party exclusivity."

in the second quote, he refers to timed exclusivity as not benefiting anyone but the publishers.

"I am sur... #1.2.13
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