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well, they marketed it as this thing where all of the games were free, but then very coyly stated later on that just the demos were going to be free. also, making it open source just invited people to pirate the crap out of everything on that thing. i said from the very beginning that it would end up just being a glorified emulator (I would try to find the comments i made years ago, but i'm not going to go through my comment history)... and, well... it ended up just being a glorified em...

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"Why Did the OUYA Fail?"

is that a rhetorical question?

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Yet another undeserving score to yet another game...

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I just added two years. I had been paid up until 2018 before bumping it to 2020.

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I just renewed my subscription to 2020, so i won't have to pay the $20 extra for 4 years - hopefully by then the dollar stabilizes, and they actually reduce the price in Canada to make it more on par with the US price.

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the game is not going to be out for at least another 3 years - why is this even a question right now?

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consoles will never "stack up" to PC. ever. doesn't matter whether it's PS4 Pro or Scorpio.

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"Absolutely no reason to purchase if you have a PS4 already."

well, i think if you don't care/aren't interested in investing in 4K or the extra power right now, but want a secondary PS4, the slim would be the console to get.

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no, it won't.

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here's your one example:

this was during the PS3 launch in France.

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did nintendo finally reveal what the NX was?

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"That explains the lack of optical out"

PS4 Pro has an optical out...... you're getting confused with the slim. - third jack from the top is an optical out.

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"... after all, they're the ones who do the QA testing..."

Sony would not have been the ones doing the QA.

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"Technically 'ad nauseum' doesn't mean anything since 'nauseum' is not even a Latin word. But 'ad nauseum' only means 'to the point of being nauseated' and has no caveat of number of people speaking something."

no. it's "ad nauseam", not "ad nauseum". that's the spelling. and it's a term that applies to a discussion that has been discussed too often/long:

"Ad nauseam is ...

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I don't think so... there'd be no reason for MS to rush the release date of their console.

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"Oh? So you're going to provide me with links to this specific author discussing this topic ad nauseum? Because if you can't do that then guess what? This author's opinion is one of a kind and unique."

that's not what ad nauseam means. it means that a specific topic (in this case, UHD support) has been discussed so often that there is nothing else that can be said about it that hasn't already been said. the author bringing up UHD support is n...

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"Ziggurcat, That is not a good reply to my argument..."

how so? TLoU is being bumped up to a native 4K from the current version that has already been increased to the current HW's capabilities, so it's not being ported from the PS3 version. you can't simply dismiss the game being run at a native 4K on Pro just because it was originally a PS3 game any more than if, say, the GeoW Ultimate Edition were to get the same treatment on Scorpio.

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"Actually it offers the author's unique opinion..."

Actually, no. The bulk of the article is about the lack of UHD support, which has been discussed ad nauseam.

"What else is he going to say? When PS4 launched he likely considered it a Premium product. Suddenly it's not?"

How is House saying it's a premium product not valid, though? What does claiming House's statement isn't valid have to do with...

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TLoU, and Skyrim are going to run at a native 4K, so you're wrong.

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when those games were initially released is irrelevant. the fact that they're going to run at a native 4K means that the Pro is capable of native 4K.

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