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Spec-wise, it's pretty clear Scorpio has the better specs. Game-wise, though, that just comes down to personal preference. I'll definitely be buying Scorpio once it hits the market, so I'll be able to enjoy all games from both systems.

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"However all 1080P TV owners can benefit from upgrading to the PS4 Pro. Better visuals and framerate will be available on Sonys new console."

that's all i was looking for, really, which is why I've pre-ordered the console. when I can afford a 4K HDR-ready TV, I'll buy one, but for now I'm happy with the added benefits to the current games on my regular 1080p TV.

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thanks! just pre-ordered!

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what's the Canadian price on the console? when is it available to pre-order?

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It's been possible in Japan forever...

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no. it's $399. that's the entry-level price of the device.

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haha i know they're bad, but I would expect it'd be somewhere in the $150-200 range like the OG Xbox trade-in thing they had.

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regardless of how anyone feels about them, i'm pretty sure gamestop/EB games will have some kind of trade-in deal....

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it was pretty obvious that it was a 3rd party controller to begin with. however, it would be nice to have Sony release an official elite controller.

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"-they're not acknowledging it even though it's real. Better to just own it rather than letting it run wild like this."

there's no rule stating Sony has to respond to this leak. anything they have to say will be said in three days.

"-they are hurting their image by attacking you tubers. Just read the reactions in the article."

how are they "attacking youtubers"? no, really... tell me how it'...

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opinionated is right. i've gotten the same screen when clicking on all article links today (clicking this one was just the first time i noticed).

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"I understand that, hence my comment about the photos having a lot of glare which ruins the colour. Maybe it's TOO red for people?"

Too much red 4.6/10 - IGN

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all digital titles release at midnight EST, so if you live west of the time zone, you get to access the content earlier. because I live in the Mountain Standard Time zone (MST), I get to play all new releases at 10pm the day before the game's actual release date (which makes it 9pm if you live in the west coast US or British Columbia in Canada). it's a big part of the reason why I've gone totally digital.

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i don't know if i'm the only one, but I get a nice, big, red screen telling me that the site contains malware.

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"I'm not even sure where you're getting your first piece of info from.... the ps4/ps3 versions DID launch with exclusive content (base game) - "

that's not base-game content, you had to download that content, therefore it's add-on DLC.


no. if it's not on the disc, then it&...

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"xbox players are being asked to essentially pay the same price for the base game to get an inferior product with less content"

the base game on both platforms contains the same amount of content, and therefore the xbox version is not an "inferior" product. DLC is also optional, and does not count as content within the base game.

also, it's just DLC content... i hardly think guns that aren't even as good at the ones available...

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Well... If it's a digital purchase, and he lives on the west coast, he'd be playing the game at 9:00pm PST the day before its release date, so... Technically before day one haha.

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i don't recall destiny being a timed exclusive on PS...

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seeing as how they're going to stop doing the annual releases, this might be a reboot of sorts. they've been progressively getting closer to contemporary time, so going back to Egypt might mean they're rebooting the franchise.

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"... even though it was down like 20 mins tops."

this is precisely why these articles should never get approved, regardless of whether it's PSN or XBL. the issue is almost always resolved by the time the article even gets approved.


oh, I'm aware that these problems are global, and I wasn't making an "it's not down for me, so there is no problem" argument. my point was that these issues a...

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