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Thanks, I will look into it once I'm done Dark Souls Remaster, and Detroit.

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what kind of game is this? I seem to recall it being an online mmo or something?

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"Very necessarily"

Nope. People that are using the free trial to try this game wouldn't necessarily translate to multiple subscriptions.

"How do you know this?"

... because it's a free trial... MS isn't getting any revenue from people who are just using the free trial because it's... you know... free.

"And how do you know that the majority of these gamers are using the 14 da...

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"And that is why MAU's are so important, because that translates to multiple subscriptions..."

Not necessarily.

"... you want to keep a customer spending money on your product not a one time purchase."

Sure, but they're not generating any revenue from anyone who's using the free trials to try this game out. Plus revenue from the game pass subscriptions isn't counted as sa...

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"except that it has value to MS and their shareholders..."

I'm sure shareholders are more concerned about money than they are about MAUs.

"It’s there way of judging success, by MAU..."

No, MS only made MAUs their way of "judging success" after they realized that there was nothing they could do to catch up to their main competitor. You'd have to be in a pretty grim state to consider X millions of bu...

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Oh man, I just realized that E3 is pretty much a week away!

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Uh... no.

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I truly hope that they've maintained the feeling of the first Red Dead Redemption in this one, and haven't gone GaaS like they've done with GTA.

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That would be Unity, not Syndicate.

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Oh, please explain how it’s disingenuous. Why was there no means of passively generating revenue? Because they wanted you to buy their gold packs. Why was there no means of gaining helix credits to get some of the rarer weapons? Because they wanted you to buy their helix credit packs.

And so on...

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They did. Everything they removed/put behind a paywall in Origins was done to try to get people to pay for their MTs.

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Yes they did. Just because you could technically get everything without paying extra, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t an attempt to lead people into buying into their MTs. The amount of time you have to grind is disproportionate to the amount of money you generate. They even patched the game so that you earned *less* money for the lion pelts people were farming to try to generate enough cash for the Heka chests.

I put in nearly 200 hours into the game. I looted everything...

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They did, actually. They removed the passive method of generating money like they'd done in just about every other AC game, there were expensive loot boxes, they put treasure maps that were previously available from in-game merchants behind a paywall (not even for in-game cash - helix credits, which were only available for real money), helix credits were no longer acquired from missions like they were in previous AC games, etc...

A lot of the design was geared towards...

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One thing they could do is not design the game around microtransactions like they did with Origins.

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"Nintendo focuses on the fun and making a great gaming experience.. while sony focuses of the visuals and hype."

That's not what determines attach rate.

When a console has more units out in the world with a significantly larger range of games to choose from, it will have a lower attach rate than a console with fewer units sold, and fewer games available.

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oh, you mean like this article: http://n4g.com/news/2174958... ? calm down.

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I didn't realize they were forcing everyone to download this theme...

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"Not Mass-Produced"

uh... yeah, they are. if a game is selling in the millions, it's mass-produced.

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Oh man, that Konami thing was painful. Wonderbook was also terrible.

They missed the Killer Instinct blunder from 2014(?), though.

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I don't think it's enough to take it away from being just another survival/last man standing game mode.

edit: it's just putting lipstick on a pig, and trying to convince people it's something brand new.

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