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Uh.. You precisely said that MS were the only ones to have access to cloud compute and dedicated servers.

"The fact is MS already owned those servers (which is one of the biggest in the world) so it is not an issue for them to use what they have but the other companies don't have that luxury. Case closed."

The fact that Phil Spencer literally said anyone can use their servers for cloud compute means that other companies... #5.6.8
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What excuse? What have I changed? I have always maintained that the only way to prove anything is to see it working in a real world, home network environment. If it happens to work exactly like they've demonstrated, great! If it happens to struggle, then that only proves what I'm saying here right now. #11.2.4
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Except that's not what the comment was about... It was responding to the implication that MS was the sole company that had access to cloud compute, and the implication that MS was the only company that used dedicated servers... Both of which are unequivocally false.

What makes you think Sony won't spend money on this tech in order to compete with MS? #5.6.5
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They showed the game working in a closed, controlled, optimized network environment that was designed to allow the game to operate at its peak performance... So they didn't exactly prove anything. The proof is in how it functions in your everyday, home network environment, which is yet to be determined. #11.2.2
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2016, I believe. Not sure when, though. #16.1
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First of all, Rookie:

So, yes... Anyone can use cloud compute. Google also has servers that people can use:

And finally:

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I agree. It is among the best-looking games to have come out on current gen consoles so far. #2.4
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What's grainy or "terrible" about the uncharted image? Because showing an image of Nathan Drake that looks far more life-like than the Lara Croft images certainly isn't helping your case at all. #2.3.7
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Is this satire? Or is this site dying for hits to the point where they have to try and stir up console war nonsense about systems that don't even exist? #11
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"GWG are true free games you can keep"

No. GWG games on Xbox One are only available as long as you pay your subscription, just like PS+. #1.6.2
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"Bloodborne isn't for everyone"

And neither is halo, gears, forza, rise of the tomb raider, ori or the rare replay collection... So, what's your point? #1.1.7
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"But if you are just comparing XB1 and PS4 games, I definitely think GwG is the winner due to it now having 2 additional games from X360..."

No. You can't just suddenly call X360 games Xbox One games. They're still X360 games, but nice try at moving the goal posts. You also keep calling them BC titles - are they even confirmed as BC titles yet? Are any of those games on the list of official BC titles that are playable on Xbox One right now? And funny how... #1.2
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Right now, he'd be considered 2nd party (edit: just like how insomniac are 2nd party with SSoD, and Ratchet & Clank) especially if he only ends up making exclusives regardless of whether it's for Nintendo, MS or Sony. #12.4.1
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For YEARS Xbox fans were asking to have MGS4 come to X360 (fairly certain there are petitions out there related to getting MGS4 on X360). They lost their minds the moment Kojima walked on stage during MS's E3 presentation to promote (I think it was) Metal Gear Rising, they seemed to enjoy the fact that the first 3 MGS titles were being released on X360, and I'm sure they had no problem with MGS:GZ and MGSV:TPP releasing on the Xbox platform. Now, suddenl... #20.3
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Well, I think the title of the article is greatly appropriate. Considering that pretty much any laptop HDD will fit/be compatible with the PS4, and doesn't really require you to have to purchase an extra USB stick or screwdriver, this kit is pretty much for those who are quite literally clueless. Like those Nyko products, this is absolutely unnecessary. #5
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External HDD support is truly one of the things Sony has dropped the ball on so far. #4.1.1
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The very first thing I did before even turning mine on was swap out the HDD for a 1.5TB drive. #1.1
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Have you played it? #65.1
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You specified sony in your mouth-foaming, rabid rant. If you're aware that all companies are guilty of this, why single out Sony? Why not just say you hate when companies announce games too early? It seems like needless complaining just because it's Sony despite the game being released within 2 years of its original announcement. #2.6.5
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How about you provide updated information instead of going out of your way to downplay everything related to Sony? Are you that unbelievably desperate? #5.3.3
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