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you would have traded in your PS3 for your PS4 about 8 months ago, right? Because this is the one pictured in your profile which is the CUH-1200 SKU

people have to stop approving these articles because the issues are *always* resolved before the information hits this website.

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What truly terrible news :( RIP

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speaking of which, how do you explain acquiring the CUH-1200 PS4 SKU pictured in your profile: (proof it's the CUH-1200 SKU - ) several months before it was even on the market as you claimed to have only owned a PS4 here: ? i mean,...

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what if i clicked "story quality? WTF?" and "like this website? No"?

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i've been wanting a WW shooter for years, now.

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"But this is ND and I have the most faith in them and I'll be lining up at the midnight launch to get it when it is finally launch"

really? because two comments above (which you've sneakily edited), you were complaining about ND basically getting a "free pass" from the media for delaying the game "over and over."

I'm also curious as to why you're complaining about driveclub (which isn'...

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I'm not personally interested in this game, but I don't think anyone can make the $ amount vs amount of gameplay argument on this one. The sheer amount of gameplay possibilities are on par or greater than even games like The Witcher 3, and Fallout 4.

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There's mod support on PS4?

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where is this survey? i would like to contribute, if i can.

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yes! loved the first alan wake, really excited about quantum break, and i am super excited about this news!

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there's bound to be a site that'll give it a 7.5 or something.


"too much awesome. 4.3/10 - IGN"

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well, you don't necessarily need to use shields in dark souls...

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I've gone completely digital since almost the beginning of this generation. There's the convenience of not having to leave your house to go to the store to buy the games you want, and you can pretty much start playing at midnight EST (as early as 9pm for those on the west coast). and because games in Canada are $80 right now, the PS store does not charge any taxes, so it's actually cheaper to buy the digital copy (now if only they'd just lower the price of the digital copy t...

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personally, no online component or needless parlour games or racing that has nothing to do with the story at all.

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well, this isn't a delay to allow for more development time. it's a delay to allow for the manufacturing of the physical game discs/packaging.

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that's great that you're excited for Uncharted 4 - I certainly am, too! The extra bit of delay is unexpected, but I agree that there are no apologies required, and that the game should come out when it's ready.

And, again, this is just an honest question - how long have you been a PS4 owner? do you have more than one?

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"What does Dark Souls 3 feel like when you've only played Bloodborne?"

probably a lot slower-paced. there's also more consideration required on things like armour/weapon selection, etc...

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I found it by selecting the game in the store, and selecting extras.

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Already downloaded!

One of the first things I did when I got my launch day PS4 was to swap the HDD out for a 1.5TB drive as well - although I'm actually on my second PS4 because the one I got on day one was one of the defective PS4s :( How long have you had your 1.5TB HDD installed in your PS4?

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