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You could always summon friends. Set a password in the game's network settings.

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It all depends on your level...

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I'm not a huge fan of MP or co-op, nor have I played any of the DR games, but I can certainly see how co-op would add to the fun factor in this case.

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That all depends on its price point, and whether it's actually more powerful than the Neo. both specs are still rumour at this point, and anything can happen - especially if Sony can increase the RAM on the vanilla PS4 about 9 months before its release... Both MS and Sony can probably still change specs at any given time leading up to the release of their respective consoles.

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Care to back that up with proof?


@pog - No numbers were even mentioned by jburr. And do you also have proof that all Sony fans think it's a poor man's uncharted?

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New remaster? Probably oblivion.

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There were tanks in WWI.

Edit: but yeah, the cavalry was still a thing then, too.

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... except WWI took place in the 20th century, not the 18th. You're underestimating the technology available at the time.

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$20 is a steal for Bloodborne.

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that figure wasn't just halo 5 game sales...

"Microsoft has announced that Halo 5: Guardians generated more than $400 million in global sales during its first week, meaning the Xbox One game is now the "biggest Halo launch" of all time. THE FIGURE INCLUDES SALES OF GAMES AND HARDWARE..."


"... Why Sony Might Join Microsoft Onstage"

uh... no. that's not going to happen...

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I don't see how a lifetime ban on cheaters is excessive.

edit: if they're caught once, that's all it should take to ban them - they don't deserve a second or third chance, they're just going to cheat again anyway.

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considering it was never on PS3, i don't see how it wouldn't still remain exclusive to an MS platform.

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serves the troll right for... well... trolling.

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Septic, if he thinks the game looks "meh", then he's already passed judgment - and he's commented well over 30 times on the game, now... and a couple of dozen times since the linked comment above. His time for reserving judgment has long since passed.

Quite frankly, I'm shocked that he hasn't edited his comment to hide what he'd said.


Rookie, you can't reserve judgment on something you've al...

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I actually want the next iteration to be about a completely different group of individuals.

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I thought you were reserving your final judgment until there was a review?

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Do people keep forgetting that PSVR has its own processor?

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I heard that is one of the more maddening upgrade items to get in Demon's Souls. I should probably go back, and get the plat. It's the only one of the series where I don't have the platinum.


there are a few online trophies for Red Dead Redemption that are entirely luck-based, or heavily dependant on the people that happen to be online. they are the *only* trophies I have ever boosted, which I hated doin...

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