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Demon's Souls

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they did: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/skck...

edit: wait - nevermind... they at least did with uncharted 4... this colour looks to be slightly different than the uncharted 4 colour.

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I believe the game is tied to your account, so if your account is on both consoles, you will probably just need the one copy - my understanding is that everyone has access to any of the games on the console even if they weren't the one who purchased the game?

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Golden Abyss would be cool to play on PS4.

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you... grew up... playing this game... which came out in 2009... ?

thanks for making me feel old.

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was only asking, not attacking.

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Ahh, I see.

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why would you need to buy two copies?

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there's at least two more years before their next console is released... they're not closing anything out right now.

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Likely November 2020.

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are you... r.... really?


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it's just three words: no fun allowed.

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@the disagree who isn't up on their news: https://www.cnn.com/2018/02...

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he did blame movies, too.

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... or stop having schools give out AR-15s as contest prizes...

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yeah, but... love IS the battlefield...

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Freedom isn't determined by how many guns you can own.

And I'd be more worried about the nutjobs that have veritable arsenals in their homes that think their government is constantly out to get them than the government becoming a totalitarian entity, and oppressing American citizens.

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Interesting why they would do that considering there's full-on male genitalia on the statues in the main game.

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The game needs saving? That’s news to me...

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