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@game except it doesn't because it's an optional path you can take...

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If you don't care, then why are you getting so upset? It's interesting how the only people getting riled up about this stuff are the ones who often proclaim how much it doesn't matter or how much they don't care.

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"How gay males have been shafted"


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Why would you need more than 60fps?

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If they had specs that were actually up to date, they would have been able to do both.

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Why is this always the first mod that comes out for any game released on PC?

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My only gripe with the process is that it takes too damned long. I also ran into some problems the last time I did the back-up/restore (the back-up failed with less than an hour to go. Twice.). When I switched to the Pro, I used the Ethernet transfer. It took a fraction of the time.

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I might actually play this. I'm more into historical fiction like this for these types of games than the advanced/modern warfare stuff.

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It's not so much EA as it is Bioware.

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You would still see a difference in the textures. There is no discernible difference between the two.

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Misleading title - there are no exclusive games being made for Scorpio.

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it's good to see they did absolutely nothing to enhance the experience for PS4 Pro users... good job, Bioware /s

yet another reason to not support this terrible, lazy studio.

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uh... I do, and I do not get that.

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I'm pretty sure the 6tflops, 12GB of RAM, and whatever the CPU speed happens to be will be adequate enough to handle OG Xbox One titles. Plus, it's not going to be a backward compatibility thing.

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wait... where are the 20% off codes?

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that isn't even a valid code. it's always a mixture of letters, and numbers.

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That doesn't surprise me considering there was a second slim PS3 model.

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US only, I'm sure.

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pssst... your hypocrisy is showing:

I would like to thank you, though, for proving my point that the same people attacking Manveer's insensitive remarks are the same ones who are quick to defend similar statements when made by (in this case) a white male. If JonTron made similarly insensitive comments, why is he...

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