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out of the series, yes, it's kind of the black sheep.

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"We had put off playing Dark Souls 3 for so long because of the pain and suffering #2 brought..."

DS2 is arguably the easiest one in the series, though...

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DLC that's about the size of the first game is too short?

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"Too much detail. 3.7/10" -IGN

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there wasn't anything particularly wrong with the first one, though... so what's this alleged "second chance"?

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What is there to prove that this is fake? Sometimes people are quick to call something fake, only to have it turn out to be true.

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what does the thumbnail have to do with the article?

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"Mike Ybarra Doesn't Feel That They Need To Have Launch Exclusives For Xbox One X"

... so why did they announce so many "console launch exclusive" games in their E3 presentation?

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A brand new piece of hardware vs. one that's been out for nearly a year? Gee whodathunk that the new HW would ahead after the pre-order was delayed for two months after E3...

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Yes. It was announced as a timed exclusive from the very beginning (i.e. a "console launch exclusive", which means timed as admitted by MS), so I don't see how there's confusion over its exclusivity status...

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It's standalone DLC, sure, but it's also the size of a full-length game.

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I'm on Chapter 4 right now - just about to move on to 5... I am going to scour the area for any of the treasures/lock boxes first before moving forward.

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The games that are currently available to purchase... since those are playable on the X....

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"... who is the system for, exactly?"

for people who don't game on PC, and want to be able to play their games at an increased resolution/frame rate, obviously.

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excited for this game!

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"He also talked about PlayerUnknown's Xbox One exclusivity."

He pretty much confirms it's a timed exclusive - "console launch exclusive" (since we know that means timed already) and "... if you want to play the game on console this Holiday for sure you’ll need an Xbox One." are two major indications.

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Wow - I replied to the wrong article... I need coffee. Mods: please delete/moderate my above comment.

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